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  • Jake Seeley / 2018 Sunday Complete Video

    11Sep 2017

    Jake Seeley puts his new signature 2018 Street Sweeper complete to the test. Enjoy!

    Available now through your local shop or favorite mailorder. 

    Created by Jake and friends.

    Jake Seeley Signature
    2018 Street Sweeper →

    The Street Sweeper is designed with serious street riders in mind. Built around Jake Seeley’s all-new chromoly aftermarket signature frame, it uses a 75.25° head tube angle, a very short chainstay and a higher bottom bracket to match perfectly with Jake’s technical riding style. With its 4-piece bars, 165mm cranks, sealed Odyssey Clutch freecoaster and Sunday Street Sweeper tires, this is truly a pro-level bike.


    • Available in RHD or LHD
    • Aftermarket Sunday Street Sweeper Frame
    • Sunday 4-Piece Bars
    • Sunday Jake Seeley Grips
    • Sunday Jake Seeley “80’s Party” Tripod Seat
    • Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster
    • Learn More →

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  • Mark Burnett / 2018 Sunday Complete Video

    05Sep 2017

    Mark Burnett builds up and shreds his very own 2018 Sunday signature complete.

    Created by Mark and Thomas.

    Mark Burnett Signature
    2018 Forecaster →

    The Forecaster is a model that rides, feels and looks like a pro-level bike. With a finish hand-picked by Mark Burnett, we’ve added new parts like Sunday Jake Seeley grips and a Cyclone freecoaster hub with Odyssey Twisted Pro pedals and Path Pro tires to make it standout in a crowd.

    This bike is always ready to shred, just like Mark.


    • Sunday Cyclone Freecoaster
    • Sunday Jake Seeley Grips
    • Odyssey Retro Pivotal Seat
    • Odyssey Twisted Pro Pedals
    • Sunday Lightning Rims
    • Sealed Front Hub
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  • ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / VX Edit #3

    31Aug 2017

    Odyssey and Sunday are proud to present the third ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY VX edit, made entirely by our team riders in Providence, RI. This month’s video was lovingly edited by Justin Spriet and was filmed by and stars Justin, Jared Duncan, Alec Siemon, Travis Hughes, Mark Burnett, and John Mayo. You already know everybody killed it.

    Subscibe to SundayBMXVideos and ODSYVision on YouTube.

  • ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / VX Edit #2

    07Aug 2017

    Odyssey and Sunday are proud to present the latest ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY VX video, masterfully edited by Erik Elstran and filmed by and starring Erik, Mark Burnett, Broc Raiford, Jake Seeley, Chris Childs, Gary Young, Brett Silva, Brandon Webster, Tom Dugan, John Mayo, and Jacob Sanger. Everyone’s already hard at work on the next one, and filming for the HD videos is going incredibly well. Stay tuned….

    Subscibe to SundayBMXVideos and ODSYVision on YouTube.

  • Alec Siemon / Welcome to Sunday Pro

    13Jul 2017

    Sunday is proud to welcome Alec Siemon to the pro team. There’s no question Alec deserves the bump – his recent Sunday video was mind blowing, everybody on the team loves him, he reps Sunday hard, and you won’t believe what he’s filmed so far for Odyssey vs Sunday. Chilling with Alec is nonstop laughs, and here’s to many more good things to come with one of the most unique and entertaining guys we know.

    – Walter Pieringer

  • ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / VX Edit #1

    20Jun 2017

    Odyssey and Sunday are proud to present the first of four monthly VX videos filmed and edited by our incredibly multitalented team riders while out at the Odyssey vs Sunday house. This month we’ve got Mark Burnett, Jared Duncan, Justin Spriet, Julian Arteaga, Jacob Cable, Alec Siemon, and Chris Childs killing it on both sides of the lens, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

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  • ODYSSEY vs SUNDAY / An Introduction

    16Jun 2017

    Get ready, Odyssey vs Sunday is underway now. Which team will win a trip anywhere in the world? Here’s the rundown:

    • All Odyssey and Sunday team riders can visit the Providence, RI house whenever they want, all summer long.
    • Odyssey and Sunday will each release a video in the fall with all their best footage.
    • Viewers vote for their favorite video, and the team with the most votes wins a trip anywhere in the world.
    • Riders from both teams will also be working together to film and edit VX videos dropping monthly.

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