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Chris Childs in B Cave Full Length

Not sure exactly why, but Chris Childs is really exciting to watch ride.  Maybe it’s how fast he goes?  Maybe it’s the fact that he can do tech tricks, but can still boost a quarterpipe with the best of them?  It could be that he looks like he’s having more fun than anyone on a bike.  Who knows?  Either way he shares a really good section in the new B Cave Full Length video through Circuit BMX.  His part starts around the 14:50 mark, but you should watch the whole video.

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Dick Maul’s tomorrow!

We had a great day today at Circuit BMX and we plan on more of the same at Dick Maul’s in Halifax, MA tomorrow.  If you live nearby then stop by between 3-5pm and hang out with the guys from the team.  Make sure you ask to see pictures of us with Plymouth Rock.  See everyone tomorrow!

Friday September 23rd
Time 3-5:30pm
Dick Maul’s Bike Shop
167 Elm Street
Halifax, MA 02338
(781) 293-3665 ‎

Circuit BMX tomorrow!

We are going to be hanging out at Circuit BMX in Pawtucket, RI from 3-5pm tomorrow.  Come hang out with us!  More info below.

Thursday September 22nd
Time 3-5pm

Circuit BMX
33 Exchange Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860
(401) 305-3636 ‎


New England Shop Tour starting this week!


Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberger, Jake Seeley, Scot Draper and Jim Cielencki are heading to the northeast this week for our New England Shop Tour.  Check below for all the dates, places and times. See you soon!  Can’t wait!

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