• 05Apr2012

    42 North has Bonus Bikes

    Look what 42 North in Holland, MI has in stock.  Both the Aaron Ross PRO Grape Soda and Shamrock Spark Bonus Bikes are available in their store right now. These are very limited, so make sure you get it as soon as you can.  In fact, our USA distro, Full Factory, just sent out the last one on Tuesday.

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  • 03Apr2012

    Sunday Friends: Martin Athanasiou

    This is a very good Sunday Friends.  Martin Athanasiou built up this aftermarket Aaron Ross Watermelon bike for his son Sirus.  He didn't just go to the store and buy all the pieces because none of them are readily available anymore. Rather he had to track down the pieces throughout the world.  The pink Odyssey stuff alone is almost 3 years old, so to track it down is amazing.  Great job Martin!

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  • 30Mar2012

    Grape Soda – Available March 31st

    The Aaron Ross PRO in Grape Soda lit up the internet on Wednesday when the photos were released.  Here is the promo for this amazing Bonus Bike.  It's available tomorrow, March 31st, at your favorite Sunday dealer!  Get it quick because it will be gone.

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  • 17Mar2012

    Shamrock Spark – Promo #2

    The Shamrock Spark Bonus Bike is available online and in stores right now.  Remember these are limited edition and we will not be getting any more.  Gary Young takes you through another line aboard the Shamrock in this promo. Previous Bonus Bike Shamrock Promo #1  |  Shamrock Photos  |  Bonus Bike #2 Teaser

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  • 13Mar2012

    2012 Sunday Bonus Bikes #2

    Introducing the teaser for our next 2012 Bonus Bike. Earlier this month we brought you the Shamrock Spark, so now we bring you this one. The bike will be available in stores the weekend of April 1st which just so happens to be Sunday's 7th birthday. Can't think of a better way to celebrate it than with the release of a Bonus Bike. Look for full promo later this month.

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  • 01Mar2012

    Shamrock Bonus Bike available now!

    Today's the day that the Shamrock Spark Bonus Bike is made available at your local bike shop or favorite mailorder! This is the first Bonus Bike of 2012.  Check out all the specs after the break.

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  • 24Feb2012

    2012 Shamrock Bonus Bike Promo

    Next Thursday March 1st, we are releasing the first of this year's Bonus Bikes which is the "Shamrock" Spark.  It will be available at shops and mail orders on that very day.  Remember these are Bonus Bikes, so there's a small number of these made. If you're looking for a unique entry level bike then the "Shamrock" Spark is the bike for you. Check out the 2011 Bonus Bikes right HERE.

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  • 21Feb2012

    2012 Sunday Bonus Bikes

    Here is the teaser for the first 2012 Bonus Bike that we are releasing on March 1st.  Remember these are very limited edition, so they will sell out quick.  Get ahold of your local bike shop or favorite mail order to preorder the bike. Check out the Bonus Bikes that we did last year right HERE.

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  • 08Aug2011

    Win a Watermelon Bonus Bike!

    Here's your chance to win one of the last Aaron Ross/Watermelon Bonus Bikes available.  This raffle is to benefit Vert Pro Jay Eggleston who suffered a very bad crash while riding at a recent Dew Tour stop.  Read the flyer for more info or give Joe's Bike Shop a call at (303) 666-1400 for more info. Check out the bike in the video after the break.

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  • 09Jun2011

    Catty Scout Video

    We always talk about our bikes being the most complete completes that you can buy today.  This video continues to make this point.  Here are Catty Woods locals, Flash, Chris Janis and Patrick Cullen, running the Catty Woods Bonus bike through the trails.  After the break, I reposted the interview with Flash where he talks about keeping the trails, running the bike through the lines and how the bike performed. Check out the flipbook for this bike HERE.

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  • 08Jun2011

    Bonus Bikes in the UK!

    Are you living in the UK and want one of the Sunday Bonus Bikes like this Alex Magallan/Maximum Destruction?  Well, here is the list of the select shops that have the bikes in stock right now!  Get them quick because each release is a one time deal. Brighton BMX - 01273 686116 Crucial BMX - 0117 3079096 Custom Riders - 0870 3308460 Evans Cycles – 0870 1420116 Grind BMX - 01322 619822 Sibot BMX – 01384 841777 Winstanleys Bikes – 01942 707646 Fosters Cycles – 01709 371576

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  • 07Jun2011

    Catty Woods/Scout Bonus Bike!

    Sunday is proud to announce our next Bonus bike which will benefit the Catty Woods Trails in Pennsylvannia.  If you're unfamiliar with their situation, they are a legal set of trails that have to pay insurance and legal fees in order to keep them from getting plowed.  The costs are yearly and rather large, so we brought out the Catty Woods/Scout complete bike to help them raise money.  They are a non-profit, so if you can't buy the bike, but still want to support then make a tax deductible donation through their Paypal right HERE. Go to their website www.pawoods.com for updates on the trails.  The Catty Woods/Scout complete bike is available NOW. Check out an interview with Flash from Catty Woods about the insurance problems and how the Catty Woods/Scout handled at the trails after the break.

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  • 07Jun2011

    Bonus Bike interview!

    BMXUnion brings you some insight into our Sunday Bonus Bikes.  We brought out the Alex Magallan/Maximum Destruction EX in April and just last week we released the Aaron Ross Watermelon PRO which is shown above.  If you've been around the internet then you've seen our other benefit Bonus bike releasing very soon. It's hidden in plain sight.

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  • 31May2011

    See that Watermelon!

    Aaron Ross has something special for you!  Watch the video above and then check below for all the details.

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  • 24May2011

    Alex Magallan Bonus at Buck’s

    I stopped by Buck's Bikes in Austin yesterday to hang out with Seth Peterson and to check out the new Alex Magallan/Maximum Destruction EX Bonus bike that they had on their floor.  This bike is awesome!  Flame stickers, orange rims and an amazing Odyssey Twisted PC pedal colorway make this bike hard to beat.  Sunday Bonus bikes are one of a kind and are only offered for a short amount of time.  We will be offering them a few times a year with two more coming June 4th!

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  • 22Apr2011

    Alex Magallan Bonus Bike available now!

    The first Sunday Bonus bike is now available from Full Factory Distribution. Alex Magallan's Maximum Destruction EX bike is shipping to shops and mail orders as we speak.  If you are interested in this bike then you should talk to your shop or mail order now because there's not many left.  Don't sleep on this one!

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  • 13Apr2011

    Alex Magallan Dead Man Moves!

    Here's a sneak shot of Alex Magallan filming for his upcoming Props Owned section which will be amazing if this picture is any indication.  Just click on the picture to see the whole thing. This must've been scary!  Alex has been on a tear lately, so much good stuff coming. Check out the Alex Magallan/Maximum Destruction EX Bonus bike that we showed last week.

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  • 08Apr2011

    Alex Magallan Bonus Bike

    We've got some special for you!  Since Alex Magallan has been killing it online and in print, we decided to give him the very first Sunday Bonus bike. You're probably wondering what is a Sunday Bonus bike?  Well, it is basically short runs of very unique bikes that are in addition to the current bike line.  The bonuses can be team rider models, artist collaborations, charity benefit bikes or whatever creative idea pops into our heads during the year.  Alex's bike continues the monster truck theme we've had going with the 2011 EX models. The Alex Magallan/Maximum Destruction EX bike will be available first in the UK, Australia and Canada starting next week.  The USA will see them around April 18th.  Congrats Alex!  You deserve it! Alex Magallan in Emerald, Up, Up & Away and Props

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