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Dig office visit

Dig Magazine stopped by our office to take some photos of the more interesting things we have on display.  Learn some of the inside stories and history of the frames shown in the photo above.  Check it out at this LINK.

Sunday Friends:
Jared Vandenbosch

For this Sunday Friends, we present Jared Vandenbosch’s First Wave frame that he came up on in the Sunday Webstore.  Not only did he get a a great frame, but he only paid $150 for it.  There’s a whole bunch of good deals in the store including sales on t-shirts, completes, frames and other random stuff so check it out right HERE. Nice bike Jared!  The white looks so good with it.

Sunday Friends:
Jake Possemato

For Monday’s installment of Sunday Friends, we have Jake Possemato‘s Black Magic Third Wave.  He had his Sunday First Wave stolen while at the Dew Tour and ended up replacing it with a new Sunday.  This bike couldn’t look any more solid!  Thanks for the support Jake!