Wave C (24″ frame)

When we introduced the Model-C’s Plus-4 geometry back in 2008, it was the most definitive change in 24″ BMX geometry since the early days of 24″ BMX. From this point on, Plus-4 geometry has influenced every 24″ that has followed it. No longer are 24″ BMX riders limited to sluggish race geometry. The new geometry is quick and responsive while still being stable and comfortable.

Our Plus-4 frames and complete bikes have been given all the features that have been proven by our 20″ BMX frames. Now, wave tubing, Sunday’s own dent fighting creation, has been added to the top tube and down tube of our latest aftermarket frame, the all new Sunday Wave-C. Hollow dropouts, another Sunday original, have also been added to give the rear end even more strength. There’s even a built in chain tensioner to help keep your wheel in place and your chain tight. If you choose to remove the brakes, our removable mounts, pressure fit cable guide and cable channel all provide a clean look to the frame. The Wave-C features longer 21.25” and 22″ top tube lengths, and a significantly shorter chainstay length of 14.6” with specially shaped tubing to fight denting and provide more tire clearance. Wave-C’s are 41-Thermal processed throughout and backed by a legendary lifetime warranty. For 24″ BMX, it doesn’t get any better than this frame.

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