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2019 Forecaster
Alec Siemon Signature

The Forecaster is a model that rides, feels and looks like a pro-level bike. This is Alec Siemon’s first signature bike. You’ll find other Sunday Signature spec’d design cues like the Sunday Seeley Grips, combined with incredible parts like a Odyssey Clutch v2 Freecoaster hub, Odyssey Twisted Pro pedals, and Path Pro tires.

A truly dialed bike for every style of riding.


  • Odyssey Twisted Pro Pedals
  • Odyssey Clutch v2 Freecoaster
  • Sunday Seeley Signature Grips
  • Sunday Lightning Rims
  • Sealed Front Hub

Alec Siemon
Bike Check

Want to unlock the cheat code for dialed whips? Then hit play to check out what Alec Siemon‘s riding.

Video by Ride BMX.

Frame: Sunday Street Sweeper
Forks: Sunday Octave
Bars: Sunday Excelsior
Stem: Sunday Freeze
Grips: Sunday Jake Seeley Grips
Barends: Odyssey Par Ends
Headset: Sunday Conical (Tall Stack Height)
Seatpost: Sunday Tripod
Seat: Sunday “Party” Seat
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC Pro
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt
Sprocket: Sunday Knox
Chain: Odyssey Blue Bird
Front Tire: Sunday Current, 2.25″
Front Hub: Gsport Roloway
Front Rim: Gsport Rollcage
Rear Tire: Sunday Current, 2.25″
Rear Hub: Odyssey Clutch v2 Freecoaster
Rear Rim: Gsport Rollcage
Pegs: Sunday Jake Seeley PC

Alec Siemon
Welcome to Sunday Pro

Sunday is proud to welcome Alec Siemon to the pro team. There’s no question Alec deserves the bump – his recent Sunday video was mind blowing, everybody on the team loves him, he reps Sunday hard, and you won’t believe what he’s filmed so far for Odyssey vs Sunday. Chilling with Alec is nonstop laughs, and here’s to many more good things to come with one of the most unique and entertaining guys we know.

– Walter Pieringer

Alec Siemon for Sunday Bikes

I can’t say how long we’ve been filming this because honestly I lost count after six months. Originally we were filming for a mixtape with all the homies but Ale was the only one stacking clips. So, I put the clips together one night and showed him the timeline the next day, and we went from there. What can I say, it’s not easy filming Ale and his long neck. Watching him bust these clips out in front of the Canon was insane. Definitely an amazing experience stuffing the good ol’ Kia, driving out, and not returning until we got the clip. Shoutout to DLTD for keeping me in check when the days got rough. Now sit back and relax BECAUSE NOSE WHIP IS HERE TO STAY!

– Vicktor Flores

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Julian Arteaga, Jared Duncan, and Alec Siemon

Julian Arteaga, Jared Duncan, and Alec Siemon – Sunday’s AM squad – are some crazy talented and creative bike riders who are each pushing BMX forward in their own unique way. Julian’s smooth and refined technical prowess, Jared’s uncanny ability to look like he’s not even trying, and Alec’s unprecedented tailwhip mastery are only the beginning of what makes these guys awesome. Grow Up focused mostly on Sunday’s pro riders, but there’s no question all three of these guys could have filmed full parts had they been given the opportunity. Rest assured, they’ll get their time to shine.

–Walter Pieringer

If you haven’t seen Grow Up yet, you can buy the digital download for $5, or buy the DVD and get over an hour’s worth of bonus footage. Also make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get instant updates on new releases!

Julian rides the Motoross

Available now in Fluorescent Yellow, Raw, Trans Gold, Fluorescent Red, and Black Magic. Learn more »

Top Tube Lengths: 20.75″ and 21″
Head Tube Angle: 75°
Seat Tube Angle: 71°
Chainstay Length: 13.25″ slammed
Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5″
Standover: 8.8″
Tire Clearance: 2.4”
Weight: 5 lbs.

Jared & Alec ride the Street Sweeper

Available now in Raw and Trans Purple. Learn more »

Top Tube Lengths: 20.75″ and 21″
Head Tube Angle: 75.25°
Seat Tube Angle: 71°
Chainstay Length: 12.7″ slammed
Bottom Bracket Height: 11.7″
Standover: 8.8″
Tire Clearance: 2.4”
Weight: 5 lbs.

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Cyclone Freecoaster with Alec Siemon

Here’s Alec Siemon showing you what kind of moves you can do with our Cyclone Freecoaster. Hit up your local shop, favorite mail-order, or our online store to upgrade your whip.


Cyclone Freecoaster

  • $129.95 MSRP.
  • RHD or LHD.
  • Hub Guard Included.
  • Built using patented Odyssey Clutch Hub internals.
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