• 09Apr2012

    New Freeze Stem Colors!

    Look what we've done!  We've added two new colors to our Freeze Stem line up!  Now, it comes in black, raw, red and blue.  This is the same stem that the team rides and comes available on all of our 2012 Complete Bikes.  Have your local shop hit up Full Factory to get them in stock.  You have chosen wisely!

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  • 30Mar2012

    Grape Soda – Available March 31st

    The Aaron Ross PRO in Grape Soda lit up the internet on Wednesday when the photos were released.  Here is the promo for this amazing Bonus Bike.  It's available tomorrow, March 31st, at your favorite Sunday dealer!  Get it quick because it will be gone.

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  • 17Mar2012

    Shamrock Spark – Promo #2

    The Shamrock Spark Bonus Bike is available online and in stores right now.  Remember these are limited edition and we will not be getting any more.  Gary Young takes you through another line aboard the Shamrock in this promo. Previous Bonus Bike Shamrock Promo #1  |  Shamrock Photos  |  Bonus Bike #2 Teaser

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  • 13Mar2012

    2012 Sunday Bonus Bikes #2

    Introducing the teaser for our next 2012 Bonus Bike. Earlier this month we brought you the Shamrock Spark, so now we bring you this one. The bike will be available in stores the weekend of April 1st which just so happens to be Sunday's 7th birthday. Can't think of a better way to celebrate it than with the release of a Bonus Bike. Look for full promo later this month.

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  • 24Feb2012

    2012 Shamrock Bonus Bike Promo

    Next Thursday March 1st, we are releasing the first of this year's Bonus Bikes which is the "Shamrock" Spark.  It will be available at shops and mail orders on that very day.  Remember these are Bonus Bikes, so there's a small number of these made. If you're looking for a unique entry level bike then the "Shamrock" Spark is the bike for you. Check out the 2011 Bonus Bikes right HERE.

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  • 16Feb2012

    2012 Bikes are back!

    That's right our warehouse received our spring shipment of 2012 Complete Bikes including some special stuff coming later in the spring. If you've been looking for a Spark, orange soda Aaron Ross PRO or even a Forecaster Special then we have them available now.  Hit up your local bike shop to get your bike before they sell out. Dealers contact Full Factory Distribution to get the bikes on your floor.

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  • 24Jan2012

    France has ‘em!

    That's right the 2012 Complete Bikes have landed in France!  Here's the bikes in the Frenchy's Distribution warehouse.  So, if you're live in France and are looking for an orange soda Aaron Ross PRO, Forecaster Special or a Spark then you won't have to wait much longer.  They are on their way to shops right now.

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  • 15Dec2011

    2012 Sunday Complete Bikes Catalog

    Open publication - Free publishing - More aaron ross The 2012 Complete Bike catalog is now available online. It features all the bikes you've come to love along with some new ones. The main team is projected through out the bikes. Give it a look through and feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. To download the catalog click HERE.

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  • 28Nov2011

    Poland has ‘em!

    Looks like the new 2012 completes have landed in Poland. Proletaryat BMX has the bikes available on their website right now. So, if you live in Poland and are looking for the new bikes like the Orange Soda Aaron Ross PRO or the new Spark then check them our right HERE.

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  • 17Nov2011

    Momentum has ‘em!

    Momentum Cycles in Barrie, Ontario has the new 2012 complete bikes in their store.  This is one of the best shops in Canada, so if you're close by then make sure you check them out.

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  • 14Nov2011

    Brazil has ‘em!

    Check this one out, all the new 2012 complete bikes have arrived in Brazil.  If you're looking for the bikes there then contact Doctor Bike because as you can see they have them in stock.

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  • 12Nov2011

    The Garden has ‘em!

    Jake Seeley sent me photos of the new 2012 completes on the floor of the The Garden in Pittsfield, MA.  Jake has been working there for a long time. So, go there check out the bikes and say hi to Jake.  Plus they just remodeled the store and it looks amazing. The Garden 148 North Street PIttsfield, MA 01201 413-442-9088 www.gardenma.com Map

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  • 10Nov2011

    Pedal Bike Shop has ‘em!

    Looks like the 2012 Completes are starting to be available all over.  Pedal Bike Shop in Port Colborne, Ontario just built their's up and sent me this photo. Looks like they have a good seclection of the bikes.   Head over there to check them out. Pedal Bike Shop 56 Main Street West Port Colborne, ON Canada (289) 836-8310 Map

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  • 07Nov2011

    East County has ‘em!

    East County BMX in Santee, CA has all the new 2012 Sunday Completes in stock right now.  This is the home shop for Gary Young, so you know his line of bikes will be well represented.  I can see Gary's Martini PRO, Fire Engine EX and Navy Blue AM in this picture.  This is one of the best BMX shops in the San Diego area, so make sure you check them out. East County BMX 9730 Cuyamaca St # G Santee, CA 92071 (619) 562-3602 Map

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  • 05Nov2011

    BackPeddling has ‘em!

    Yup, all the bikes are at Backpeddling Bike Shop in Guelph, Ont Canada. The guys over there got the bikes put together and sent me this photo.  Looks like they have the whole line- Scout, Forecaster Special, Sparks, AMs, EXs, Model C and the highly sought after PROs.  I bet the orange soda Aaron Ross PRO is sold today.  Go over to their store to check out the new bikes. Backpeddling Bike Shop 100 Crimea Street Guelph, ON N1H 2Y6, Canada (519) 763-7878 www.backpeddling.com‎  

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  • 04Nov2011

    2012 Sunday Completes Shipping Now!

    All the new 2012 complete bikes are shipping out to stores as we speak. Some shops even have theirs in stock already.  Goods BMX in Portland got the bikes in and here is what the storefront looks like at night. The Aaron Ross PRO might just be used to light the store itself.  Bikes are available now, so if your shop doesn't have the bikes then have them call Full Factory today to order your new bike.

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  • 03Nov2011

    2012 Completes shipping in Canada

    Ryder Distribution has received their 2012 Complete Bike shipment and is currently sending them out to shops across Canada.  They could be at some shops by as early as today.  As with all Sunday stuff, they will not last, so get yours as soon as you can.

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  • 02Nov2011

    2012 Completes in the UK

    Good news!  Our UK distro, IMG, sent me this photo of our new 2012 Complete Bikes at their warehouse.  Get ahold of your favorite bike shop to pick one up. They don't carry Sunday?  Well, then just have them ring up IMG to become a dealer.

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