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  • Garrett Wallpaper

    31Jul 2011

    G-Sport just posted a Garrett Reeves wallpaper for you to download.  As always Garrett is going something you wouldn’t think of doing.  Hop over the rail into the pole jam.  Get the wallpaper HERE.

  • Gary Young Wallpaper

    11Jul 2011

    Odyssey has a new wallpaper featuring Gary Young doing a sick table in a pool on their site. Click the image to get it.  This is from the Odyssey ad featured in the August issue of Ride BMX.

  • Wave C Bike Check on ESPN

    14Feb 2011

    Here’s a quick shot of my Sunday Wave C in action at the R.A.S.P. Skatepark in Rochester, NY.  ESPN just posted more photos of this bike along with some amazing wallpaper in a bike check over the weekend.  In the post, there’s a little interview talking about the pros and cons of the Sunday 24″ geometry. Wave C’s should be in stores very soon!  Photo: Casey Haley

  • 2010 Refresher: Alex Magallan D-Town Limits

    13Dec 2010

    Sometimes you forget how good videos are when new stuff appears online everyday.  Alex Magallan’s D-Town Limits video came out at the very, very end of last year.  It was filmed over a 2 day period which usually means the quality will be low, but not in this case.  Good stuff, fast riding, unique lines and just all around shredding.  Alex had this to say about this video.

    Donelson Limits is the area where my brother and I grew up. A ton of memories and good spots.  Also, it’s a stones throw away from the Grand Ole Opry.  The edit was two days worth filming and a pretty fun project. This being my first video that I’ve ever edited, I was just learning and figuring what goes where. Still can’t believe the year is coming to a end. Time flies, hope you enjoyed. Have fun go PEDAL!  Thanks.

    —Alex Magallan

    Take another look now.  Here’s a LINK to the original post.

  • Red Bull Trick or Treat video!

    01Nov 2010

    The Red Bull Trick or Treat contest went down in NYC over the weekend. Heard it was a cold one!  It was somewhere around 50 degrees at the time of the contest.  The Sunday team was Aaron Ross and Eric Lichtenberger with Eric getting a few cold clips in the contest video above.  Enjoy!

  • 2011 Sunday Catalog!

    08Oct 2010

    Our 2011 catalog is now available for online viewing.  Eric Lichtenberger graces the cover of our very first Sunday catalog with his pegless rollercoaster grind from his Hold On! video.  In the catalog, you will see all the new 2011 completes with parts breakdown along with the Jake Seeley red Forecaster, new Aaron Ross Funday color and a few other things.  Go check out all of our new stuff now!

    You can download a PDF version or view it on Issuu.

    Read More »

  • Tom Arkus Summertime!

    10Aug 2010

    Check out Tom Arkus‘ latest video filmed mostly at his home trails of Hazelwood.  Most of the longer sequences are the actual lines at his home trails.  The trails are super long, big and wooded, so you can’t just stand in one spot and film.  We went a week or so ago and now I fully understand how they work.  Tom makes it look easy when he should probably be scared.  Look for photos of Tom riding his home trails in an upcoming issue of Case Magazine.  In other Tom news, him and his wife just bought a house.  Congratulations!

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