• Garrett Reeves
    Bike Check

    19May 2014

    Garrett’s bike is always clean and simple. His current ride is no different. Click around to check it out.

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  • Re-Up: Garrett Reeves

    02May 2014

    Garrett Reeves’ epic Summer 2012 video part was re-upped by TCU today. How great was the wallride pocket air and the wallride to air well above the top of the wallride? Too damn sick!

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  • Garrett Reeves Top 10

    10Dec 2013

    Garrett Reeves just made it into a Vital BMX Top 10 list by legendary UK rider Owain Clegg. You may not know Owain, so let me just say he’s a highly creative all around rider that could be credited for doing straight up Vader Nosepicks. I’m pretty certain he was one of the first people to have a photo doing that trick. So, both Garrett and Owain have a high sense of creativity which is probably why Garrett made it into Owain’s Top 10.

  • Garrett Reeves Grips now available!

    10May 2013

    Super street shredder Garrett Reeves’ new signature grip is a thin, flangeless, rib design made of super soft rubber made exactly to Garrett’s liking.  It measures in at 160mm in length with a thickness of 28mm in the middle and 30mm on the ends.


    • BLACK
    • GUM

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  • Garrett Reeves Soundwave Bike Check

    06May 2013

    Garrett Reeves stopped by the office the other day to build up this brand new Soundwave frame in his signature colorway gray.  This color is a brand new release for the spring. Now you get a sick new color to go along with the hollow dropouts, built in chain tensioners, Wave DT & TT, Director wishbone, 41 Thermal heat-treating and lifetime warranty of the Soundwave frame (Learn More).  Frame is available now!  Check out a full parts list of Garrett’s bike after the break.

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  • Soundwaves in Garrett Gray

    02May 2013

    We made the Soundwave frame to be the strongest, most durable and best frame we’ve ever offered.  It is only fitting to have this new gray a signature colorway for Garrett Reeves who is one of the burliest riders BMX right now.  The frame comes with hollow dropouts, built in chain tensioners, Wave DT and TT, Director wishbone, 41 Thermal heat-treating and our legendary Lifetime Warranty.  If this can stand up to Garrett’s riding then you know it’s tough.  Check the geometry after the break.

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  • 2013 Hardgoods Sneak Peek

    29Mar 2013

    Please enjoy this sneak peek into what we have coming later in April. Some of the highlights include our first ever seat called the Cloud Seat, our guard sprocket called the Knox Sprocket and Garrett Reeves’ signature grips.  Take a look through the flipbook to check out what we have coming.  There will be individual posts with full product details coming in the near future.

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  • Garrett curved fence ride

    28Mar 2013

    Garrett Reeves has this sick “curved” fence ride photo in the Devin Feil interview on the The Diggest.  This is like a curved wallride except all the walls are flat.  Really rad idea.  To see more of Devin Feil’s photos then follow this LINK.

  • Warehouse sale this weekend!

    19Mar 2013

    If you live in Southern California then this Saturday is the day to save some big dollars at the Full Factory Warehouse sale. If you’re unfamiliar with Full Factory, it’s our in-house USA distro for Sunday and Fairdale Bikes. They also distribute Odyssey, G-Sport and Flatware. You will also get a chance to hang with Gary Young, Garrett Reeves and Eric Lichtenberger along with other members of the Odyssey team. All this plus raffles, tacos, canned food drive and lots of savings will make Saturday March 23rd super awesome! Don’t miss out!

  • Garrett Reeves Wallpaper

    21Jan 2013

    Garrett Reeves has a sick wallpaper available at Ride BMX. Just click the image above or go to this LINK to get the Standard size version. Have you seen Garrett’s signature EX complete?  Check it out after the break.

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  • Garrett Clips

    15Dec 2012

    Looking for Garrett Reeves clips? Then check out this Long Beach / SoCal Mix video by Zach Krejmas featured on BMX Union. Just a few clips to wet your appetite.

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