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Sunday in Taiwan

Join Chris Childs, Erik Elstran, and Brett Silva on a wild ride through the frantic streets of Taiwan! These guys annihilated the craziest spots like only they can in a whirlwind week-long tour through Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, and beyond. Taiwan is nonstop excitement!

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Atlanta Vacation!

We took a much needed vacation in Atlanta to ride amazing street spots, skateparks and even take in a Braves baseball game. This video features riding from Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Garrett Reeves, Eric Lichtenberger, Alex Magallan, Lee Dennis, Jake Seeley, Jim Cielencki and Chris Burden. Filmed by Francis Delapena and Jim Cielencki. Edited by Francis Delapena.  Thanks to Ipath Footwear and Kind Snacks for help making this video.

Sun-Dazed at Woodward West

Last summer’s Sunday Week at Woodward West was a blast. Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Eric Lichtenberger, Lee Dennis and Jim Cielencki spent 7 glorious days riding the camp, bouncing on trampolines, jumping Mega Ramp, jumping in foam pits, drinking milkshakes and riding with all the rad campers. Such a good time that I think we are doing it again this summer. Already can’t wait for summer!

Baltic Triangle Tour

Gary Young, Andrew Brady and I had a fun adventure traveling in a triangular pattern around the Baltic Sea at the end of summer.  All of our traveling these days seems to involve a car, so we wanted to do this one differently.  All travel was done by ferry, train and bicycle. Although, we did succumbed to traveling by car two times.  This trip was a blast!  Thanks to Signature BMX, Sunshine Distribution, Mystic BMX, Childstore BMX, Risto at Simpel Session and all the locals we meet along the way.

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Pennsylvania Trail Tour

Fall time is arguably the best time of year.  The cooler weather, the leaves changing and just a refreshing change from the hot summer really make fall stand out.  Alex Magallan, Tom Arkus, Chris Hilbrich, Mike Gonzalez, Bobby Parker and Bobby DeLaat took our newly acquired van up to Pennsylvania to ride some of the best trails in the world.  The weather cooperated most of the time and the trails looked amazing.  Thanks to all the trail builders in PA who let us stop by!


Here is our latest video which features the whole main Sunday team traveling on a post-Interbike trip from southern California to Austin with brief stops through the hot desert of Arizona and New Mexico.  Well, the whole team started the trip, but Gary Young got taken out early on by a gigantic surf obstacle at the Built to Shred ranch, so Alex Magallan, Aaron Ross, Garrett Reeves, Tom Arkus, Eric Lichtenberger, Jake Seeley, Jim Cielencki and Lee Dennis had to carry on without him.  This trip is featured in the latest issue of Ride UK which you can also see on their iPhone app.  Check back tomorrow for pictures from the trip.  Enjoy!

Sunday in Canada:
The Video!

Eric Lichtenberger, Alex Magallan and I met up with Lee Dennis a few weeks back and rode a ton of good spots in southern Ontario.  Ryder Distribution was nice enough to feed us and give us a place to sleep.  Great weather, great people and Tim Horton’s made for a great time.  Enjoy the video!  See you next year Canada! Filmed and edited by Brad Hill.

Australia as seen in Nano-vision!

Jake Seeley is the man begin the “lens” on this one.  Sunday tour of Australia filmed all with an Apple Ipod Nano, Jake is able to easily capture funny and random moments from the Sunday Australia tour from a month ago.  Not the greatest quality, but the content makes up for that.  The song is Rainer Maria‘s, Breakfast of Champions, which was previously used in PropsEuroscene video from 2000 filmed by Stew Johnson. This video is sort of an homage to Euroscene.  Check out our non-nano Australia video HERE.