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New Yell Grip colors!

We just received some new Yell Grip colors in this week.  Watermelon green, Orange Soda, Midnight Blue and Grape Soda have all come in.  They are available at your local bike shop, favorite mail order or the Sunday Webstore.  These colors go with Watermelon products, the Orange Soda PRO, Broadcaster complete, Grape Soda Bonus bike and Aaron Ross AM.

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Grape Soda Bonus Bike

Here is the second Bonus Bike of 2012, the Aaron Ross Grape Soda bike which will be AVAILABLE Saturday March 31st at your local Sunday dealer.  It comes complete with the same unbeatable parts kit that is available on our PRO level bikes.  Remember these are in short supply, so if you see one then you’d better jump it right away.  Check after the break to see the full parts kit.

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2012 Sunday Bonus Bikes #2

Introducing the teaser for our next 2012 Bonus Bike. Earlier this month we brought you the Shamrock Spark, so now we bring you this one. The bike will be available in stores the weekend of April 1st which just so happens to be Sunday’s 7th birthday. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than with the release of a Bonus Bike. Look for full promo later this month.