• Gary Young Video Bike Check

    06Aug 2012

    Gary Young takes you through his current Soundwave bike which is the basis for his 2013 PRO complete bike that is available right now. The Soundwave frame will be available sometime around the end of this month.  Check after the break to see Gary’s parts list and a flipbook of his 2013 PRO bike.  This was filmed at Sibot BMX and notice the Sunday frame gems in the background.  There’s an Ocean Blue and Black Magic Funday and a Post-It Note Yellow Ian Schwartz frame on the back wall. Thanks to IMG for the video.

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  • Gary Young
    Bike Check

    23Jul 2012

    Gary Young has been testing our new Soundwave frame for some time now.  It’s a cross between the features of the Third Wave and most of the geometry of the Forecaster.  Look for it to be available in late August.  Check out Gary’s parts list and 2013 Signature complete bikes after the break.

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  • Garrett Reeves’ Soundwave

    04May 2012

    As you can see Garrett Reeves has been putting our upcoming Soundwave frame to the test.  Crankslides are not the friendliest to down tubes and top tubes which is why the new frame comes with Wave Tubing to protect from denting and cracking.  Throw in hollow dropouts with built in chain tensioners and 41 Thermal heat treating with a Lifetime Warranty and you have one of the strongest frame out there.  Look for the Soundwave to come in Garrett’s signature Ice Green color later this summer.

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  • Jake Seeley Broadcaster Bike Check

    20Apr 2012

    Jake Seeley has been riding and testing out a new frame for us called the Broadcaster.  This bike works so well for him that we are giving him a signature colorway and maybe something else.  More information coming later, but for now check out all the detail shots of his bike.

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  • Aaron Ross’ Latest Creation

    12Apr 2012

    Aaron Ross has a creative imagination which explains his newest Funday bike.  This is his latest addition to a long line of the most interesting bikes in BMX and should be available towards summertime.  Get ready, it’s going to be a fun summer.

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  • Alex Magallan Forecaster

    29Feb 2012

    We recently showed a video bike check of Alex Magallan’s Forecaster, but we never showed any photos or even gave a complete parts list. Check after the break to see the full parts list.  Follow this LINK to see his video bike check.

    Alex’s Ipath/iPhone edit right HERE.

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  • Seth Peterson Bike Check

    15Feb 2012

    Seth Peterson just built up this beautiful Orange Soda Funday frame with matching Morning 2.1 forks and Triumph XL bars.  His bike couldn’t look much better, so good.  Check after the break for a parts list and an interview about his bike set up.

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  • Jake Seeley Forecaster

    22Jan 2012

    Jake Seeley did a quick bike check of his Ketchup Red Forecaster while at the Quintin warehouse last summer. There’s some wild flat rail moves in here, so make sure you check it out.

  • Alex Magallan bike check

    19Jan 2012

    In this video, Alex Magallan talks about how he sets up his Forecaster. Mostly, he speaks about his parts, the dimensions and the little things that he likes in particular. Plus there’s a great riding clip at the end. All these parts are available now!

  • Will Donohue Forecaster

    17Jan 2012

    Check out AM team guy, Will Donohue’s new Black Magic Forecaster bike. This bike is a tech rider’s dream come true especially when it’s full of Odyssey and Sunday parts.  Look for more from Will soon.

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  • TJ Henderson Bike Check

    13Dec 2011

    Mini ramp shredder and all-around awesome guy, TJ Henderson sent me some photos of his Forecaster bike with Victory bars and Night 2.0 forks with 990 mounts.  TJ shred hard in the 2012 Complete Completes video and has something up his sleeve in the next few weeks.  I’m very sure you will like it. Check out his parts list after the break.

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  • Lee Dennis Third Wave

    11Nov 2011

    Lee Dennis just put together the Blue Wave colorway which includes the Third Wave frame, Tall T bars and Morning 2.1 forks.  This blue looks so good!

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  • Chris Burden Third Wave

    04Nov 2011

    Here’s another amazing Blue Wave Third Wave bike!  Atlanta shredder, Chris Burden, just built up this one and it couldn’t look any better.  Blue Wave colorway is available right now.  So good!

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  • My Spots with Jim C

    01Nov 2011

    ESPN posted a My Spots with me about my favorite spots in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. This was really fun to make and there are so many other spots I could’ve gone, but these are the top 4. I’m really happy the yellow rails are better than ever! Take a look.

    Jim C’s blue wave Third Wave bike check video right HERE.

  • Jim C’s video bike check

    17Oct 2011

    Check out this video bike check of the new Blue Wave Third Wave with matching Tall T bars and Morning 2.1 forks that I just built up. For some reason, I’ve always liked blue bikes. The prototype for my first signature frame was blue and come to think of it there’s been 4-5 other blue bikes in my past. Right now, I have a blue Wave C built up as well. Well, this bike continues my fascination of blue. Enjoy!

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