• 26Mar2014

    Aaron Ross Welcomes X Games to SXSW

    Aaron Ross gives the X Games a tour of Austin which is now the new home of the X Games. He happens to do it during the SXSW Music Festival. If you've been to SXSW then you know the daytime is completely different than the night. There's seriously no room to walk down 6th St. It's such an awesome spectacle. Aaron's new MotoRoss frame is coming…check it HERE.

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  • 24Mar2014

    Spaghetti and More with Oliver Jonasson

    Our Swedish peg shredder, Oliver Jonasson, discusses the merits of pegs over a huge plate of spaghetti.  He lays down some serious clips starting about the half way point.  It's tough not to discuss the worst case scenario that happened to him at the 5:40 point, but you won't forget it.  He does a really long toothpick grind on a ledge as well, so be sure to watch the full video. Watch Oliver's Welcome to Sunday video HERE.

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  • 19Mar2014

    Watch Now: Jake Seeley New Video!

    So much tech street riding in Jake Seeley's new video for The Garden. You will have to hit rewind a bunch of times to catch all the moves in here. Sit back and enjoy this! Check out Jake's signature Broadcaster Bike HERE.

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  • 19Mar2014

    Lil’ dudes shredding – Kaden Stone

    It's still baffling that a 10 year old is able to do all of these tricks. Kaden Stone shreds in his latest video for Freegun. It's really inspiring to think about how good riders will be in the future if they are this good at 10 years old. Good job Kaden! We are really excited for you. Take a closer look at the Sunday Primer 16 bike that Kaden is riding HERE.

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  • 17Mar2014

    Watch: Fakie Tooth from Lil Mark

    Mark Burnett and company take on Junction Skatepark in this Soap City video.  That grind ledge is hurting after this video was done being filmed. Make sure you stick around to watch how far Mark grinds the fakie toothpick on the down rail.  So sick!  The future is coming!

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  • 12Feb2014

    Crazy Aaron Ross Drawing – VIDEO

    People have made drawings of Aaron Ross in the past, but none of them are as good as this one by Creative Mind. It's mind boggling how lifelike it looks! Follow their channel HERE and you could win some stuff.

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  • 08Feb2014

    Jake & Erik – Instagram Slam

    Jake Seeley and Erik Elstran along with some Austin locals braved Austin's "cold" to film The Funniest Instagram Slam Ever for TCU.  There's seriously a lot of good tricks in here.  Jake's tooth to ice to tooth to ice 180 shows how much bike control he has…might be better described as "peg control". Watch the video of the last time these two were at Round Rock Skatepark. Prepare to have your tech mind blown!

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  • 07Feb2014

    Flashback Friday – OG Sunday Frame

    The Austin Church Gap is one of the most infamous spots in BMX. There's barely a handful of people who've actually jumped it and even less who've jumped the original version with the extra step. Austin local, John Barker, attempted the gap on his metallic red OG Sunday frame and as you can see he rode out on the backend after his wheel blew out. You'd think he would have to get a new frame along with a new back wheel, but no of course not. This frame was still ridden for years afterwards. We weren't joking when we say "Choose Wisely".

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  • 04Feb2014

    Chris Childs – Merritt Pro – Video

    You know it's a good day when a new Chris Childs video drops. To celebrate his addition to the Merritt Pro team, he filmed this wild edit.  It's even more impressive because he did this in the middle of one of the harshest winters in a long time.  How much do you think his wrists hurt in the last clip. Too good!

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  • 30Jan2014

    Garrett Reeves / OSS Clips – VIDEO

    Garrett Reeves is making his way back from a knee injury which kept him off his bike since summer. This OSS video at the Full Factory Ramps features some serious crankslide moves from Garrett. He looks as if he's just about recovered. Did you know he has a signature AM Plus complete bike and grips? Watch his amazing Summer 2012 video below.

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  • 29Jan2014

    Elstran & Seeley – Tech Duo – VIDEO

    Erik Elstran & Jake Seeley: Creative Technicality at Round Rock - More BMX Videos Erik Elstran and Jake Seeley might be the techest dudes on the Sunday team. Here they are teaming up and teching out at the Round Rock Skatepark near Austin for Vital BMX.  Usually this park is full of people, but they must've been there before school let out.  Jake's double tire ride line is so smooth and I'm not quite certain what Erik's backwards hang 5 line was exactly.  You'll need to watch this many times to figure it all out. So sick guys!

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  • 29Jan2014

    One Dude One Day: Daniel Portorreal

    Daniel Portorreal is a recent addition to the German Sunday team and he just dropped this One Dude One Day video by Freedom BMX.  The video proves how smooth, tech and consistent he is on his bike. Click the photo above or just follow this LINK to see the video.  Take a closer look at the Broadcaster he is riding in this video HERE. Filmed and edited by Johannes Dreyer for freedombmx.mpora.de

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  • 24Jan2014

    MUST WATCH – Gary Young / Odyssey Vision 2

    Now this is what we like to see, a full throttle Gary Young throwing down very unique lines for his second Odyssey Vision video. On first inspection, some favorites are the pipe carve wallride where he makes the bank to wall look like a quarterpipe and the very stalled over-toothpick on the yellow rail. There's way more than those 2 and you'll probably have to watch it a few times to catch everything. So sick Gary! Watch his first Odyssey Vision video below.

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  • 23Jan2014

    Top 10 Erik Elstran Videos

    To celebrate Erik Elstran joining the Sunday Pro Team, we decided to make a top 10 list of our favorite Elstran videos. Be prepared to spend some time here because there's so much good riding in this list. You might have a different opinion on the order, so leave your ranking in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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  • 21Jan2014

    Alexander Rudenko – NEW VIDEO

    You are in for a treat every time Alexander Rudenko comes out with a new video. Here he escapes winter by killin' this skatepark. How good is the last trick? Sunday available in the Ukraine through Big Toys Shop.

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  • 19Jan2014

    Sunday Friends – John Mayo – VIDEO

    We've always been really into showing the personal bikes of our fans. Usually it's just a photo, but on occasion we get to post a video of someone riding a Sunday. Here is John Mayo killing it on his Sunday Soundwave. Filmed and edited by Sunday's own Chris Childs.

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  • 17Jan2014

    Danny Stanzl Ride UK Cover – VIDEO

    Our UK team rider, Danny Stanzl, graced the cover of the newest Ride UK Magazine for an article about riding urban playgrounds. Danny has the opening segment of this video from that article. How good do these playgrounds look for riding? The run ups look to be fairly tight, but it didn't seem to slow these guys down.

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  • 06Jan2014

    Catching up with Gary Young

    Gary Young has been a busy man lately. Besides traveling all year, he went to the Woodward Copper grand opening and now the Woodward West Winter Camp. Clicked Cinema caught up with him during winter camp. There's some seriously rad clips in here plus you get to learn why he picked the color of his 2014 EX Complete Bike.

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