• 24Mar2014

    Spaghetti and More with Oliver Jonasson

    Our Swedish peg shredder, Oliver Jonasson, discusses the merits of pegs over a huge plate of spaghetti.  He lays down some serious clips starting about the half way point.  It’s tough not to discuss the worst case scenario that happened to him at the 5:40 point, but you won’t forget it.  He does a really […]

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  • 28Feb2014

    Jake Seeley Broadcaster – Bike Check

    Jake Seeley rides one really good looking bike.  We made this Army Green Broadcaster available as a complete bike and an aftermarket frame.  The complete bike is out now, so check that out HERE. Look for the frame to be available in April Check below to see a full parts list from Jake. Jake Seeley […]

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  • 27Feb2014

    Army Green Broadcaster coming in April!

    You’ve been waiting for the new Matte Army Green Broadcaster frame to be available and we are happy to say it will be here in April!  Jake Seeley riding the new Broadcaster in this awesome toothpick grind photo by Frank Christianson.  USA dealers contact Full Factory to get on the list for this frame. International […]

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  • 05Feb2014

    WIN – Broadcaster Kit from Ride UK

    Do you want a chance to win a Broadcaster frame, Octave fork and a pair of Broadcaster bars? Then enter the Ride UK – Sunday Package giveaway on their site. All you need to do is figure out how to say “Sunday” in French. Just use Google Translate to figure it out. Follow this LINK […]

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  • 29Jan2014

    One Dude One Day: Daniel Portorreal

    Daniel Portorreal is a recent addition to the German Sunday team and he just dropped this One Dude One Day video by Freedom BMX.  The video proves how smooth, tech and consistent he is on his bike. Click the photo above or just follow this LINK to see the video.  Take a closer look at the […]

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  • 24Oct2013

    Jake Seeley Bike Giveaway!

    Want to win Jake Seeley’s personal bike?  Then download the @raskils_app and enter your best grinding pics.  Take a closer look at Jake’s current Broadcaster bike that you could win.  Good luck!      

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  • 20Sep2013

    Sunday at Interbike video!

    Interbike 2013 is in full swing right now.  Ride BMX stopped by the Full Factory booth to checkout all the new Sunday stuff that we have coming for 2014.  This includes the new Aaron Ross MotoRoss frame, Lighting and Thunder Wheels, new colors in both the Broadcaster and Soundwave and all of the new complete […]

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  • 26Aug2013

    Erik Elstran Goes to Berlin

    Erik Elstran is seriously one of the most talented and skilled riders in BMX. Erik Elstran Goes to Berlin leaves zero doubt about that. How many good tricks are in this video? How much fun did he have riding his bike on the playground trampolines? How satisfied would you have been if you just rode […]

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  • 23Aug2013

    Cory Foust Soundwave

    Cory Foust has a fresh new bike!  He built up a new gray Soundwave with Broadcaster Bars and Octave Forks.  If you’ve been at Woodward East this summer then you probably saw him blasting on this bike. Check for a full parts list after the break. Photos by Jeremy Pavia.

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  • 23Aug2013

    Wallride Wednesday: Erik Elstran

    Erik Elstran is one of the most talented and creative riders. He may be known for innovative and sometimes wacky tricks, but he can pretty much do anything on a bike. Just wait for his Berlin video to drop. Curved wallride photo by Ben Austin.

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  • 10Jul2013

    See through hollow dropout?

    Full Factory’s Bobby Parker is putting together one of the new chrome Broadcaster frames when he shot this photo.  The chrome is so shiny that the hollow dropout almost looks see through when shot in the grass.  Very cool!  Frames are available now, but going quick.  Find one at your local bike shop HERE.  Dealers […]

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  • 04Jul2013

    Mark Burnett – Welcome to Sunday

    We would like to welcome Mark Burnett to Sunday! He only just turned 15, but he is so good as you can see in this video. His smooth, stylish, tech and effortless make adding Mark to the team a no brainer. Expect to see a lot more from Mark in the future. The kids are […]

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  • 04Jul2013

    Chrome Broadcasters shipping now!

    A chrome version of our popular Broadcaster frame has been discussed for awhile now, so it’s with great pleasure that we announce that it’s shipping to shops as we speak.  Hit up your local bike shop or favorite mail order to get your hands on one of these.  Take a look after the break for full frame […]

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  • 01May2013

    Jake Seeley new edit

    Jake Seeley is doing it for Profile in this new edit featured on TCU. Jake always has wild tech moves up his sleeves and he released them on Austin, TX this winter. Check out Jake’s new Emergency Broadcaster Bonus Bike which he rides in this video after the break.

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  • 26Mar2013

    Jake Seeley new ad!

    Jake Seeley does some wild double kink rail trickery in our newest ad featured in the April issue of Ride UK magazine. He is taking his Broadcaster frame through a crooked to snaggletooth down a gem of a rail in Austin.  Check out Jake’s signature Broadcaster complete bike after the break.  Frame available now! Check […]

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  • 28Feb2013

    Jake Seeley tree balance

    Jake Seeley is always one for awkward spots including this tree balance beam set up.  If you’ve done tree rides like this then you know there is always a root, branch or knot to have to steer around making this tough to do.  Does Jake have a new Bonus Bike available for sneak peek this […]

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  • 12Feb2013

    Music with Jake Seeley

    Judging by Jake Seeley’s choice of t-shirt size, you might think he is only into hip hop, but you would be wrong. Go to Defgrip to read about some of Jake’s favorite albums.  I bet you would be surprised.  Check after the break to see Jake’s latest video and his Broadcaster BMX bike.

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  • 31Jan2013

    Jake Seeley Ice to Suicide

    Jake Seeley firing out some quick moves aboard his Broadcaster. Icepick grind to suicide no hander during a session in Austin.  If you’re on Twitter or Instagram then follow him @thejakeseeley.  Also, follow his #atxeveryday hashtag to see what else he’s been up to!  Check out a close up of Jake’s signature Broadcaster complete after […]

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