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Introducing the 2012 Aaron
Gary EX

Today, we are introducing you to the new 2012 Aaron Ross and Gary Young EX complete bikes. This video features Alex Magallan manualling his way around the Boulder Skatepark. The EX level bikes offer even more features and aftermarket parts than the AM level. The bike has 6 different Odyssey aftermarket parts including Quadrant rims, tires, Principal seat, grips, Quik-Slic cable and Twisted PC pedals. The EX also comes with the Sunday Freeze stem as well as the new Sunday Sabretooth sprocket. The frame is mostly chromoly with both the bars and forks being full chromoly. Starting at the EX level, the gearing is upgraded to 28-9 for a more pro level feel. Both bikes have a 20.75″ top tube with a 13.375″ rear end length. Aaron’s bike is avocado/neon orange and Gary’s is fire engine red/gold. Available in early October.