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    • Partial view of the crowd before the Ed’s Games started.

    • Full sponsor list

    • There’s so many people that a cop was hired.

    • The grindbox contest was too good. Backwards grind to downside 180 whip out?

    • Lee Dennis, Ryan Sher and I judged the grindbox contest.

    • There were so many people here.

    • There was a mix of ramps and grind rails. Something for everyone.

    • One game of footdown for a frame.

    • Ed is the man!

    • One view from inside the shop with Mike Gonzalez in the background

    • The first time I went to Ed’s was in 2004 and I’ve been a fan ever since.

    • Carol from Ed’s made me some cupcakes!

    • Carol makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

    • Mike Gonzalez even made it out from Philly!

    • Lee Dennis obeyed the sign at Cranx.

    • Lee Dennis braved the Rip Stick drop in at Lot 8.

    • If you live near Syracuse then you must hit up this place.

    • View from the Cranx roll in.

    • We even stopped at Woodward on the ride back to Buffalo.

    • Cory Foust goes so high!

    • The weather was rough on the way down. Middle of PA.

    • A stop at Wegman’s is the best way to start a trip.

    • Cranx has an amazing spiral curved wallride.

Our Trip to the Ed’s Games

05Jun 2012

Lee Dennis, Jake Seeley and I along with flow guys Cory Foust and Anthony Wilson took a trip down to the Ed’s Games IV last weekend. The trip down included a stop at Cranx Bike Park in Syracuse and Woodward East. These stops were the perfect way to break up and 8 hour drive. If you’ve never been to the Ed’s Games then you are missing out.  Sunday has been to 3 out of the last 4 Ed’s Games and we will be there next year too!



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