• 16Jul2014


    Erik Elstran, Chris Childs, Gary Young, Mark Burnett and Aaron Ross take you through their house in Arizona. Watch AZDOESIT to see what happens when they go out.

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  • 04Jul2014


    We loaded up Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Erik Elstran, Chris Childs, and Mark Burnett and headed to the BMX winter wonderland that is Arizona for a week of shredding, checkers, and fun in the sun. I think we were successful all around. Shot and edited by Walter Pieringer

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  • 19Jan2014

    Sunday Friends – John Mayo – VIDEO

    We've always been really into showing the personal bikes of our fans. Usually it's just a photo, but on occasion we get to post a video of someone riding a Sunday. Here is John Mayo killing it on his Sunday Soundwave. Filmed and edited by Sunday's own Chris Childs.

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  • 25Dec2013

    Idaho and Montana Trip – VIDEO

    Everyone knows the wildest concrete skateparks are located in the Northwest. Gary Young, Alex Magallan and Chris Childs traveled to Idaho and Montana in search of these amazing gems.  Judging by the video, it looks like they've found some.  They even found some amazing street spots as well. How bizarre is the last thing Gary rides? Filmed and edited by Walter Pieringer

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  • 22Nov2013

    Most Complete Completes Again

    Every year, we make a video featuring our team riders on our complete bikes to show how similar these bikes are to their personal bikes. The geometry is the same between the completes and the team's personal bikes. Our goal is to make our complete bikes as similar as possible to the team's bikes, so you can learn as easy as possible. Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Alex Magallan and Chris Childs are featured shredding the bikes in this video. Again, these aren't the rider's personal bikes just the same bike you can buy at your local Sunday dealer. See all the 2014 Complete Bikes at this LINK.

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  • 08Oct2013

    MotoRoss Video Bike Check

    Aaron Ross released a little video bike check of his new MotoRoss frame which will be out early  2014. While the frame may not be available right now, his 2014 EX and PRO completes which are modeled after this bike are available.  Look for them in your local Sunday dealer HERE. We will be releasing full details on the MotoRoss frame very soon. Video filmed and edited by Devon Hutchins.

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  • 26Aug2013

    Erik Elstran Goes to Berlin

    Erik Elstran is seriously one of the most talented and skilled riders in BMX. Erik Elstran Goes to Berlin leaves zero doubt about that. How many good tricks are in this video? How much fun did he have riding his bike on the playground trampolines? How satisfied would you have been if you just rode down the thing at the end instead of doing what Erik did? Just watch and enjoy this one because it is a serious treat! Erik Elstran for NORA Cup! Filmed and edited by Grant Castelluzzo.

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  • 23Aug2013

    Erik Elstran Goes to Berlin Teaser

    Erik Elstran is one of the most creative and interesting riders in BMX today. His videos appeal to riders of all types and just as important is his appeal to people outside of BMX. This Monday August 26th, you are in for a treat because we are releasing his new video, Erik Elstran Goes to Berlin. It will make you laugh, maybe cry and more than likely leave you speechless. Get psyched!

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  • 23Aug2013

    Goes to New England

    Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley and Lee Dennis along with new team members Chris Childs and Mark Burnett set their sights on the streets of New England. High speed lines, big gaps, tech tricks and so much stuff it will make your head spin. You can say that New England isn't the same after these guys went on their trip.  Filmed and edited by Walter Pieringer.

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  • 23Jul2013

    Sunday in Istanbul video

    When the chance to go to a city that is over 2,600 years old comes along, you have to go.  Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan and Lee Dennis traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to be overwhelmed by the massive city that is Istanbul.  It's located at a point where the European and Asian continents meet.  It has a rich history that includes being the capital of 4 different empires.  There's something humbling about being in a place that has that much history.  The guys definitely had the trip of a lifetime.  Click HERE to see the first Pictorial from yesterday and check back tomorrow to see the riding photos. Filmed and edited by Walter Pieringer.

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  • 04Jul2013

    Mark Burnett – Welcome to Sunday

    We would like to welcome Mark Burnett to Sunday! He only just turned 15, but he is so good as you can see in this video. His smooth, stylish, tech and effortless make adding Mark to the team a no brainer. Expect to see a lot more from Mark in the future. The kids are coming on strong!  Filmed and edited by Jake Seeley with additional filming help from Charlie Crumlish and Hogie.

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  • 21Jun2013

    Chris Childs – Welcome to Sunday

    We are proud to announce that super stylish, all-terrain shredder, Chris Childs, has joined the Sunday team.  Here are some words about how it happened from Team Manager Walter Pieringer... I could not be more proud to welcome Chris Childs to the Sunday team. Long story short, I’ve been working on a Ride UK magazine interview with Chris for the past few months, and he impressed me so much that I decided to put him on Sunday Chris is an absolutely ridiculous bike rider and without a doubt one of my favorite people to both shoot and travel with, so I’m beyond excited to have the chance to do more of that with him now that he’s a part of the team. We shot video of everything Chris did for his magazine interview, so it only made sense to put that footage out as his welcome to Sunday edit. By the way, Chris fired all this out in one week in New England and one week in Austin. I hope you enjoy. -Walter Pieringer Everyone here couldn't be more excited to have Chris on a Sunday.  If this video is any indication then things are going to be really good.

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  • 14Jun2013

    Way Out West – Cory Foust

    Cory Foust has been a BMX snowbird for the last 2 years.  This year he returned to Austin, TX to escape the cold of Pennsylvania.  This isn't the only destination his wings took him to this winter.  Before he flew home, he drove west to California filming all along the way.  Look for this trip featured in BMX Plus.  Filmed and edited by Cameron Muilenburg with addition clips by Jim Cielencki.

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  • 07Jun2013

    Erik & Seth vs Winter

    Erik Elstran and Seth Peterson live in Minneapolis where winter can be mighty tough. They survive the winters by doing what most riders in colder climates do which is head indoors. Both of these guys are known for their creativity and it doesn't stop just because they went indoors. Erik looks like he's figured out how to balance frontside crankslides.  He also looks like he's paid the price too.

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  • 28Mar2013

    TJ’s Cabin Fever

    Apparently winter is still around, so everyone probably has cabin fever by now. Here's how TJ Henderson helped cure some of his cabin fever. Nosepicks seem like a great option. TJ's Cabin Fever video filmed and edited by Ryan Capranica.

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  • 15Feb2013

    Lone Star Left Overs

    Seth Peterson came at you with his own style of BMX in his From the Lone Star to the North Star video a few months back. Here are some of his left over moves that didn't quite make the cut. They're still very awesome! Watch the original video after the break.

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  • 20Dec2012

    Jim C’s Soundwave Bike Check

    With Sunday and Odyssey being so close, I'm lucky to be able to build up one of the best bikes available today.  So, when it came time to build up a my new Soundwave, I realized that I didn't actually have to custom build the bike with Odyssey parts.  Rather I could just get a Soundwave Special complete bike and ride that since it has all the parts that I would have picked anyway.  By buying this bike as a complete you save $400 over piecing it together part by part.  Check after the break to see a full parts list and some more photos of the Soundwave Special.

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  • 17Dec2012

    Seth Peterson L.S.T.N.S. video

    Seth Peterson moved to the Lone Star state 3 years ago where he rode every random spot that he could find. Recently, he made the move back home to the North Star state.  This video entitled From the Lone Star to the North Star captures the last few months in Austin and the first few months back in Minnesota. Seth has a creative view to spots and riding so pay close attention.  Great job Seth!

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