• 18Dec2013

    Gary Young Making it Happen

    Gary Young went on the Argentina / Make It Happen BMX trip recently and they are teasing us with this trailer. There's such a good vibe on these trips and the crew is really awesome too. You won't want to miss this. Look for the full video released early in 2014.

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  • 23Jan2013

    Gary Young via Argentina

    Gary Young also made it trip to Argentina to ride in the Red Bull Ramparanoia event in December.  The altitude for  the event was over 10,000 ft which makes this lookback even more badass. Photo Gustavo Cherro via Ride BMX.

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  • 22Jan2013

    Aaron Ross via Argentina

    What a trip this must've been!  Aaron Ross tailwhip in Argentina during the Red Bull Ramparanoia event in December. Photo Gustavo Cherro via Ride BMX.

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  • 12Dec2012

    Gary Young over ices the moon

    Do you know how hard it is to do an over-icepick in 1/6th the gravity compared to the Earth?  Somehow Gary Young is able to adapt to the lower gravity and lack of oxygen to get the trick done.  Unfortunately, Gary's not on the moon, but he is somewhere in the middle of nowhere Argentina riding what could easily be the moon.  Looks like the trip of a lifetime if you ask me.  What would the PSI rating of a tire be on the moon?  Photo stolen from Aaron Ross' Instagram page.  Follow him and Gary at @theaaronross and @garybyoung.

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