• 2012 Bikes are back!

    16Feb 2012

    That’s right our warehouse received our spring shipment of 2012 Complete Bikes including some special stuff coming later in the spring. If you’ve been looking for a Spark, orange soda Aaron Ross PRO or even a Forecaster Special then we have them available now.  Hit up your local bike shop to get your bike before they sell out. Dealers contact Full Factory Distribution to get the bikes on your floor.

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  • Poland has ‘em!

    28Nov 2011

    Looks like the new 2012 completes have landed in Poland. Proletaryat BMX has the bikes available on their website right now. So, if you live in Poland and are looking for the new bikes like the Orange Soda Aaron Ross PRO or the new Spark then check them our right HERE.

  • The Garden has ‘em!

    12Nov 2011

    Jake Seeley sent me photos of the new 2012 completes on the floor of the The Garden in Pittsfield, MA.  Jake has been working there for a long time. So, go there check out the bikes and say hi to Jake.  Plus they just remodeled the store and it looks amazing.

    The Garden
    148 North Street
    PIttsfield, MA 01201

  • Pedal Bike Shop has ‘em!

    10Nov 2011

    Looks like the 2012 Completes are starting to be available all over.  Pedal Bike Shop in Port Colborne, Ontario just built their’s up and sent me this photo. Looks like they have a good seclection of the bikes.   Head over there to check them out.

    Pedal Bike Shop
    56 Main Street West
    Port Colborne, ON Canada
    (289) 836-8310

  • BackPeddling has ‘em!

    05Nov 2011

    Yup, all the bikes are at Backpeddling Bike Shop in Guelph, Ont Canada. The guys over there got the bikes put together and sent me this photo.  Looks like they have the whole line- Scout, Forecaster Special, Sparks, AMs, EXs, Model C and the highly sought after PROs.  I bet the orange soda Aaron Ross PRO is sold today.  Go over to their store to check out the new bikes.

    Backpeddling Bike Shop
    100 Crimea Street
    Guelph, ON N1H 2Y6, Canada
    (519) 763-7878


  • 2012 Completes in the UK

    02Nov 2011

    Good news!  Our UK distro, IMG, sent me this photo of our new 2012 Complete Bikes at their warehouse.  Get ahold of your favorite bike shop to pick one up. They don’t carry Sunday?  Well, then just have them ring up IMG to become a dealer.

  • Thunderbolt Comparison Video

    07Oct 2011


    Check out this new video featuring Odyssey’s new Thunderbolt cranks being strength tested against all the other major aftermarket cranks in the market. These are the same Thunderbolt cranks that come on the new Orange Soda Aaron Ross PRO, Martini Gary Young PRO and the Black Magic Forecaster Special.  We take great pride in offering the best possbile parts for the money. As always, the most complete completes available today. Click more to watch the Special and PRO introduction videos.

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  • 2012 Complete Completes
    The Video

    03Oct 2011

    Every year we make a video of our team guys riding the bikes from our latest complete bike line.  This year we have Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberger, Erik Elstran, TJ Henderson, Anthony Wilson, Jim Cielencki and Seth Peterson putting the 2012 Aaron Ross EX, Gary Young EX and Forecaster Special to the test.  The bikes are only modified by adding pegs and sometimes removing brakes.  Straight out of the box, our team easily adpated to the new complete bikes simply because they feel and work the same as their personal bikes.  We still make the most complete complete bikes out there.  Available later this month.

    To see previous year’s Complete Completes Videos check after the break.

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  • 2012 Complete Bike Flipbook

    30Sep 2011

    This is what you’ve all been waiting for!  It’s our new 2012 Sunday Complete Bike Flipbook.  Trusted bikes like the PRO, EXAM and Scout are in there as well as some new treats for you.  First, the Spark is our new starter bike designed with the most modern geometry that will get the newest rider excited about BMX.  Next, the Model C has been updated to a 22″ top tube, a 14.625″ rear end length and 7.75″ bar height.  Lastly, we present our best bike ever!  The new Forecaster Special combines the best aftermarket parts package with aftermarket Sunday Forecaster frame, Morning 2.1 forks and Tall T bars.  Take a through the flipbook and put any questions you might have in the comments section below. Available towards the end of October.

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  • Introducing the 2012 Sunday Special

    22Sep 2011

    Here is the ultimate in complete bikes. Basically, you can say that the 2012 Forecaster Special is the most complete complete bike out there today. It comes with the real Forecaster frame, real Morning 2.1 forks and real Tall T bars. All of these include the 41 Thermal Lifetime guarantee. The list of Odyssey parts is just too long for this update, but it includes the new Thunderbolt cranks and Lincoln stem. Check the video for a full list of parts. Erik Elstran demonstrates that this isn’t just an average complete bike, but it’s a real bike.

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