• Instamatic
    Canadian Vacation

    09Nov 2012

    Our Canadian Vacation trip video went up yesterday and today we are posting some random disposable camera shots from the trip. Garrett Reeves looks like such a badass in the first photo.  Hitting your mouth on your crossbar is never fun.  After clicking through the photos, watch the Canadian Vacation video by clicking more.

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  • Last day of vacation!

    31Jul 2012

    Today is the last day of our Canadian Vacation trip!  We’ve had a blast riding the Toronto area, meeting lots of new people, playing street hockey and we even had the chance to take in this amazing swimming hole.  Thanks Canada it’s been a blast!

  • We up here!

    26Jul 2012

    We are in Toronto area for our Canadian Vacation riding some spots and visiting shops.  Here’s Eric Lichtenberger barspinning while Aaron Ross and Alex Magallan get the pics for Instagram.  If you want to meet the team then check below for the shops we are visiting.

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  • Mini Blue Third Wave?

    02Mar 2012

    How awesome is this?  Corey Mijac from St Catharines, ON Canada, made for us this miniature Blue Wave Third Wave frame.  The color and stickers are right on.  This is one of the coolest things we’ve received since we’ve started back in 2005.  Thanks so much Corey.

  • Pedal Bike Shop has ‘em!

    10Nov 2011

    Looks like the 2012 Completes are starting to be available all over.  Pedal Bike Shop in Port Colborne, Ontario just built their’s up and sent me this photo. Looks like they have a good seclection of the bikes.   Head over there to check them out.

    Pedal Bike Shop
    56 Main Street West
    Port Colborne, ON Canada
    (289) 836-8310

  • BackPeddling has ‘em!

    05Nov 2011

    Yup, all the bikes are at Backpeddling Bike Shop in Guelph, Ont Canada. The guys over there got the bikes put together and sent me this photo.  Looks like they have the whole line- Scout, Forecaster Special, Sparks, AMs, EXs, Model C and the highly sought after PROs.  I bet the orange soda Aaron Ross PRO is sold today.  Go over to their store to check out the new bikes.

    Backpeddling Bike Shop
    100 Crimea Street
    Guelph, ON N1H 2Y6, Canada
    (519) 763-7878


  • Sunday in Canada: The Video!

    11Oct 2010

    Eric Lichtenberger, Alex Magallan and I met up with Lee Dennis a few weeks back and rode a ton of good spots in southern Ontario.  Ryder Distribution was nice enough to feed us and give us a place to sleep.  Great weather, great people and Tim Horton’s made for a great time.  Enjoy the video!  See you next year Canada! Filmed and edited by Brad Hill.

  • Sunday in Ontario!

    16Sep 2010

    About 2 weeks ago, we took a little adventure to visit our neighbor to the north. Canada’s own Lee Dennis led the pack and took us around his home area. Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberger and myself took in the many sites, skateparks, public trails, burritos, Tim Horton’s donut shop and a bunch of street spots. If you’ve never been to Toronto area then you are missing out. There are so many friendly people there. Even people who will find your wallet after you accidentally throw it out of a moving van and proceed to track you down just so they can give it back to you. In return, all they ask for is the t-shirt you are wearing. But that’s a story for another time. Ryder Distribution took care of us and made us feel more welcome then we could ever be. Here’s a few photos I shot from the trip. Look for more photos and a little video coming soon!

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  • Fundays in Canada!

    15Jan 2009


    Just talked to John at Ryder in Canada, he told me some good news! Aaron Ross’s new Funday frame that has just been released here in the US, was just unloaded and will ship to shops all over Canada beginning tomorrow!  So, if you’ve been patiently waiting, I would have your shop call Ryder today to get your order in because the supply is limited.

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