• Warehouse Sale on Vital

    26Mar 2013

    Vital came through with a good video of our March Madness Sale at the Full Factory warehouse. Some good moves from Gary Young and Eric Lichtenberger as well as a bunch of other guys in the area. If you didn’t make it out then plan on doing it next year!

  • Warehouse sale this weekend!

    19Mar 2013

    If you live in Southern California then this Saturday is the day to save some big dollars at the Full Factory Warehouse sale. If you’re unfamiliar with Full Factory, it’s our in-house USA distro for Sunday and Fairdale Bikes. They also distribute Odyssey, G-Sport and Flatware. You will also get a chance to hang with Gary Young, Garrett Reeves and Eric Lichtenberger along with other members of the Odyssey team. All this plus raffles, tacos, canned food drive and lots of savings will make Saturday March 23rd super awesome! Don’t miss out!

  • Instamatic
    Canadian Vacation

    09Nov 2012

    Our Canadian Vacation trip video went up yesterday and today we are posting some random disposable camera shots from the trip. Garrett Reeves looks like such a badass in the first photo.  Hitting your mouth on your crossbar is never fun.  After clicking through the photos, watch the Canadian Vacation video by clicking more.

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  • Eric Lichtenberger toboggan

    07Sep 2012

    Eric Lichtenberger making use of one of the most minimal spots. Stretched Toboggan out of a little bump jump.  Even the smallest town has a good bump jump somewhere, so go out there and shred!  Photo Trent Barker.  See Eric’s signature bike after the break.

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  • Back to School 2012 Softgoods

    06Aug 2012

    Here is the team taking in the view of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls in our 2012 Back to School Softgoods flipbook.  New hoodies in two colors, a camo printed logo sweatshirt and a bunch of new tees make up the line.  Everything is available now just in time for the cooler fall weather.   Look for it at your local Sunday dealer, favorite onine store or right on our webstore.

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  • 2013 Complete Bikes in USA!

    03Aug 2012

    The new 2013 Sunday Complete Bikes have arrived in the USA. Here is our warehouse manager, Brian, unloading the first container. The bikes are currently on their way to shops throughout the country. So, be sure to hit up your local Sunday dealer to find out when they will be arriving. Check out pictures of all the new bikes after the break.

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  • We up here!

    26Jul 2012

    We are in Toronto area for our Canadian Vacation riding some spots and visiting shops.  Here’s Eric Lichtenberger barspinning while Aaron Ross and Alex Magallan get the pics for Instagram.  If you want to meet the team then check below for the shops we are visiting.

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  • Canadian Vacation

    20Jul 2012

    Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberber, Garrett Reeves, Jake Seeley, Lee Dennis and Erik Elstran are going on vacation again.  This time they are heading up to Canada, more specifically Toronto, to ride bikes and visit a few shops.  Check out the list of shops after the break. The trip will be a blast, so make sure you stop by see them.

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  • Re-Up: Atlanta Vacation video

    08Jul 2012

    We are re-upping the Atlanta Vacation video because the team kills it and there’s no reason for it to get pushed down the blog so quickly. Enjoy!

  • Eric & Aaron Wallpaper

    05Jul 2012

    Get this amazing Eric Lichtenberger and Aaron Ross wallpaper over at Ride UK‘s website just follow this LINK.  This photo was shot during our Atlanta Vacation trip.  If you haven’t seen the video then just click this LINK.

  • Atlanta Vacation!

    03Jul 2012

    We took a much needed vacation in Atlanta to ride amazing street spots, skateparks and even take in a Braves baseball game. This video features riding from Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Garrett Reeves, Eric Lichtenberger, Alex Magallan, Lee Dennis, Jake Seeley, Jim Cielencki and Chris Burden. Filmed by Francis Delapena and Jim Cielencki. Edited by Francis Delapena.  Thanks to Ipath Footwear and Kind Snacks for help making this video.

  • 2013 Sunday Complete Bike Catalog

    15Jun 2012

    Here we are about to release our new 2013 Complete Bikes catalog. Our bikes have come a long way since the first line in 2010. The same passion for quality and design found in the bikes of 2010 can still be found in the bikes of 2013. There are a lot of details in the specs, stickers and colors, so be sure to take a closer look. If you want to view it even larger, pop it out!

    Available internationally in mid-July and early August in the USA.

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  • Sunday in Atlanta / Ride UK

    15Jun 2012

    Here’s the opening spread of the Sunday in Atlanta article that is featured in the newest issue of Ride UK magazine.  The issue is out now and look for the video featuring the whole team later next week! Highlights of the trip include seeing a grand slam, the craziest curved wallride, bums, getting a tazer pulled on us and finding so many spots.

  • 2013 Completes Preview on Defgrip

    07Jun 2012

    Defgrip is now previewing our new 2013 Complete Bikes.  Aaron Ross and Gary Young have full lines while Eric Lichtenberger, Jake Seeley, Garrett Reeves and Alex Magallan all have their own signature bikes.  The new 16″ Lil Spark is scaled down exactly from a 20″ just like we did for the 24″ BMX with the Model C just the other way.  The new Soundwave frame is available first as the Soundwave Special.  Just follow this LINK to see them.  Choose Wisely!

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