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  • Chance Garrison downside whip

    28Nov 2012

    This type of roof spot is always fun to find.  They usually don’t last too long, but flow guy, Chance Garrison, makes use of his time. Downside whip on his new Black Magic Soundwave build.  Follow this LINK to take a closer look at his bike.  Photo by Tommy Dyke.

  • 2013 Sunday Frames

    13Aug 2012

    Here’s a preview of the 2013 Sunday frames that will come available in early September.  Each frame will be further explained in their own individual post starting with the Soundwave tomorrow.  Choose Wisely!

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  • Sunday Friends: Illias Brave

    17May 2012

    This Sunday Friends comes all the way from Greece.  Here is Illias Brave from Pefki, Greece’s Black Magic Third Wave  that he got from our Greece distributor Dark Riders.  So stoked to have Sunday’s in Greece.  Thanks Illias!

  • Sunday Friends / Sean Groce Wave C

    19Nov 2011

    Sean Groce has a good collection of bikes.  Previously, we had his Foxtrot Green Forecaster bike on the site and now we present you with his Black Magic Wave C. Nice bike Sean!

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  • Flairing Forecaster!

    07Nov 2011

    Paw Paw, MI’s Chance Garrison sent this photo of him putting his Black Magic Forecaster to the flair test.  It’s not a problem on this frame.  Thanks to Tommy Dyke for the photo.

  • Triumph XL bars now available!

    07Jul 2011

    The new Triumph XL bars are now available!  If you’ve been into our Triumph bar dimensions, but are looking for some more height without being too excessive then these are the bars for you.  Available now in Black Magic, chrome and Soda Orange.  They use 41Thermal heat-treating so you know they are stronger than y’all.

    Height:  8.5″
    Width:  28″
    Backsweep: 12 degrees
    Upsweep:  1 degree
    Colors: Black Magic, chrome and soda orange
    Weight:  1.9 lbs

  • Vapor Blue Wave-C are available!

    12Apr 2011

    Here’s a sneak shot of the new Vapor Blue Wave C frames that just arrived in the warehouse.  This color is amazing!  I’m not sure whether to switch from the Black Magic I ride to the Vapor Blue.  Either way both 21.25″ and 22″ frames are  available this week.

    Jon Faure’s Wave C HERE.

  • Black Sunday!

    25Feb 2011

    Guess what?  Sunday frames come in black!  Actually we’ve had black frames for a long time now, but they are often overshadowed by the bright colors we also do.  From left to right, Forecaster, Funday (yes even a black Funday), Third Wave, Conductor and Wave-C all come in black and are available right now!

  • People’s Store Tombola!

    07Dec 2010

    I bet most of you out there don’t know what a Tombola is, but either way the People’s Store in Germany is having one where you can win a brand new Black Magic Gary Young PRO complete bike!  This bike is loaded with so many Odyssey aftermarket parts like Twombolts, Quadrant rims, 9t V3 cassette rear hub, Vandero 2 front hub, Aitken tires, Twisted PC Pedals, CFL stem, Senior II seat, EVO II brakes, Monolever and Linear cable.  This bike is such a great deal and now you get a chance to win one!  Just follow this LINK.  (You’ll need to know Germany and live there as well)

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