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Sunday Friends:
Martin Athanasiou

This is a very good Sunday Friends.  Martin Athanasiou built up this aftermarket Aaron Ross Watermelon bike for his son Sirus.  He didn’t just go to the store and buy all the pieces because none of them are readily available anymore. Rather he had to track down the pieces throughout the world.  The pink Odyssey stuff alone is almost 3 years old, so to track it down is amazing.  Great job Martin!

2012 Sunday Bonus Bikes #2

Introducing the teaser for our next 2012 Bonus Bike. Earlier this month we brought you the Shamrock Spark, so now we bring you this one. The bike will be available in stores the weekend of April 1st which just so happens to be Sunday’s 7th birthday. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than with the release of a Bonus Bike. Look for full promo later this month.

2012 Shamrock Bonus Bike Promo

Next Thursday March 1st, we are releasing the first of this year’s Bonus Bikes which is the “Shamrock” Spark.  It will be available at shops and mail orders on that very day.  Remember these are Bonus Bikes, so there’s a small number of these made. If you’re looking for a unique entry level bike then the “Shamrock” Spark is the bike for you.

Check out the 2011 Bonus Bikes right HERE.

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2012 Sunday Bonus Bikes

Here is the teaser for the first 2012 Bonus Bike that we are releasing on March 1st.  Remember these are very limited edition, so they will sell out quick.  Get ahold of your local bike shop or favorite mail order to preorder the bike.

Check out the Bonus Bikes that we did last year right HERE.

Win a Watermelon Bonus Bike!

Here’s your chance to win one of the last Aaron Ross/Watermelon Bonus Bikes available.  This raffle is to benefit Vert Pro Jay Eggleston who suffered a very bad crash while riding at a recent Dew Tour stop.  Read the flyer for more info or give Joe’s Bike Shop a call at (303) 666-1400 for more info. Check out the bike in the video after the break.

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Catty Scout Video

We always talk about our bikes being the most complete completes that you can buy today.  This video continues to make this point.  Here are Catty Woods locals, Flash, Chris Janis and Patrick Cullen, running the Catty Woods Bonus bike through the trails.  After the break, I reposted the interview with Flash where he talks about keeping the trails, running the bike through the lines and how the bike performed.

Check out the flipbook for this bike HERE.

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