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  • Lil’ Spark Does it again

    25Sep 2012

    How rad is this?  Eight year old Kaden Stone does a rad one hander to can can 450 at this local skatepark aboard the 16″ Lil’ Spark complete bike. There’s been nothing but good reviews on our 16″ bike. The short rear end, proper width on bars and lighter wheels make the Spark really easy to maneuver on.  Look for Kaden in the The Recon Tour which has it’s last event at the Clairemont Park in San Diego on October 6th.

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  • TJ Henderson Forecaster

    25Sep 2012

    When Abraham Lincoln isn’t hunting vampires, he’s shredding on TJ Henderson’s Forecaster set up.   Black Magic with fluorescent yellow parts like the Freeze stem make his bike look wild.  Lots of 41Thermal heat-treated parts on this one.  Check out TJ’s parts list after the break.

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  • Gary Young desert pool session

    25Sep 2012

    There’s not much better than riding a pool with lots of unique lines. Gary Young has a whole bunch of clips in this video on Crooked World.  I guess this pool is out in the desert along the Mexican border and it was 115˚ when they filmed this.  

    Check out all of Gary’s 2013 signature completes after the break.

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