• 09Apr2014

    PHOTO: Alex Magallan switches it up!

    Alex Magallan goes switch for Wallride Wednesday.  If you've paid attention to Alex's riding over the years, there's a good chance that you will see him riding a spot that you've never seen before. Here's some random under a bridge spot that Alex probably found while exploring Tennessee.  Photo by Nathan Magallan.

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  • 08Apr2014

    New 18″ frame prototype photo

    If you've been living under a rock then you might not notice that there are so many young kids riding BMX these days.  Which is why did a sneak peek of our new 18 " frame on BMX Groms, a site dedicated to younger BMX riders.  Want to be inspired by young BMX rippers then go to that site. Let's get back to the new frame. It is a full chromoly 18" frame called the Radocaster.  It will have the same geometry as our Primer 18 complete bike and it will come with hollow dropouts and removable brake mounts.  There will also be a full chromoly 18" fork as well. Look for the frame and fork to be available late summer/early fall. Look for Saker Cranks to be offered in sizes for 18" bikes by summer. Here's the geometry... Radocaster Geometry TOP TUBE LENGTH: 18.5" TT (RECOMMENDED FOR RIDERS UNDER 5'5") HEAD TUBE ANGLE: 74.5° SEAT TUBE ANGLE: 71° CHAINSTAY LENGTH: 11.75” BOTTOM BRACKET HEIGHT: 10.35” STANDOVER: 7.5”

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  • 06Apr2014

    Aaron Ross MotoRoss Bike Check

    Let's do this one, here is Aaron Ross' new Black Splatter MotoRoss bike check. His bikes are always creative and unique with this one being no exception. There's lots of photos, so you will be able to see all the Odyssey and Sunday parts listed in the list below.

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  • 14Mar2014

    How wild is this custom Wave C?

    This is our first Sunday Friends frame edition.  We've always been a brand for people who like to be creative, so it wasn't a shock that Daniil Andreyevich painted his Wave C 24" BMX this way.  Actually, he had artist, Tori Madisyn, give it this amazing paint job.  We aren't even sure we would put this bike back together because it's so rad looking.  Here's a full side shot of the frame.

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  • 07Mar2014

    Gary Young signing at SXSW

    Gary Young will be in Austin, TX this weekend to do a signing for Vans at SXSW. Luckily, it's at the Barton Creek Mall and now in the chaos of SXSW. Go meet him, get his autograph and if you're lucky maybe you'll pick up some free Vans stuff.  Check the flyer below. Barton Creek Square Mall 2901 S. Capital of Texas Hwy Austin, TX 78746 See more Gary Young Albion Wallpaper | Odyssey Vision 2 VIDEO | Ride UK Print AD

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  • 04Mar2014

    Erik Elstran’s first print ad & Wallpaper

    Welcome Erik Elstran to the Sunday Pro team in print!  Our latest Ride UK ad features Erik grabbing his front wheel while cranksliding down a 13 stair Austin rail in celebration of him on our Pro team.  Look for some big things from Erik in 2014.  Photo at Walter Pieringer. Download the above image for a Widescreen size wallpaper (1920 x 1200).  Or try the below image for a Standard size wallpaper (1600 x 1200).

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  • 03Mar2014

    New 2014 Softgoods

    Aaron Ross and Jake Seeley hit up the Burro Cheese food trailer in Austin to show the new softgoods that are available now.  Three new shirts include blue/gray Strength Raglan, a heather black Strength t-shirt and the 'Broken Glass' Cornerstone t-shirt.  A black Cornerstone Snapback and the blue Manurfacturing Camper make up our 2 new hats for this collection. Find everything at Dan's Comp, Empire BMX or the Sunday Webstore.

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  • 28Feb2014

    Jake Seeley Broadcaster – Bike Check

    Jake Seeley rides one really good looking bike.  We made this Army Green Broadcaster available as a complete bike and an aftermarket frame.  The complete bike is out now, so check that out HERE. Look for the frame to be available in April Check below to see a full parts list from Jake. Jake Seeley Army Green Broadcaster Parts List Frame: Sunday Broadcaster 20.75″ Army Green Fork:  Sunday Octave Forks Bars:  Sunday Broadcaster Headset:  Sunday Stem:  Profile Push Grips:   Merritt Charlie Crumlish Cranks:  Profile Column Sprocket:  Profile Galaxy 25t Chain:  Odyssey Bluebird Pedals:  Odyssey JC/PCs Seat Clamp:  Sunday Slim Seat Post:  Sunday Toothy Post Seat:  Sunday Pachyderm Cloud Seat Front Rim:  Sun Big Baller Front Hub: Profile Totem Front Tire:  Odyssey Chase Hawk Rear Rim:  Sun Big Baller Rear Hub:  Freecoaster Rear Tire:  Odyssey Chase Hawk Front Hubguards: Profile Aegis Rear Hubguards: S&M Cymbal

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  • 11Feb2014

    Aaron Ross Bike Check

    Aaron Ross has a fairly in-depth bike check of his splatter paint Motoross build over at Ride BMX.  Follow this LINK to see Aaron's bike.  Getting anxious for the Motoross?  We have it arriving sometime in April, so have your local bike shop pre-book one from Full Factory.  Not in the USA then contact the distro in your country HERE.  Watch Aaron's jelly bean video below.

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  • 07Feb2014

    Chris Childs – Print Ad

    How's this for an awesome ad?  Chris Childs getting wild in the air for our newest Ride UK print ad for the red Soundwave frame. Look for this frame to be available in April.  Have you watched the Sunday Goes to Idaho and Montana?  You'll see where this ad came from.  Watch it below.

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  • 06Feb2014

    Chris Childs Wallpaper!

    How's this for a great Chris Childs wallpaper? Ride UK made this available recently, so get it at this LINK.  Want to see the video clip of this wallpaper? Then watch the Sunday Goes to Idaho and Montana video below.

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  • 05Feb2014

    Mark Burnett – Top East Coast Ams #2

    Going through the list of the Top 12 East Coast Ams on TCU today, it seemed Mark Burnett would be in the list somewhere.  So, it was a pleasant surprise to see him listed in the second spot.  If you've seen him ride, it's fairly obvious that he would be listed there.  He has a full bag of tricks and seems to be adding to it really quickly.  Expect big things from Mark in the near future. Watch Mark's Welcome to Sunday below. Photo Walter Pieringer.

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  • 31Jan2014

    Chris Childs – Simple Session Interview

    Chris Childs has been killing it since winning dirt at Texas Toast.  Just follow his Instagram to watch all the amazing clips he films everyday. Fat BMX did an interview with him about his first time going to Simple Session. Follow this LINK to read the it. Photo by Walter Pieringer.

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  • 13Jan2014

    Erik Estran Photo

    Erik Elstran has this sick photo featured in a Defgrip Autophoto by Tristan Afre.  Elstran is the dude if you didn't know.  Need to see proof?  Then watch THIS!

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  • 20Dec2013

    Primer 18 – Shortest Chain Stay Length

    Did you know that the Primer 18 Complete bike has the shortest chain stay length of all other 18" BMX bikes on the market today?  It's chain stay measures 11.75" which is 0.5-1.5" shorter than all the other brands. This is a HUGE difference to a 10-13 year old. The chain stay length is measured from the center of the crank spindle to the center of the axle of the rear wheel.  This isn't a standardize measurement and can vary greatly from brand to brand.  Over the past 10 years, the lengths have been getting shorter and shorter on 20" BMX bikes.  The short chain stay length makes it easier to lift the front end when jumping and bunnyhopping.  A bike that is more maneuverable is more fun and easier to learn on.  Choose Wisely!

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  • 25Nov2013

    Welcome Danny Stanzl!

    We are really excited to welcome Danny Stanzl to the International team. He will be riding for us in the UK through IMG Distribution. Take a look at his Soundwave bike check and some photos on Ride UK at this LINK. Photo Robin Pearson.

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