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Aaron Ross
Bike Check

Check out what the Bossman is currently running on his Motoross.

Frame: Sunday Motoross, 20.75” TT
Fork: Odyssey R32
Handlebar: Odyssey BOSS
Stem: Odyssey BOSS
Headset: Odyssey PRO, Conical
Grips: Odyssey Aaron Ross
Seat: Odyssey Anniversary Retro
Seat Post: Odyssey Tripod
Seat Clamp: Sunday
Crank: Odyssey Thunderbolts, 175mm
Sprocket: Odyssey Fang, 28-T
Pedals: Odyssey Grandstand
Chain: Odyssey Keychain with Hollow Pins
Tires: Odyssey Ross 2
(2.4” Reflective Stripe rear, 2.3″ Big Logo front)
Rims: Odyssey Hazard Lite
Front Hub: Odyssey Antigram
Rear Hub: Odyssey Clutch v2 Freecoaster
Pegs: Sunday Seeley PC, 4.5″

Sunday 2018 Complete Bikes

For 2018, Sunday Bikes continue to be the benchmarks for value, quality, and style that other brands measure themselves against. With new features like sealed cassettes on the Primer, intergrated head tubes on the Blueprint, Cyclone freecoasters on the Forecaster, and Odyssey Twisted Pro pedals and Path Pro tires throughout the majority of the line, Sunday can’t be beat for 2018. We hope you’ll enjoy riding these bikes as much as we’ve enjoyed making them. Thank you for choosing a Sunday.

Look for 2018 Sunday completes to be arriving at shops in July.

2016 Aftermarket Parts & Accessories

We’re happy to present our current 2016 aftermarket parts & accessories product guide. Click through to see our current offerings which are available now worldwide.

Available Now:
Mark Burnett Excelsior Frame

Mark Burnett’s signature Excelsior frame is designed around a geometry that matches his technical East Coast riding style. It features short chain stays, a taller bottom bracket, a longer head tube, and smaller hollow dropouts with integrated chain tensioners.

Simplicity rules on the Excelsior and it’s built without u-brake hardware and Gyro tab holes. The frame’s front triangle makes use of traditional round MotoRoss style top and down tubes with proven internal gusseting.

Click HERE for more info. Available now in Trans Winter Blue and Raw.

Available Now:
Street Sweeper Frame

Jake Seeley’s all-new signature frame is designed to complement his progressive, technical street riding.

The Street Sweeper evolves directly from Jake Seeley’s original Broadcaster frame by using shorter chain stays, a steeper head tube angle, a taller bottom bracket and smaller hollow dropouts with integrated chain tensioners. Built with versatility in mind, the Street Sweeper features removable u-brake hardware and Gyro tabs. The frame’s front triangle makes use of traditional round MotoRoss style top and down tubes with proven internal gusseting.

Available now in Raw and Trans Purple. Ask for it at your local shop or favorite mailorder.

2017 Sunday Complete Bikes

We’re proud to introduce the new 2017 Sunday completes.

As you’ve come to expect, our newest bikes feature tried-and-true designs, an unparalleled parts spec and modern aesthetics.  We always aim to make Sunday the most “complete” bikes that you can pull straight out of the box, and we’ve achieved our goal again for 2017. From the Blueprint 16 all the way up to the Soundwave Special, it has never been easier to #chooseSunday.

Click HERE to check out each new bike in detail.

Jared Duncan
Bike Check

Jared’s Broadcaster is looking mean and green. Click around to get to know it better.

FRAME: Sunday Broadcaster, 21″
FORK: Odyssey R25
HANDLEBARS: Sunday Solar
STEM: Odyssey TL48
GRIPS: Sunday Jake Seeley
SEAT: Sunday Spiro
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolts, RHD, 175mm
PEDALS: Odyssey Grandstand
CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird
SPROCKET: Sunday Knox
TIRES: Sunday Current, 2.25″
RIMS: GSport Rollcages
FRONT HUB: Odyssey Antigram
with GSport GLAND (OG Version)
REAR HUB: Sunday Cyclone Freecoaster
PEGS: Seeley PC Pegs

Julian Arteaga
Bike Check

Julian’s latest bike is looking steezy! Click around to check out what he’s running.

FRAME: Sunday Motoross, Trans Gold, 21″
FORK: Sunday Octave
HANDLEBAR: Sunday Solar
STEM: Éclat Fist
GRIPS: Éclat Filter
SEAT: Éclat Oz
CRANKS: Éclat Tibias, RHD, 170mm
SPROCKET: Sunday Knox, 25-T
CHAIN: Éclat Stroke
TIRES: Sunday Current, 2.25″
FRONT: Éclat Bondi Rim laced to Dynamic Front Hub
REAR WHEEL: Éclat Vortex

Sunday Radocaster Frame

The Radocaster is designed to introduce new riders to Sunday frame features at an affordable price. With a USA MSRP of $279.99, the Radocaster comes with many of the features that you will find on our other aftermarket frames. Hollow dropouts and removable brake hardware help to make this one of the best frames that you can buy for under $300.

Available in Trans Red, Raw and Black.

Click HERE for more info.

Erik Elstran
Bike Check

This bike is the source of Erik’s magic powers.

Study it.
Build it.
Ride it.

FRAME: Sunday Motoross, 21”
FORK: Sunday Octave
HANDLEBAR: Sunday Jackal
STEM: Madera Mast Stem
GRIPS: Odyssey Broc Raiford
SEAT: Sunday Lazershark
SEATPOST: Odyssey Tripod
CRANK: Profile GDH 170mm
SPROCKET: Madera Signet
CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird
TIRES: Sunday Streetsweeper, 2.4″ (Coming Soon)
REAR WHEEL: Sunday Thundercoaster
(Sunday Thunder Rim laced to Sunday Freecoaster)
FRONT WHEEL: Madera Pilot V2 hub to Odyssey 7-KA rim

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