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2019 Complete Bikes Preview

At long last, we get to show you the new bikes! For  2019,  Sunday  Bikes  continue  to  be  the benchmarks  for  value,  quality  and  style  that  other brands  measure  themselves  against.  With  features like  sealed  cassettes  on  the  Primer, integrated head  tubes  on  the  Blueprint,  Odyssey  Clutch V2  freecoasters  on  the  Forecaster,  and Odyssey Twisted  Pro  pedals  and  Path  Pro  tires  throughout the  majority  of  the  line,  Sunday can’t be beat  for 2019. We are stoked on the new line and know that you will be as well.

Click through the preview above for a look at the new line, which will begin arriving in shops starting in early July.

Full spec and detail shots to come…

Blueprint 16″ – $239.99
Blueprint 20″ – $309.99
Primer 16″ – $349.99
Primer 18″ – $349.99
Primer 20″ – $369.99
Scout – $409.99
Forecaster – $479.99
EX – $509.99
Street Sweeper – $709.99
Soundwave – $1,029.99
Model C – $459.99

2017 Sunday Complete Bikes

Blueprint 16" - White
Blueprint Lineup
Blueprint - Black and Red
Primer 16" - Fluorescent Yellow
Primer 18" - Black
Primer Lineup
PRIMER - Mint Green, Indigo Blue, Fluorescent Orange, Black, and Dark Grey
Scout Lineup
SCOUT - Trans. Green, Raw, Trans Red, and Black
Forecaster Lineup
Forecaster - Fluorescent Yellow
Forecaster - Trans. Winter Blue
EX Lineup
EX Erik Elstran - Raw
EX Chris Childs - Trans. Gold
Street Sweeper - Trans. Purple
Soundwave Special - Black
Model C - Chrome

We’re proud to introduce the new 2017 Sunday completes.

As you’ve come to expect, our newest bikes feature tried-and-true designs, an unparalleled parts spec and modern aesthetics.  We always aim to make Sunday the most “complete” bikes that you can pull straight out of the box, and we’ve achieved our goal again for 2017. From the Blueprint 16 all the way up to the Soundwave Special, it has never been easier to #chooseSunday.

Click HERE to check out each new bike in detail.

2014 Bikes in Italy!

Photo Feb 03, 11 49 21 AM

Our Italian distributor Frontocean just received their 2014 Sunday Complete Bikes which are now shipping to shops all over Italy as we speak. Head to your local bike shop to check them out.  Do you not have a good shop?  Then see the bikes on their website by following this LINK.

Take a look below to watch Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Chris Childs and Alex Magallan testing out the new bikes.

2014 bikes are here!


It seemed like this day would never come, but we are proud to announce that the 2014 Sunday Complete Bikes have arrived in our USA warehouse.  The bikes will begin shipping to USA dealers on Monday.  Do you live outside the USA then you will see them very soon.  The bikes should arrive in most countries sometime over the next 3 weeks.  Attention USA dealers: To get the bikes in your shop please contact Full Factory Distribution.

2014 Complete Bike Preview

Sunday 2014 Complete Bikes Preview

Sunday Complete Bikes are always something to look forward to and 2014 is no different.  Just click on the above image or follow this LINK to check out what we have in store for 2014.  The bikes should be available in various places starting in early September.

New on our site is our 360˚ views of our 2013 Complete Bikes.  Go to our complete bikes PAGE and click on your favorite bike to see a full 360˚ view of each of the bikes.  You’ll be able to see any of the bikes in the same view as the Gary Young PRO bike show above.  Hit up your favorite bike shop or mail order to get your hands on one of these bikes.  If you’re a shop interested in getting them then hit up Full Factory Distribution.

New 360˚ Bike View

Looking for a new view of our 2013 Complete Bikes?  Well, go to our complete bikes PAGE and click on your favorite bike to see a full 360˚ view of each of the bikes.  You’ll be able to see any of the bikes in the same view as the Aaron Ross PRO bike show above.  Hit up your favorite bike shop or mail order to get your hands on one of these bikes.  If you’re a shop interested in getting them then hit up Full Factory Distribution.

Gary Young Ad

Gary Young can shred just about anything from pools to street and from trails to rails.  Stretched Indian air ad for his 2013 Gary Young PRO bike featured in Ride UK issue 169.  Take a closer look at Gary’s PRO that is featured in this ad after the break.

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2013 Complete Bikes Available Now

That’s right, all the new 2013 Complete Bikes are available right now. Check out our dealer locator at this LINK to find a Sunday dealer near you or hit up your favorite mail order.  If you’re a dealer looking to get the bikes then contact Full Factory Distribution.  Most complete completes with the most interesting colors and best parts packages available today!  Choose Wisely!

Brazil has ’em!

Looking for one of the new 2013 Sunday Complete Bikes in Brazil? Then get ahold of Doctor Bike because they have them all available right now!  Here are the bikes on display during the Brazil Cycle Fair 2012.

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