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Garrett Reeves ended up getting the most viewed post on Ride BMX for the month of August for this video.  Congrats Garrett! Defiitely well deserved with this wild video.

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Garrett Reeves Box Jumpin’

Garrett Reeves doing a sick table over a literal box jump.  Shot by Trent Barker during our Canadian Vacation trip in Toronto a few weeks back. Garrett’s Ice Green really stands out in this photo.  Check out his 2013 EX complete and the new Soundwave frame in this color after the break.

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Garrett Reeves EX complete promo

Garrett Reeves has had quite a year doing wild moves like the curved wallride in our Atlanta Vacation video to having an amazing Ride BMX interview video, so it’s no wonder why we gave him a signature EX complete bike for 2013.  It available in his Ice Green colorway and comes with a great aftermarket parts kit from Odyssey and Sunday. Here is Garrett and some Woodward West campers taking his bike through some moves in this promo video.  See the specs and more photos of his bike after the break.

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Amazing Garrett Reeves Sequence!

This amazing sideways alley way hop sequence comes straight from the filming of Garrett Reeves’ new video.  Shot in some random Long Beach alley way by Jeff Z at Ride BMX magazine.  If you haven’t seen Garrett’s video then follow this LINK right now.  When you’re done watching the video go check out Garrett’s new signature complete bike after the break.

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Garrett Reeves Re-up

Garrett Reeves’ latest video is a wild one.  Filmed during the making of his Ride BMX interview, Garrett takes you through the alley ways of Long Beach, CA.  This is classic Garrett – fast, smooth, unique and creative.  Look for his signature 2013 Ice Green EX Complete Bike in bike shops right now.

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Garrett Reeves Ride UK ad

Garrett Reeves and his signature Ice Green 2013 EX Complete Bike are featured in the latest Ride UK ad.  Did you see Garrett’s Interview video?  If not then check it out right HERE.

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Behind Garrett’s Cover

Garrett Reeves had last month’s cover of Ride BMX and this is how the guys at the mag told him.  Pretty good!  In other Garrett news, his signature Ice Green EX complete bike just became available throughout the world.  Take a look at it after the break.

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Garrett Reeves gets Ride cover!

Garrett Reeves gets the cover of the latest issue of Ride BMX with a huge curved wall up on to the overhang part.  Garrett isn’t likely to back down from burly stuff and this is burly curved wallride didn’t stand a chance.  Not only does he get the cover, but he also gets the interview as well.  Huge congrats for doing this curved wallride and getting your first Ride cover. Look for footage of this very soon

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