• 16Jul2014


    Erik Elstran, Chris Childs, Gary Young, Mark Burnett and Aaron Ross take you through their house in Arizona. Watch AZDOESIT to see what happens when they go out.

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  • 14Jul2014

    2015 Complete Bikes – Available Now!

    The all-new 2015 Sunday completes are available now in the US and in transit to dealers with pre-orders. Hit up your local shop or favorite mail order to secure one. Dealers, hit up Full Factory to get some bikes your way!

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  • 11Jul2014

    Mark is On That STRONG

    Here's some remix footage of Mark Burnett shredding skateparks. If you want to see more Burnett action, check out AZDOESIT.

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  • 04Jul2014


    We loaded up Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Erik Elstran, Chris Childs, and Mark Burnett and headed to the BMX winter wonderland that is Arizona for a week of shredding, checkers, and fun in the sun. I think we were successful all around. Shot and edited by Walter Pieringer

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  • 27Jun2014

    Print Ad: Aaron Ross / Motoross

    Here's Aaron Ross with a long feeble to whip in the latest Sunday print ad in Ride UK. Click the ad to see it bigger. Aaron's all new MOTOROSS frame is available now in Black/Splatter, Orange and Cool Grey. Click HERE for all the details and spec on the frame.

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  • 26Jun2014

    Daniel Portorreal / Sunday Germany

    Check out this rad video from 16 year old Daniel Portorreal, who is riding for Sunday through our German distro Sport Import. Nice work! Filmed and edited by Timm Wiegmann. Slidery and pressing the red button: Oliver "Bub" Michel, Robin Heiderich, Janek Wentzky, Alex Stinshof

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  • 25Jun2014

    Wave Down Tube

    Down tube dents are common with our competitor’s frames and they significantly weaken the front end of your bike. Our double-butted, 1.45″ diameter down-tube features our proven Wave shaping to fight denting against contact made from a rail, ledge, coping and whatever else happens to get thrown at it. The tighter radius of the waves stiffens the tube making it harder to dent. While it’s not able to eliminate every dent, it will take far more abuse than a non-Wave down-tube. The Wave down-tube adds minimal weight compared to a traditional tube.

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  • 20Jun2014

    Custom Ryan Tuerck Sunday Bike

    Sunday recently teamed up with Fairdale on some one-off bikes for Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck (who is also a BMXer). If you follow Ryan, you will notice that these bikes match his car's livery. This was a fun project and we're psyched on how the bikes came out. You can catch these bikes in the pits at any of Ryan's events. Click below for more detail shots.

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  • 18Jun2014

    Post Weld Machining

    All Sunday frames use a mid bottom bracket and an integrated headset. A BB shell starts off perfectly round before the frame is welded, but after welding the shape is distorted due to the weld heat. No longer is it perfectly round, which makes it more difficult to install your BB bearing. It is difficult to install a round bearing into something that is not perfectly round. We go back in after-welding to remachine the BB and headtube, so that they are perfectly round and your bearings fit in without any issues. Very few companies take the time to do this. Choose wisely.

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  • 04Jun2014

    Print Ad: Mark Burnett

    Here's the latest print ad featuring Mark Burnett that's currently running in Ride UK. Mark's on the Army Green Broadcaster frame, click HERE for info on that.

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  • 03Jun2014

    Mike Elias

    Our friend Mike Elias just dropped a new video. Check it out.

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  • 02Jun2014

    2015 Sunday Complete Bikes

    Welcome to the 2015 Sunday complete bike line. We are proud to show you our all-new aesthetic and direction for Sunday’s 10th Anniversary. We are very excited about this 2015 line. In addition to new models, you will also notice an impressive product spec throughout. For example, you will find Odyssey Hawk tires in 2.40, both front and rear, beginning as low as the Primer level and continuing through the line. The Broadcaster also has a freecoaster option this year. From entry level bikes like the Blueprint, to pro level bikes like the Soundwave Special all the way to the now classic Model-C, the 2015 Sunday complete line-up truly has a bike for everyone. Click HERE to view full specs and detail shots. As always, enjoy and continue to Choose Wisely.

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  • 27May2014

    Chris Childs on The Union

    Chris Childs has a quick interview over on The Union. He's gonna be riding in dirt at this years X Games in Austin, so keep an eye out for him! Click HERE to check out the interview.

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