• New 18″ frame prototype photo

    08Apr 2014

    Photo Apr 04, 5 42 33 PM

    If you’ve been living under a rock then you might not notice that there are so many young kids riding BMX these days.  Which is why did a sneak peek of our new 18 ” frame on BMX Groms, a site dedicated to younger BMX riders.  Want to be inspired by young BMX rippers then go to that site.

    Let’s get back to the new frame. It is a full chromoly 18″ frame called the Radocaster.  It will have the same geometry as our Primer 18 complete bike and it will come with hollow dropouts and removable brake mounts.  There will also be a full chromoly 18″ fork as well. Look for the frame and fork to be available late summer/early fall.

    Look for Saker Cranks to be offered in sizes for 18″ bikes by summer.

    Here’s the geometry…

    Radocaster Geometry

    • TOP TUBE LENGTH: 18.5″ TT
    • HEAD TUBE ANGLE: 74.5°
    • SEAT TUBE ANGLE: 71°
    • CHAINSTAY LENGTH: 11.75”
    • STANDOVER: 7.5”

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  • Chris Childs Print Ad

    02Apr 2014


    Wow!  Chris Childs is the man with this double wide driveway turndown in our latest Ride UK print ad.  This gap is in Austin, TX and when I first saw it, I wasn’t even sure it was possible.  Thought it would be cool to just make it across not do a fully clicked turndown.  Photo Walter Pieringer.

    Looking for the red Soundwave that Chris is riding?  It should be available by the end of April.  Learn more about the frame HERE.

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  • Sunday Friends: Bunky Dunn

    31Mar 2014


    Let’s do a 24″ edition of Sunday Friends.  This is Bunky Dunn’s Black Magic Wave C build which was featured on PSBMX.  How solid does his bike look? Follow this LINK to see what else is on Bunky’s bike.  How many handrail photos do you see on a 24″?  Not many, but here is Bunky doing the famous Atlanta rail.

    Bunky-Dunn rail1-1024x682

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  • Sunday Friends: Daniil’s Custom Wave C

    21Mar 2014


    Last week, we posted a Sunday Friends of Daniil Andreyevich’s Wave C frame which had custom artwork by Tori Madisyn.  Since then, Daniil has built up the frame into this amazing ride.  This might be the coolest 24″ BMX ever made?  Check below to see more images of his bike.

    Need to get on a 24″ BMX?  Then check out the 2014 Model C right HERE.


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  • How wild is this custom Wave C?

    14Mar 2014


    This is our first Sunday Friends frame edition.  We’ve always been a brand for people who like to be creative, so it wasn’t a shock that Daniil Andreyevich painted his Wave C 24″ BMX this way.  Actually, he had artist, Tori Madisyn, give it this amazing paint job.  We aren’t even sure we would put this bike back together because it’s so rad looking.  Here’s a full side shot of the frame.


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  • March Madness Full Factory Jam Date!

    07Mar 2014


    It’s the time of year where you get to save a bundle on new bike parts at the Full Factory March Madness Sale going on Saturday March 22nd at our offices in Norwalk, CA.  Bring your bike and your hungry because you’ll get to ride the ramps and eat some food.  Full address and times are in the flyer above.  See you there!

    More Full Factory
    FF Sale VIDEO | FF Sunday’s USA Distribution | Octave Forks in stock

    Watch the Vital video from last year’s jam below.

  • Jake Seeley Broadcaster
    Bike Check

    28Feb 2014

    Jake Seeley rides one really good looking bike.  We made this Army Green Broadcaster available as a complete bike and an aftermarket frame.  The complete bike is out now, so check that out HERE. Look for the frame to be available in April Check below to see a full parts list from Jake.

    Jake Seeley Army Green Broadcaster Parts List
    Frame: Sunday Broadcaster 20.75″ Army Green
    Fork:  Sunday Octave Forks
    Bars:  Sunday Broadcaster
    Headset:  Sunday
    Stem:  Profile Push
    Grips:   Merritt Charlie Crumlish
    Cranks:  Profile Column
    Sprocket:  Profile Galaxy 25t
    Chain:  Odyssey Bluebird
    Pedals:  Odyssey JC/PCs
    Seat Clamp:  Sunday Slim
    Seat Post:  Sunday Toothy Post
    Seat:  Sunday Pachyderm Cloud Seat
    Front Rim:  Sun Big Baller
    Front Hub: Profile Totem
    Front Tire:  Odyssey Chase Hawk
    Rear Rim:  Sun Big Baller
    Rear Hub:  Freecoaster
    Rear Tire:  Odyssey Chase Hawk
    Front Hubguards: Profile Aegis
    Rear Hubguards: S&M Cymbal

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  • MotoRoss Coming in April

    24Feb 2014


    You’ve been waiting on news about Aaron Ross’ new MotoRoss frame and we finally have some!  It should be available at shops and mail orders in April. If you live in the USA, have your local bike shop prebook the frame with Full Factory today.  Check below to see the MotoRoss geometry.

    TOP TUBE LENGTH: 20.75” or 21”
    CHAIN STAY: 13.25-13.5”
    STANDOVER (C-TO-C): 8.5”
    WEIGHT: 5 lbs
    COLORS: Black Splatter, Orange Soda and Cool Grey.
    MSRP: $369.99

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  • Win a Freeze Stem!

    14Feb 2014


    It’s freezing out and you’re still riding in the cold and snow, so here’s your chance to win a Sunday Freeze stem and a Beanie of your choice. On Instagram, simply tag your best winter riding photo or video with #sundayfreezeout for a chance to win. Good luck and stay warm!

    Winner will be announced on Wednesday February 19th.
  • Aaron Ross Bike Check

    11Feb 2014

    Bike Check: Aaron Ross

    Aaron Ross has a fairly in-depth bike check of his splatter paint Motoross build over at Ride BMX.  Follow this LINK to see Aaron’s bike.  Getting anxious for the Motoross?  We have it arriving sometime in April, so have your local bike shop pre-book one from Full Factory.  Not in the USA then contact the distro in your country HERE.  Watch Aaron’s jelly bean video below.

  • 2014 Bikes in Italy!

    03Feb 2014

    Photo Feb 03, 11 49 21 AM

    Our Italian distributor Frontocean just received their 2014 Sunday Complete Bikes which are now shipping to shops all over Italy as we speak. Head to your local bike shop to check them out.  Do you not have a good shop?  Then see the bikes on their website by following this LINK.

    Take a look below to watch Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Chris Childs and Alex Magallan testing out the new bikes.

  • One Dude One Day: Daniel Portorreal

    29Jan 2014

    Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.40.18 PM

    Daniel Portorreal is a recent addition to the German Sunday team and he just dropped this One Dude One Day video by Freedom BMX.  The video proves how smooth, tech and consistent he is on his bike. Click the photo above or just follow this LINK to see the video.  Take a closer look at the Broadcaster he is riding in this video HERE.

    Filmed and edited by Johannes Dreyer for freedombmx.mpora.de

  • New Distributor in the Netherlands!

    28Jan 2014

    We are very proud to announce that Rock N Roll BMX Distribution is now distributed Sunday in the Netherlands. If you live there than check out their site at www.rocknrollbmx.com. Live in a different country besides the Netherlands? Then find your county’s distributor HERE.

  • Grind BMX
    Custom Freeze Stem Colors

    23Jan 2014


    How is this for awesome?  Grind BMX in London, UK customized our Freeze Topload Stem by painting them in 5 different colors.  They are selling them on their store, so click this LINK to see the other colors and get your hands on one.  There are only 30 made, so don’t be surprised if they go fast.  Thank you Grind BMX for doing these custom colors.



  • Sunday Friends
    John Mayo

    19Jan 2014

    We’ve always been really into showing the personal bikes of our fans. Usually it’s just a photo, but on occasion we get to post a video of someone riding a Sunday. Here is John Mayo killing it on his Sunday Soundwave. Filmed and edited by Sunday’s own Chris Childs.

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