• 22May2013

    Gary Young Gold Medal Bike Check

    Odyssey just posted a bike check of the bike Gary Young rode to Park gold at the X Games in Barcelona over the weekend. If you haven't watched his gold medal runs then learn how to ride a bowl from the master right HERE. Take a look after the break to see a full parts list and to see the bike that is based off this bike.

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  • 16May2013

    Aaron Ross’ new bike?

    Aaron Ross released Instagram photos of his new bike which just so happens to resemble his 2013 signature EX Complete Bike.  Pictures will never do this justice because it's fluorescent red and white.  It really looks amazing in real life.  Find your local shop at our Dealer Locator to check it out.

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  • 20Feb2013

    Alex Magallan Ride UK Ad

    Alex Magallan is always super stylish and casual especially in his latest Ride UK ad which is featured in issue 173.  Head to your local shop or book store to pick one up.  Check out Alex's signature complete bike after the break.

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  • 21Jan2013

    Garrett Reeves Wallpaper

    Garrett Reeves has a sick wallpaper available at Ride BMX. Just click the image above or go to this LINK to get the Standard size version. Have you seen Garrett's signature EX complete?  Check it out after the break.

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  • 24Oct2012

    Alex Magallan on Tree Trip

    Alex Magallan has great style, vision, skill and creativity on his bike. Just watch this Tree Bikes trip video for proof.  He can shred in a skatepark, on the streets or in the woods.  It doesn't matter.  Enjoy! Check out Alex's signature  2013 EX complete bike after the break.

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  • 03Aug2012

    2013 Complete Bikes in USA!

    The new 2013 Sunday Complete Bikes have arrived in the USA. Here is our warehouse manager, Brian, unloading the first container. The bikes are currently on their way to shops throughout the country. So, be sure to hit up your local Sunday dealer to find out when they will be arriving. Check out pictures of all the new bikes after the break.

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  • 30Sep2011

    2012 Complete Bike Flipbook

    This is what you've all been waiting for!  It's our new 2012 Sunday Complete Bike Flipbook.  Trusted bikes like the PRO, EX, AM and Scout are in there as well as some new treats for you.  First, the Spark is our new starter bike designed with the most modern geometry that will get the newest rider excited about BMX.  Next, the Model C has been updated to a 22" top tube, a 14.625" rear end length and 7.75" bar height.  Lastly, we present our best bike ever!  The new Forecaster Special combines the best aftermarket parts package with aftermarket Sunday Forecaster frame, Morning 2.1 forks and Tall T bars.  Take a through the flipbook and put any questions you might have in the comments section below. Available towards the end of October.

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