• Seth Peterson Video!

    17Feb 2010

    Check out this new Seth Peterson edit which was filmed last summer in between his injuries.  He has an interesting mix of tricks that range from unique tricks that most people don’t do all the way up to tech bangers.  You’ll be able to notice this in this edit.  I’m a big fan of the last trick because I can’t do it out of a wedge.  Nice work Seth!  Can’t wait to see more!  Filmed and edited by Kyle Stark.

  • Ian Schwartz UU&A, Part 2!

    12Jan 2010

    Here’s part 2 of Ian Schwartz’s amazing Up, Up and Away section!  Definitely a section that will stand the test of time!  BMX will miss his unique view on spots, bikes and tricks.  Enjoy!

  • Ian Schwartz UU&A Downloads!

    08Jan 2010

    There’s a lot of subtlety in Ian’s riding that makes everything he does look so effortless. His Up Up & Away section was no exception. He collected so much good footage that it ended up being split into two sections for the DVD release. Above is the first section and you can download it to keep on your hard drive or if you’d like, you can download an iPod/iPhone version to take with you on the go.

  • Ian Schwartz Moving on

    04Jan 2010

    Ian Schwartz

    Save link to download the wallpaper: Wide Screen or Standard

    Words from Ian Schwartz,

    About 6 months ago I reached a point with riding that it just didn’t feel the same as it used to. Although its been a dream come true and I would never trade any of it, I’m certain it’s time for me to move on.

    I was raised on a family farm and enjoyed it as a kid, but lost interest as I grew older and found other things. Well a couple years back I started to find enjoyment in the goings on of it again and began to read and learn about it. I’ve been able to meet and work with many area farmers and found an entire world of ideas and opportunities to explore. My family has allowed me to lease a small 17 acre field on our farm and I’ve begun implementing my ideas for responsible, respectful and productive food growing. I hope to grow (but not too big), either on our farm or on my own somewhere else in or around my hometown of Lancaster, Ohio.

    I still love riding, and will continue to ride, just not in the same way as I have for the past 4 or 5 years. I appreciate the kids that have had nice things to say online and in-person, and I’ve had an awesome time with the guys on the team.

    Take care,


    This is definitely a sad day for Sunday and BMX.  Although we fully support Ian’s decision, it’s tough to know that one of the most creative and unique guys in BMX is moving on to different challenges.  I’ve always appreciate his take on riding, it’s always been smooth, effortless, creative and it felt good.  The thing I always got from his riding was that a trick looked good from beginning to end.  The whole thing seemed like it looked effortless not just the trick itself.  I’ve been lucky enough to have ridden with him so much over the past 5 years.  He’s definitely been a great influence on my riding.  Ian, you’ll be missed here at Sunday and good luck to you!

    Jim Cielencki

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  • Eric L. Wallpaper

    17Oct 2009

    Eric Lichtenberger

    We are going Eric Lichtenberger over load this week!  Here he is double tire ride down a long, round rail from our Up, Up and Away premiere trip to Boston in May.  This is the print version, the footage was in his September web EDIT.  If you were at Interbike then most likely you were able to grab this as a poster.  Otherwise you’ll have to use this as a wallpaper by downloading these links: Wide Screen or Standard Monitor.  Photo by Jeff Allen.

  • I like crankslides!

    17Sep 2009

    Last week, I was out putting the Wave downtube to the test and came up with this mini crankslide video shot at the Brampton, Ontario skatepark.  There’s a few other random tricks in there including Lee Dennis‘ guest clip.  Andy Maholsic filmed and edited this one.  Enjoy!

  • Jim C/Model C Random Photo

    16Aug 2009


    Here’s a photo of me barspinning the local jersey barrier in Buffalo aboard the Sunday Plus 4 Model C that I’ve been riding since last fall.  The photo was shot by Zak Taylor when Jake Seeley and the Garden team was here filming awhile back.  I’m trying to make some Sunday Wallpapers so you might see this photo along with some from the rest of the Sunday team.

  • Mike Taylor web video on Dig!

    04May 2009


    Mike Taylor shares a new web video with his buddy Nailz over on the Dig site!   BSD filming up in Scotland.  As always these guys are dialed, so they probably banged out all this in an afternoon.  Might have been a few days, but nevertheless it is good.  In other Mike Taylor news, he’s making his way to NYC around the middle part of June, so that will be a treat.

  • Jake Seeley Wallpaper!

    06Apr 2009


    Jake Seeley has an awesome wallpaper of him doing a 180 lookback out of a rail available over at Ride BMX, so follow this LINK to get it! In other Jake news, he’s been filming for his Props bio which is tenatively scheduled to come out at the end of summer or early fall. Right now, he’s taking it easy awaiting a trip to Memphis before returning home towards the end of the month.

  • Ian Schwartz Wallpaper!

    30Mar 2009


    That’s right you can put Ian Schwartz up as your wallpaper by simply going over to the Ride site or just following this link right HERE!  In other news, he’s been riding a bunch in Ohio when the weather permits or when he’s not working on his family’s farm.  He’s anticipating Up, Up and Away‘s release later this month!  I think you’ll like Ian’s part!

  • Up, Up and Away news!

    15Mar 2009


    So we’ve had great response to the Up, Up and Away trailer!  If you’d like to watch it again, but don’t feel like searching through the site then just click on the Sunday Hot Air Balloon on the upper left of the page!  Or you can watch it over on youtube right here.  In more news, the video is having the finishing touches done to it over the next few days then off for duplication.  Look for it to be out in mid to late April!

  • Aaron Ross Wallpaper

    10Feb 2009


    Ride BMX has two Aaron Ross wallpapers up on their site. Go HERE to pick them up! In other Aaron news, he’s almost recovered from his ankle injury and to celebrate he is going to Thailand with Walter Peringer to film a Props trip story.  Hopefully he’ll be updating the Sunday Twitter page from there!

  • Jim C on BMXonline!

    21Jul 2008

    Bank tailwhip

    BMXonline has a little interview with me about making video sections. The photo was shot by Jeff Z about a year and a half ago. I had been really interested in doing whips, barspins and 360 fakies on the steepest banks possible. I had already did a barspin on it awhile back, but I wanted to whip it. This whip in LA ended up being the steepest I’ve done.

    A behind the scenes story from this night include the sprinklers turning on right as we finished setting up. It was disappointing because I had worked myself up to see if it was possible and now with the water in the way it was going to be very difficult to do. Mike Hoder ended up using his hoodie to clean up the water and try and make a dam, but it only worked for so long. You can the watermarks on the lower part of the bank and Mike’s hoodie in the background to the right. This is one of my favorite spots in LA even though the banks are really slippery.

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