• One 2010 Funday PRO Left!

    17Jan 2014



    We found one of these very rare 2010 Funday PRO complete bikes available at Winstanleys BMX in the UK.  Follow this LINK to get your hands on it.  If you live in the USA, they said the bike could be shipped for £30, but they weren’t sure what the import duties would be.  Congratulations to whoever buys this.

  • Mike Elias Funday

    28Jan 2013

    Look at this amazing all Vapor Blue Funday build by Mike Elias!  It’s built using Sunday and Odyssey aftermarket parts and can easily be duplicated because all of the parts are available right now at your local bike shop or favorite mail order.

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  • Mike Gonzalez Funday

    20Oct 2012

    Mike Gonzalez is enjoying the benefits of working at Full Factory Distribution.  While waiting for his Rooster frame to arrive, he decided to give this Vapor Blue Aaron Ross Funday a try.  The color looks too good with the black parts kit.  Check out all the parts Mike is running after the break.

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  • Rick “Moto” Crossman

    19Aug 2012

    Our good friend, Rick Crossman, takes his Funday frame through some moto airs at the Falling Creek Skatepark in Bedford, VA.  Rick has been shooting photos for us, so check out some of his work HERE.

  • Introducing the Funday frame

    15Aug 2012

    The Aaron Ross Funday frame uses nearly all of Sunday’s aftermarket frame features including hollow dropouts, integrated chain tensioners, Wave down tube, angled removable brake mounts, Director style wishbone, post-weld machining of the BB & HT and full 41 Thermal heat-treating backed by a lifetime warranty. It continues on with the geometry specified by Aaron Ross himself. Matching Vapor Blue aftermarket Odyssey parts will be available during the same shelf life as the frame.

    Available in 20.75” and 21” top tube sizes.

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  • 2013 Sunday Frames

    13Aug 2012

    Here’s a preview of the 2013 Sunday frames that will come available in early September.  Each frame will be further explained in their own individual post starting with the Soundwave tomorrow.  Choose Wisely!

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  • Dig office visit

    28May 2012

    Dig Magazine stopped by our office to take some photos of the more interesting things we have on display.  Learn some of the inside stories and history of the frames shown in the photo above.  Check it out at this LINK.

  • 2012 Summer Softgoods Lookbook

    14May 2012

    Summer is almost here so check out our new 2012 Summer Softgoods Lookbook to see the whole line up.  There’s a whole bunch of new t-shirts along with new colorways of our Collegiate and Murray hats.  These will be going fast so get them now, so hit up your local bike shop or mail order.  Shops hit up Full Factory to get them today.

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  • Aaron’s Twitter Giveaway

    19Apr 2012

    Aaron Ross has cooked up something really unique.  He’s giving away a one of a kind Funday aftermarket bike.  Once he gets to 35,000 followers on Twitter, he will give the bike away.  Follow him at @theaaronross for more info.

  • Aaron Ross’ Latest Creation

    12Apr 2012

    Aaron Ross has a creative imagination which explains his newest Funday bike.  This is his latest addition to a long line of the most interesting bikes in BMX and should be available towards summertime.  Get ready, it’s going to be a fun summer.

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  • Sunday Friends: Martin Athanasiou

    03Apr 2012

    This is a very good Sunday Friends.  Martin Athanasiou built up this aftermarket Aaron Ross Watermelon bike for his son Sirus.  He didn’t just go to the store and buy all the pieces because none of them are readily available anymore. Rather he had to track down the pieces throughout the world.  The pink Odyssey stuff alone is almost 3 years old, so to track it down is amazing.  Great job Martin!

  • TJ Henderson update

    21Feb 2012

    TJ Henderson continues the quest of riding the more unique setups by riding the for sale sign that he posted in front of his house.  I have no idea how he didn’t crush the sign in the crankslide photo.  Also, how is there no snow on the ground in February?  Either way somebody should buy TJ’s house now.  Photos Sarah Chatham

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