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  • Gary Young Tweaked

    31Aug 2012

    How sick is this Gary Young 360 turndown? He recently spent a day riding trails in eastern PA which is where this gem comes from.  Check out all of Gary’s 2013 Complete Bikes after the break.  Photo courtesy of Andrew Brady.

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  • Sunday in the Batcave

    23Apr 2012

    Pop culture and celebrity are very weird in the fact that you rarely if ever come in contact with it.  Here is movie star Val Kilmer aka Ice Man from Top Gun, Jim Morrison from the Doors and Batman riding a 2011 Gary Young AM bike during the filming of a movie last summer. He did take one of the bikes home, so there is a Sunday in the Batcave.  I cannot wait to see this movie.

  • Poland has ’em!

    28Nov 2011

    Looks like the new 2012 completes have landed in Poland. Proletaryat BMX has the bikes available on their website right now. So, if you live in Poland and are looking for the new bikes like the Orange Soda Aaron Ross PRO or the new Spark then check them our right HERE.

  • Gary Young on his Signature Bikes!

    18Nov 2010

    Gary Young has an interview on Action Village where he talks about the making of the line of Sunday Bikes that bears his name.  His line features amazing parts packages, great colors and unbeatable prices.  Follow this LINK to see all of Gary’s bikes.  It’s really hard for anyone to beat these bikes. Check after the break for photo’s of the bikes.

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  • Sneak Peek: 2011 Complete Bikes

    10Sep 2010
    • A quick preview of our 2011 complete bikes line up. Check back soon at SundayBikes.com for complete spec sheets!

    • Aaron Ross AM

    • Aaron Ross AM

    • Aaron Ross EX

    • Aaron Ross EX

    • Aaron Ross PRO

    • Aaron Ross SIG

    • Gary Young AM

    • Gary Young AM

    • Gary Young EX

    • Gary Young EX

    • Gary Young PRO

    • Gary Young SIG

    • Scout

    • Model C EX

    • Model C EX

    • Model C PRO

    Here’s a little sneak peek at our 2011 complete bike line!  For this year, we’ve added a Gary Young line to the Aaron Ross line from last year, created the Signature level, added a dirt specific bike called the Scout and expanded our Model C line.  All these bikes will be shown at Interbike in less than two weeks!  The 2011 line is scheduled for a world wide release during the month of October!  Check back for more info on the bikes soon.  Still the most complete completes available!

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