• 10Dec2013

    Albuquerque Turkey

    Erik Elstran can always be counted on for some good clips. He shreds a near perfect handrail at the end of this video. Look for big stuff from Erik in 2014.

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  • 05Dec2013

    Gary’s Soundwave Video Bike Check

    Gary Young shreds the new Woodward Copper Bowl then tells you all about his brand new Soundwave build courtesy of Vital BMX.  He explains why he choose his new color as well. Watch the Woodward Copper edit to see more Gary footage.

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  • 04Dec2013

    Chris Childs in B Cave Full Length

    Not sure exactly why, but Chris Childs is really exciting to watch ride.  Maybe it's how fast he goes?  Maybe it's the fact that he can do tech tricks, but can still boost a quarterpipe with the best of them?  It could be that he looks like he's having more fun than anyone on a bike.  Who knows?  Either way he shares a really good section in the new B Cave Full Length video through Circuit BMX.  His part starts around the 14:50 mark, but you should watch the whole video.

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  • 02Dec2013

    Gary at Woodward Copper

    Gary Young got invited to check out the newly remodeled Woodward Copper and proceeded to shred the new bowl.  It's definitely safe to say that he took a liking to the bowl.  His transfer at the end of the video looked completely wild. Video via Ride BMX.

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  • 25Nov2013

    24″ BMX Flatland!

    When we started making 24" BMX bikes, it wasn't to have a "cruiser" model, we wanted to push the limits of what could be done on a 24". When you learned how to grind handrails on a 20" BMX, you would naturally take it to longer, steeper, taller or more unique rails. You basically just changed the object you did the trick on. With the 24", you took a trick you knew and instead of changing the object you did it on, you changed the bike itself.  Two Four Flat 5 is just an extension of that idea into flatland. Instead of a bigger handrail, they are doing hitchhikers, backpackers and wheel chairs on the Wave C 24" bikes. So very rad!

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  • 21Nov2013

    Tailwhip Bunnyhop while on fire

    What can you say besides "wow"? Aaron Ross first try, no warm ups a bunnyhop tailwhip while his tires are on fire. Very rad! Warning - don't be dumb and repeat this!

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  • 20Nov2013

    Texas Toast Documentary

    Now this is really good! This year's Texas Toast by Odyssey was such a fun event.  It was very relaxed, but the riding was still amazing. This is the behind the scenes from the creators, builders and participants. Check out how stoked people are on Chris Childs too. Sit back and enjoy this one!

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  • 19Nov2013

    24″ BMX Flatland?

    It's not all the time you get to see some guys riding flatland on the Wave C 24" BMX bikes. Unfortunately, this is just a teaser for Two Four Flat 5, so we will have to wait for the full length video to drop. To be announced, I guess. Watch their previous Wave C video below.

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  • 18Nov2013

    Let Gary Young Teach You!

    Gary Young knows quite a bit about blasting airs on quarterpipes. Ride BMX does an extensive How-To with Gary about all the little tricks and details of properly taking your airs out above the coping. Good luck!

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  • 10Nov2013

    Don’t mess around with Alexander Rudenko

    Alexander Rudenko seems to be firing on all cylinders lately and his video for Boomerang Boardshop and Vans is so rad. Filmed over a 2 day period, he does some of the hardest moves out there. The 360 up the stairs is so smooth and powerful. Too good!

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  • 08Nov2013

    Aaron Ross in the Bakery!

    We've been waiting for this one! Aaron Ross went to The Bakery to film his Baker's Dozen video. It's full of classic Aaron Ross moves, but now he puts his freecoaster to very good use. You get the sense that he's got some really big plans for his freecoaster. And there's even a special guest appearance by TJ Henderson who does a seriously crazy move.

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  • 07Nov2013

    Erik Elstran Flies Out for Hood Antics

    How can a video be so much fun, but yet be completely gnarly at the same time? Erik Elstran teams up with Stevie Churchill and Brandon Begin to completely terrorize the House Park Flyout during Texas Toast. If you've been to this skatepark then you know that everyone hits this thing. These guys destroy it and Erik Elstran proves why he is the best bike rider out there.

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  • 07Nov2013

    Pure Annihilation from Alexander Rudenko

    This doesn't get much wilder or better! Alexander Rudenko offers up some serious moves in his Fall 2013 Profile. Feeble to 540 with absolute ease and there is so much more. Alexander rides for us in the Ukraine through Big Toys Shop. Too good!

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  • 07Nov2013

    Kevin Liehn – Welcome to Sunday International

    Recently, we added Germany's, Kevin Liehn, to the Sunday International team. It's so great to have a rider that tears it up in the streets, the skatepark and the mini ramp. His Welcome to Sunday video is all around shredding at it's best. Really excited to have Kevin a part of the Sunday team.

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  • 07Nov2013

    Aaron Ross takes you to Texas Toast

    Aaron Ross gives you a little insight into what Texas Toast weekend was like in this video from Redbull. There's tons of good riding and even more from Chris Childs and Gary Young. Plus you get to see Aaron's backflip over the last set in dirt. And you thought he was just a street rider? Such a fun weekend.

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  • 06Nov2013

    Mark Burnett on the Honor Roll

    Mark Burnett is so so good on a bike. Here he is shredding the streets of his home town for Shadow. It's great to see hard tech street moves done with complete style and smoothness. Young riders like Mark are taking BMX to completely new levels. So amazing to watch!

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  • 05Nov2013

    Vasya for Boomerang Boardshop

    Here's some news from the Ukraine, Vasya Lukyanenko just started riding for Boomerang Boardshop in Kiev and this is his Welcome to the Team video. Check out what street spots Kiev has to offer as well as some sick street stuff from Vasya. Look for him to throw a flip on dirt too.  Very rad!

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  • 25Oct2013

    Are you kidding me?

    Texas Toast 2013 was one of the best feeling events of 2013.  In fact, I would say it could be one of the best events since the Metro / Backyard Jam events of the early to mid 2000's.  It reaffirmed all the reasons why we ride BMX bikes.  There was a sense of bliss in the air, the weather was great and the riding was (of course) out of this world. Chris Childs really added to this vibe with his carefree style.  The above clip happened late in dirt finals on Sunday.  The riders were judged not on tricks alone, but an overall feel that included how much fun the rider was having and how much energy they brought to their fellow riders and the crowd.  The energy levels of the finals just kept getting higher and higher with each run.  Tricks were even done on the drop in and the long and low set. Tricks that shouldn't have been done, but they were.  There was this sense of an every increasing energy as the time was running out. When Chris 360ed the last jump backwards or in reverse(whatever you want to call it), it was so unexpected.  In an early run, he jumped it backwards, but when the 360 happened later, you knew you saw a special moment.  You could hear "Are you kidding me?" over the mic and it's safe to say everyone felt the same way. Thanks to Ryan Fudger and Ride BMX for the video clip.

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