• 22Dec2014

    Jake Seeley – Print Ad / Wallpaper

    Here's Jake with a mean sunny-side up double peg in our latest print ad. You can download the wallpaper now in Widescreen (1920x1200) or Standard (1600x1200) sizes.

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  • 03Dec2014

    Chris Childs – Print Ad / Wallpaper

    Here's our latest print ad (in wallpaper form) of Chris Childs dipping a lofty 360 to celebrate his new signature Jackal Bar. It's 12° of backsweep, 1° of upsweep, and measures at 29" wide by 8.8" tall - just how Chris likes it. You can download this wallpaper for your desktop in Widescreen and Standard sizes.

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  • 30Apr2014

    Jake Seeley – Print Ad / Wallpaper

    Download now for Widescreen or Standard monitors. Who needs a new wallpaper?  Jake Seeley delivers the goods with this jungle gym predator grind from his shared video with Erik Elstran.  Jake's currently shredding the latest Army Green Broadcaster color which is available now.  You might as well watch the video again to see the clip.  Here it is

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  • 04Mar2014

    Erik Elstran’s first print ad & Wallpaper

    Welcome Erik Elstran to the Sunday Pro team in print!  Our latest Ride UK ad features Erik grabbing his front wheel while cranksliding down a 13 stair Austin rail in celebration of him on our Pro team.  Look for some big things from Erik in 2014.  Photo at Walter Pieringer. Download the above image for a Widescreen size wallpaper (1920 x 1200).  Or try the below image for a Standard size wallpaper (1600 x 1200).

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  • 10Jul2013

    Chris Childs Wallpaper

    Need to freshen up your wallpaper?  Then put Chris Childs' massive rail hop on your wall right now!  Just download below. WIDESCREEN (1920X1200) OR STANDARD (1600X1200)

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  • 22May2013

    Gary Young Wallpaper

    Gary Young has this very sweet wallpaper available to you courtesy of Odyssey. Just download this image.  Watch Gary's gold medal winning bowl runs after the break.

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  • 27Mar2013

    Gary Young Wallpaper

    Not sure how I missed this one, but Gary Young was featured in a Ride BMX wallpaper over the weekend.  Go HERE to download this sick wall tap of Gary.  Do you remember when Gary icepicked a fence similar to this set up dressed as Santa Claus.  If not then check it out after the break.

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  • 12Feb2013

    Music with Jake Seeley

    Judging by Jake Seeley's choice of t-shirt size, you might think he is only into hip hop, but you would be wrong. Go to Defgrip to read about some of Jake's favorite albums.  I bet you would be surprised.  Check after the break to see Jake's latest video and his Broadcaster BMX bike.

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  • 04Feb2013

    Gary Young Wallpaper

    Gary Young has a sweet wallpaper up on the Ride BMX site.  He shares it with fellow Odyssey team riders Tom Dugan and Jim Bauer. Follow this LINK to get it for you computer.  Watch this clip after the break.

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  • 21Jan2013

    Garrett Reeves Wallpaper

    Garrett Reeves has a sick wallpaper available at Ride BMX. Just click the image above or go to this LINK to get the Standard size version. Have you seen Garrett's signature EX complete?  Check it out after the break.

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  • 22Oct2012

    Introducing: Octave Forks

    Octave Forks are the next evolutionary step in Sunday fork design. We've improved our steerer tube and refined the leg shape while still keeping the end of the fork out of the way during grinds. Now lighter and stronger with a more refined look that is backed by the 41 Thermal lifetime warranty make Octaves stand out among the rest.  Available now at your local bike shop and favorite mail order.  Dealers please contact Full Factory. Check after the break for all features, specs and colors.

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  • 05Jul2012

    Eric & Aaron Wallpaper

    Get this amazing Eric Lichtenberger and Aaron Ross wallpaper over at Ride UK's website just follow this LINK.  This photo was shot during our Atlanta Vacation trip.  If you haven't seen the video then just click this LINK.

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  • 16Apr2012

    Odyssey Palms Springs

    Go watch Aaron Ross, Eric Lichtenberger and Gary Young in Odyssey's Palm Springs video.  Just follow this LINK over to Defgrip now.  Too good! More Aaron and Gary: Gary overtooth  |  Eric Wallpaper  |  Aaron's latest creation

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  • 23Mar2012

    Gary Young interview!

    Gary Young has a good interview about becoming a father, buying a house, traveling and contests up on the Ride BMX site.  Follow this LINK to check it out.  The above photo was shot in Helsinki during the Baltic Triangle Tour last summer. In other Gary Young news, we are giving away the Shamrock Bonus Bike that he rode in the Shamrock promos at 3pm EST time today.  To enter just pay attention to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or Tumblr.  You might also want to rewatch the Shamrock Promo videos which are after the break.   More Gary Young: Stockholm Wallpaper  |  Latest Sunday Ad  |  Vans Vault video

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  • 13Jan2012

    Alex Magallan photo

    Alex Magallan comes through with the toboggan fakie on his Forecaster while Derek Derose snaps the photo.  Good combination if you ask me.  Did you see that Alex got added to the Dan's Comp flow team?  Well he did, so congrats to him. Get your Alex Magallan Wallpaper right HERE.

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  • 12Dec2011

    Lee Dennis Wallpaper

    We visited Chattanooga this spring, so Lee Dennis can do this over toothpick on the aquarium spine. This place is a quick bust, so it's a feat that he got this move. Feel free to click the photo and save it, so you can use it as a wallpaper. Photo by Andrew White.

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  • 07Dec2011

    Greetings from Stockholm!

    As if you didn't know, Gary Young shreds everything and anything in his path including the tops of buildings.  Here, Gary is tire sliding the top of this building in Stockholm, Sweden during the filming of our Baltic Triangle Tour video. Want to watch the video?  Then go to our Facebook page and watch the video before it comes out on Friday.

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