Gary Young / Odyssey Vision 2

    24Jan 2014

    Now this is what we like to see, a full throttle Gary Young throwing down very unique lines for his second Odyssey Vision video. On first inspection, some favorites are the pipe carve wallride where he makes the bank to wall look like a quarterpipe and the very stalled over-toothpick on the yellow rail. There’s way more than those 2 and you’ll probably have to watch it a few times to catch everything. So sick Gary! Watch his first Odyssey Vision video below.

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  • Alexander Rudenko

    21Jan 2014

    You are in for a treat every time Alexander Rudenko comes out with a new video. Here he escapes winter by killin’ this skatepark. How good is the last trick? Sunday available in the Ukraine through Big Toys Shop.

  • Danny Stanzl Ride UK Cover

    17Jan 2014

    Our UK team rider, Danny Stanzl, graced the cover of the newest Ride UK Magazine for an article about riding urban playgrounds. Danny has the opening segment of this video from that article. How good do these playgrounds look for riding? The run ups look to be fairly tight, but it didn’t seem to slow these guys down.
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  • Gonz riding a Sunday 24″

    06Jan 2014

    Mark Gonzales is serious one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. His friend wrote about getting him a 24″ Wave C and it was without hesitation that we sent him one. He is definitely a character which probably explains why he was he was the first to do a handrail. Check out the Model C 24″ Complete Bike HERE. Video via Vice.

  • Kaden Stone
    Best of 2013

    02Jan 2014

    You don’t normally see “Best of” videos for 10 year olds, but this year Kaden Stone really put it out there showing that you don’t have to be an adult to be rad on a BMX bike. His dad, Justin Stone, filmed most of the clips and you can see how much he’s progressed in just one year. Can’t wait to see what happens in 2014.

    Kaden rides our Primer 16 Complete Bike which you can take a closer look at it right HERE.

  • Vasya in Cologne

    31Dec 2013

    Vasya Lukyanenko rides some incredible spots in this shared video from Woozy BMX. Look for his part to start around the 3:40 mark and you will probably be wondering if he’s riding a skatepark or not in the few opening clips. Very jealous Vasya!

  • Chris Childs at Rye Airfield

    27Dec 2013

    Not sure if it’s possible to get too much Chris Childs footage, but here’s a B Cave video of him at Rye Airfield. The first line is pretty unique and his 360 turndown is so ridiculously clicked. Need more then watch him in the Sunday Bikes Goes to Idaho and Montana video HERE.
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  • Lil Pros BMX Tour Day 2

    27Dec 2013

    Here’s the second installment of the Lil Pros BMX Tour video featuring our own Kaden Stone and Ryan Slusher. It’s seriously amazing that these kids are this good. BMX is at such an amazing point where tricks only pros could do are now done by kids on 16″ bikes. Keep it coming! Want to see the Sunday 16″ bikes that these guys are riding? Follow this LINK.

  • Arik Elstran Instagram Slam

    23Dec 2013

    Arik Elstran or Erik Elstran depending on how you want to spell it is know for really hard and fun tricks.  He shares an Instagram Slam that looks like it was a lot of fun to make.  Good stuff as always from Arik/Erik.

  • New Video from Alex Magallan

    20Dec 2013

    What more can you say about Alex Magallan?  Each of his video part is a work of art.  Each clip seems to be handpicked and chosen perfectly for a video.  Always fast, clean, smooth and always wanting more.  This Operativ Brand part is so good.  From the lookback in the beginning all the way to the fence roof ride thing.  100% pure Alex!

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  • Lil Pros BMX Tour Day 1

    18Dec 2013

    Kaden Stone and Ryan Slusher went on the Lil Pros BMX Tour over the weekend in Southern California and this is the first video from the trip.  It’s really great seeing rad young kids getting help from the current generation of pro riders.  The funniest part is all the kids pushing the wheelbarrow when they ride trails.

    We’ve been supporting Kaden and Ryan for a few years now.  In the video, Kaden rides the16″ Safety Green Primer 16 and Ryan is riding the 2013 Primer Jr. Both guys will be jumping up to the 2014 Primer 18 very soon.

  • Kaden Stone Interview on Fat BMX

    11Dec 2013

    It really seems like younger and younger kids are getting into BMX these days. Our own, Kaden Stone, has been shredding for years and he is only 10 years old. He’s currently going on the Young Guns Shootout Tour in Southern California starting on Friday. Fat BMX did a little interview with him about the tour. Check it out HERE.

  • Albuquerque Turkey

    10Dec 2013

    Erik Elstran can always be counted on for some good clips. He shreds a near perfect handrail at the end of this video. Look for big stuff from Erik in 2014.
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  • Chris Childs in B Cave Full Length

    04Dec 2013

    Not sure exactly why, but Chris Childs is really exciting to watch ride.  Maybe it’s how fast he goes?  Maybe it’s the fact that he can do tech tricks, but can still boost a quarterpipe with the best of them?  It could be that he looks like he’s having more fun than anyone on a bike.  Who knows?  Either way he shares a really good section in the new B Cave Full Length video through Circuit BMX.  His part starts around the 14:50 mark, but you should watch the whole video.

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