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Cyclone Freecoaster with Alec Siemon

Here’s Alec Siemon showing you what kind of moves you can do with our Cyclone Freecoaster. Hit up your local shop, favorite mail-order, or our online store to upgrade your whip.


Cyclone Freecoaster

  • $129.95 MSRP.
  • RHD or LHD.
  • Hub Guard Included.
  • Built using patented Odyssey Clutch Hub internals.
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Primer 16

The 2014 Primer 16 continues to lead the pack when it comes to 16″ bikes. From offering the shortest chain stay length to just having a 16″ specific head tube, this bike was purposely designed to make the bike more maneuverable for younger riders. Check below to see a full parts list.

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Lee Dennis Soundwave Special Bike promo

If you’re looking for the ultimate complete bike available today then let Lee Dennis show you the new 2013 Soundwave Special.  It uses all aftermarket parts from Odyssey and Sunday.  The frame, fork, bars and cranks all use 41 Thermal Heat-Treating and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against bending and breaking.  Lee throws down some smooth lines along with the help of a Woodward West camper in this video.  It’s easy to build a top of the line bike, but to give it a price tag of $1,149.99 (USA MSRP) is very difficult to do.  Check after the break to see more photos and the specs of the Soundwave Special.  Choose Wisely!

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Jake Seeley Broadcaster Complete promo

Jake Seeley is known for very technical street riding, so it’s only logical that his signature bike would have very tech geometry. Therefore, we would like to introduce the 2013 Jake Seeley Broadcaster Complete bike promo video. If you’re into very progressive geometry than this is the bike for you.  It comes in Midnight Blue and has a killer aftermarket parts kit from Odyssey and Sunday. It even uses the same Broadcaster frame that we sell aftermarket. Check after the break to see specs and close ups of the bike.

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Garrett Reeves EX complete promo

Garrett Reeves has had quite a year doing wild moves like the curved wallride in our Atlanta Vacation video to having an amazing Ride BMX interview video, so it’s no wonder why we gave him a signature EX complete bike for 2013.  It available in his Ice Green colorway and comes with a great aftermarket parts kit from Odyssey and Sunday. Here is Garrett and some Woodward West campers taking his bike through some moves in this promo video.  See the specs and more photos of his bike after the break.

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