• Texas Toast Photo Recap

    26Oct 2013

    Texas Toast 2013 is now a memory…a very good one, but still just a memory. So, we are doing a recap of all the photos of the team at Toast.  There’s photos of Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Erik Elstran, Jim Cielencki and Chris Childs.  The dudes all killed it.  All the above photos are from all the media outlets that covered the event including Ride BMX, Dig BMX, Vital BMX, BMX UnionRed Bull and Dan’s Comp.  See you next year!

  • Let’s Roast Cycles

    05Sep 2013

    Our former super employee, Logan Beyhl, left in early April to open his new bike shop in Chicago called Let’s Roast Cycles. Read the interview Dig BMX did with him about his new venture. Congrats Logan!

  • First Time with Jim C

    22Apr 2013

    Dig BMX just posted their First Time with Jim Cielencki article from a few years back.  To learn about the origins of some handrail tricks just follow this LINK.

  • Aaron Ross Newest Ad

    16Nov 2012

    Have you ever tried to 180 a tennis court net?  Then you know the danger factor and the height of one.  Aaron Ross 180s a tennis net in our latest ad which is featured in the Travel Issue of Dig BMX.  The Aaron Ross Vapor Blue PRO complete is now available at your local bike shop and favorite mail order.  Take a closer look after the break.

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  • Dig office visit

    28May 2012

    Dig Magazine stopped by our office to take some photos of the more interesting things we have on display.  Learn some of the inside stories and history of the frames shown in the photo above.  Check it out at this LINK.

  • Gary Young Ad

    12Mar 2012

    Gary Young is featured in our latest Dig BMX ad riding his 2012 PRO colorway.  This tabletop photo was taken at a very dilapidated waterpark in Stockholm during the Baltic Triangle trip last summer. Check below for the trip video and the non-cropped version of this photo.  Photo Jim C.

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  • Who’s on Instagram?

    24Oct 2011

    Dig Magazine just posted a bunch of Instagrams shot by Andrew Brady from our recent East Coast Tour and trails trip on their site. Check out the pictures HERE. Let’s keep talking about Instagram.  Have you been to the Sunday Bikes instagram?  Here’s a list of our whole team’s Instagrams so go and follow them.


    Sunday Bikes/    sundaybikes
    Jim Cielencki/     jimcielencki
    Aaron Ross/       theaaronross
    Eric Lichtenberger/   1ericl
    Alex Magallan/   filthyrum615
    Jake Seeley/    thejakeseeley
    Gary Young/  garybyoung
    Garrett Reeves/ gjreeves88

  • Garrett Reeves Walls Deep

    30Sep 2011

    Here’s my shot of Garrett Reeves wallriding to pull out over the double kink rail during the Sunday in Tennessee trip that was covered in the most recent Dig Magazine.  Have you seen Garrett’s Lotek video?  If not then check the break for the video.  So damn good!

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  • Sunday in Tenessee!

    13Sep 2011

    Garrett Reeves, Eric Lichtenberger, Lee Dennis all went to visit Alex Magallan in his home state of Tennessee a little while back.  Dig BMX magazine covered the trip in the lastest issue which is on store shelves right now.  You won’t want to miss Garrett’s wallride to pull out over a double kink rail or his insane garage gap.  You don’t pedal that fast at something over bar height.  Above is Lee Dennis downside whipping at a not so friendly fireworks store.  Great spot, but unfriendly service. Shot by Andrew White.

  • Alex & Garrett in new Dig

    10May 2011

    Alex Magallan and Garrett Reeves has some good photos in Dig issue 82. Alex has some photos in the Caribbean article while Garrett has a drop in gone wrong in the G-Sport LA trip article.  Sneak shot of this below.  Check this issue out!

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  • Alex Magallan from Up, Up & Away!

    30Mar 2011

    Here is Alex Magallan’s section from our first video Up, Up & Away! As you can see he has been killing it for quite awhile now.  For more Alex coverage check out, the latest issues of Dig BMX and Ride UK plus don’t forget about his amazing Emerald video that was posted at the beginning of the year.  Keep it up Alex!

  • Alex Magallan/Dig article!

    23Feb 2011

    Make sure you look for the Alex Magallan ‘Scouting for Spots’ article in Dig BMX issue 81 that will be out very soon!  Alex is always looking for very unique set ups and this article captures this perfectly. Just watch the last clip of his Emerald Video and you’ll see what I mean.

    Alex Magallan Forecaster bike check HERE.

  • Lee Dennis in Dig Issue 80

    09Feb 2011

    Have you had a chance to check out issue 80 of Dig Magazine?  There’s a few good photos of Lee Dennis in the BMXFU article.  What the hell is BMXFU? It’s definitely one of the best scenes around, but read the article to find out more!

    Lee testing out some G-Form pads right HERE.

  • Alex Magallan update!

    07Feb 2011

    Alex Magallan is down in Puerto Rico with a bunch of guys looking to escape winter.  Somehow snow crept into Austin the day he left town, I guess he must’ve known something. Either way look for some Alex photos accompanying a Dig Magazine article that will be out in the next month or so. Here he is blasting this table out of the weird pool coping section of the Round Rock Skatepark bowl.  More photos of his PR trip later in the week.

    Alex Magallan’s Forecaster Bike Check!

  • New Dig and Sunday!

    29Jun 2009


    Sunday has some good stuff in Dig issue 71.  You can see Lee Dennis featured in the New Day Rising article.  Check out this link to see some clips from Lee’s interview.  There’s a good photo of Alex Magallan in the Leland Thurman article.  Chris Hilbrich and I are featured in the Sunday ad.  He’s showcasing Sunday’s trail frame the Model D while I have a few little photos of myself riding the Model C.  This issue is a great read especially the Leland article!

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