• 09Apr2014

    Sunday at Gordy’s via ESPN

    ESPN stopped by our shop stop at Gordy's Bicycles in Phoenix last week to shoot some photos and hang out with Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Chris Childs, Erik Elstran and Mark Burnett. Check out their full story HERE.

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  • 16Jan2013

    20th Most Progressive Frame!

    Our Ian Schwartz frame from 2009 was ranked the 20th most progressive frame in BMX history according to ESPN.  Ian's vision was to add a pivotal mount to a Second Wave frame thus eliminating the seat post and seat clamp.  This helped usher in the low seat era in BMX.  The pivotal mount was the most obvious feature on the frame, but the whole Second Wave frame was refined and smoothed out for a cleaner look compared to previous versions of Sunday frames.  Go check out the rest of the list on ESPN right HERE.  Check out the promo for Ian's frame after the break.

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  • 05Nov2012

    Fun Fun Fun Fest

    Look at this amazing ramp!  We were lucky enough to ride it over the weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin.  ESPN has a photo gallery featuring photos of Aaron Ross and Jim Cielencki up on their site today.  Go check out the gallery at this LINK.  Thanks to Project Loop for making it happen.  Follow us at @sundaybikes on Instagram to see more from the weekend.

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  • 13Sep2012

    Garrett and Jim on ESPN

    ESPN posted a good photo gallery today featuring Garrett Reeves grinding his way up a rail via bottom bracket and front wheel.  While Jim Cielencki can be seen pedal ice grinding down a famous Nashville rail.  Good stuff today!  Check out the photos HERE.

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  • 22Jun2012

    Aaron Ross / ESPN interview

    Aaron Ross does a quick interview from the road for ESPN where he talks brakelessness, racing and traveling.  Here he is joking around with a 180 rail hop while we were in Atlanta.  Look at that glide-cam technique!  Check out the interview HERE. More Aaron: 2013 Aaron Ross PRO  |  Latest Creation  |  Aaron's Fox Video   

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  • 25Apr2012

    Seth Peterson ESPN video

    Check out this new Seth Peterson video featured on ESPN today.  It's classic Seth style with most of the video filmed in back alleys, ditches and other obscure spots. More Seth: Funday Bike Check  |  Fat Favorites  |  Decade Photo

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  • 04Apr2012

    Garrett / ESPN spot story

    Garrett Reeves and legendary 80's pro RL Osborn have something in common.  They both rode the spot featured in the photo above only 25 years apart.  Go read the story right HERE. Photo Brad Hill.

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  • 27Mar2012

    Gary Young overtooth photo

    Gary Young killed it during the Baltic Triangle Tour last summer.  We are even sitting on a few video gems from that trip for an upcoming video part.  ESPN has one from Kai Kuusisto that he shot while we were casully out riding the day before Simpel Summer Session. Follow this LINK to see the photo.  It's photo #10. More Gary: Baltic Triangle Video  |   Ride BMX Interview  |  Gary's latest Ad

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  • 19Jan2012

    Sunday against SOPA / PIPA

    ESPN wrote a story about us having our website go black due to our participation in the yesterday's internet strike against the anti-piracy bills SOPA/PIPA.  Check out the story right HERE.  This is still an issue, but support is waning.  Please urge President Obama to veto the bill if it does come to his desk.  You can do that right HERE.

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  • 07Dec2011

    Almost Sunday Gallery

    Andrew White has a new photo gallery up on ESPN and it's basically a Sunday team photo shoot.  Garrett Reeves, Lee Dennis, Alex Magallan and Eric Lichtenberger all have photos up there.  It's pretty good so you should go check it out right HERE.

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  • 01Dec2011

    Alex Magallan Bike Check

    ESPN just posted a bike check of Alex Magallan's Black Magic Forecaster up on their site today.  There's tons of good close ups and detail shots, so follow this LINK to check it out.  Also, you can get Alex's latest wallpaper for your computer right HERE.

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  • 12Nov2011

    Jim C interviewed

    BMX Union just posted an interview with me about my role at Sunday along with a little history lesson.  I've been talking a lot lately because this interview comes after my ESPN interview about the process of getting Sunday frames made.  Both interviews are pretty good so make sure you check them out. Click HERE to see the BMX Union interview and the ESPN interview can be found HERE.  Photo Rick Crossman.

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  • 01Nov2011

    My Spots with Jim C

    ESPN posted a My Spots with me about my favorite spots in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. This was really fun to make and there are so many other spots I could've gone, but these are the top 4. I'm really happy the yellow rails are better than ever! Take a look. Jim C's blue wave Third Wave bike check video right HERE.

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  • 25Oct2011

    “Dead-Lee” Dennis

    Lee Dennis has a really good video up on ESPN about his newly found tattooing interest. For a guy who's been tattooing for only 8 months, there's definitely some good stuff in there. I've seen him at work too. Alex Magallan has a funny rhinoceros on his leg from our Tennessee trip back in April. Lee has a bunch of good clips in the video as well. I've heard good things about his FU5 video part which is premiering November 5th. More info at BMXFU.

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  • 22Oct2011

    Let’s talk frame building

    ESPN just posted an indepth interview with me about our frame manufacturing choices, what separates our frames from everything else on the market and the process of getting the frames made.  It's a very good insight into the pride we take with all of our products.  For the interview just follow this LINK. From left to right, OG (2006), First Wave (2007), Second Wave (2008) and Third Wave ( 2010).  Each of these frames is one step in the evolution of our frames.

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  • 09Oct2011

    Bobby Fisher rides a Model C

    This is pretty cool!  Flatland/street legend, Bobby Fisher has an interview up on ESPN where he talks about riding the Model C.  He also speaks about hanging out with Alex and Nathan Magallan.  Alex and his brother have always been psyched on Bobby.  I'm psyched on the McCircles on the Model C.  Check out the interview right HERE.

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  • 06Oct2011

    G Young/ ESPN photo

    Gary Young has a sweet photo on the ESPN site riding the Round Rock Skatepark.  Check it out right HERE.  And if you missed it, check out the Odyssey Vision featuring Gary after the break.  Above photo by Andrew Brady.

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