• 09Apr2014

    Sunday at Gordy’s via ESPN

    ESPN stopped by our shop stop at Gordy’s Bicycles in Phoenix last week to shoot some photos and hang out with Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Chris Childs, Erik Elstran and Mark Burnett. Check out their full story HERE.

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  • 28Mar2014

    Elstran/Seeley Video coming April 1st!

    No fooling here!  Erik Elstran and Jake Seeley are teaming up to bring you a new The Come Up exclusive video on April 1st.  Predators, barspins, fakie stuff and lots of unique tricks that you haven’t seen.  Video filmed and edited by Charlie Crumlish.  Get stoked!

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  • 26Mar2014

    Sunday Team at Gordy’s in Arizona

    Arizona get ready! Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Chris Childs, Mark Burnett and Erik Elstran are making a trip to Gordy’s Bicycles next week. The shop stop will take place on Thursday April 3rd from 4-7pm. This will be our first shop stop in Arizona ever! So make sure you come out to Gordy’s and meet […]

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  • 04Mar2014

    Erik Elstran’s first print ad & Wallpaper

    Welcome Erik Elstran to the Sunday Pro team in print!  Our latest Ride UK ad features Erik grabbing his front wheel while cranksliding down a 13 stair Austin rail in celebration of him on our Pro team.  Look for some big things from Erik in 2014.  Photo at Walter Pieringer. Download the above image for […]

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  • 08Feb2014

    Jake & Erik – Instagram Slam

    Jake Seeley and Erik Elstran along with some Austin locals braved Austin’s “cold” to film The Funniest Instagram Slam Ever for TCU.  There’s seriously a lot of good tricks in here.  Jake’s tooth to ice to tooth to ice 180 shows how much bike control he has…might be better described as “peg control”. Watch the […]

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  • 04Feb2014

    Erik Elstran: BMX Union Quicky

    How good is this trick? Erik Elstran answers some questions for a Quicky from BMX Union.  Read his interview HERE.  Watch the video of this clip in Erik Elstran Goes to Berlin video below.

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  • 29Jan2014

    Elstran & Seeley – Tech Duo – VIDEO

    Erik Elstran & Jake Seeley: Creative Technicality at Round Rock – More BMX Videos Erik Elstran and Jake Seeley might be the techest dudes on the Sunday team. Here they are teaming up and teching out at the Round Rock Skatepark near Austin for Vital BMX.  Usually this park is full of people, but they […]

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  • 23Jan2014

    Top 10 Erik Elstran Videos

    To celebrate Erik Elstran joining the Sunday Pro Team, we decided to make a top 10 list of our favorite Elstran videos. Be prepared to spend some time here because there’s so much good riding in this list. You might have a different opinion on the order, so leave your ranking in the comment section […]

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  • 20Jan2014

    Erik Elstran is now on Sunday PRO!

    Erik Elstran has made the jump to Sunday Pro …check below for the official word. I am happy to announce that Sunday’s favorite lunatic (well, one of our favorite lunatics), Erik Elstran, is now a member of the Sunday Pro Team.  Erik’s unique and creative riding is matched only by his unique and creative personality – […]

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  • 13Jan2014

    Erik Estran Photo

    Erik Elstran has this sick photo featured in a Defgrip Autophoto by Tristan Afre.  Elstran is the dude if you didn’t know.  Need to see proof?  Then watch THIS!

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  • 23Dec2013

    Arik Elstran Instagram Slam

    Arik Elstran or Erik Elstran depending on how you want to spell it is know for really hard and fun tricks.  He shares an Instagram Slam that looks like it was a lot of fun to make.  Good stuff as always from Arik/Erik.

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  • 10Dec2013

    Albuquerque Turkey

    Erik Elstran can always be counted on for some good clips. He shreds a near perfect handrail at the end of this video. Look for big stuff from Erik in 2014.

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  • 29Nov2013

    Happy Birthday Erik Elstran!

    Everyone wish Erik Elstran a happy 22nd birthday.  He’s currently celebrating his birthday in New Mexico, climbing mountains and riding the Los Altos Skatepark.  Will we see Double Ditch footage from him soon?  Either way enjoy this re-up of his epic Berlin video and wish him a happy birthday.

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  • 07Nov2013

    Erik Elstran Flies Out for Hood Antics

    How can a video be so much fun, but yet be completely gnarly at the same time? Erik Elstran teams up with Stevie Churchill and Brandon Begin to completely terrorize the House Park Flyout during Texas Toast. If you’ve been to this skatepark then you know that everyone hits this thing. These guys destroy it […]

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  • 26Oct2013

    Texas Toast Photo Recap

    Texas Toast 2013 is now a memory…a very good one, but still just a memory. So, we are doing a recap of all the photos of the team at Toast.  There’s photos of Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Erik Elstran, Jim Cielencki and Chris Childs.  The dudes all killed it.  All the above photos are from […]

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  • 23Aug2013

    Erik Elstran Goes to Berlin Teaser

    Erik Elstran is one of the most creative and interesting riders in BMX today. His videos appeal to riders of all types and just as important is his appeal to people outside of BMX. This Monday August 26th, you are in for a treat because we are releasing his new video, Erik Elstran Goes to […]

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  • 23Aug2013

    Wallride Wednesday: Erik Elstran

    Erik Elstran is one of the most talented and creative riders. He may be known for innovative and sometimes wacky tricks, but he can pretty much do anything on a bike. Just wait for his Berlin video to drop. Curved wallride photo by Ben Austin.

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  • 27Jun2013

    Erik & Seth now available on Vimeo

    It’s re-up time for Erik Elstran and Seth Peterson, we recently dropped their Erik and Seth vs Winter video and now we’ve made it available for download on our Vimeo page.  Here’s the link if you would like to download it for your personal collection.  Check out the frontside crankslide Erik does.  He pays the […]

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