• 16Jan2013

    20th Most Progressive Frame!

    Our Ian Schwartz frame from 2009 was ranked the 20th most progressive frame in BMX history according to ESPN.  Ian’s vision was to add a pivotal mount to a Second Wave frame thus eliminating the seat post and seat clamp.  This helped usher in the low seat era in BMX.  The pivotal mount was the […]

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  • 19Jul2011

    Sunday Friends with Greg Cayzer

    Now this is one of my favorite Sunday Friends.  Greg Cayzer coming through with this mint condition post it note yellow Ian Schwartz frame from 2008. This bike couldn’t look any more amazing.  Thanks Greg for sending in your bike photo.

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  • 17May2010

    Sunday Friends: James Perry!

    It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Sunday Friends, so why not return with a banger!  James Perry from Esteven, Saskatchewan Canada showing that he might be a Sunday Super Friend instead of just a Sunday Friend.  Ian Schwartz frame painted in a similar style to Jim Bauer’s Tile bike.  And then he painted his […]

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  • 12Jan2010

    Ian Schwartz UU&A, Part 2!

    Here’s part 2 of Ian Schwartz’s amazing Up, Up and Away section!  Definitely a section that will stand the test of time!  BMX will miss his unique view on spots, bikes and tricks.  Enjoy!

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  • 08Jan2010

    Ian Schwartz UU&A Downloads!

    There’s a lot of subtlety in Ian’s riding that makes everything he does look so effortless. His Up Up & Away section was no exception. He collected so much good footage that it ended up being split into two sections for the DVD release. Above is the first section and you can download it to […]

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  • 07Jan2010

    Ian Schwartz Interview

    Ian Schwartz telling it like it is.  Jeff Z does a very good and candid interview with Ian about his departure from the BMX spotlight.  Go over to the Ride site and read it!

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  • 04Jan2010

    Ian Schwartz Moving on

    Save link to download the wallpaper: Wide Screen or Standard Words from Ian Schwartz, About 6 months ago I reached a point with riding that it just didn’t feel the same as it used to. Although its been a dream come true and I would never trade any of it, I’m certain it’s time for […]

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  • 05Oct2009

    Ian Schwartz Interview!

    Ian Schwartz has a really good interview on TCU.  He talks about his amazing Up, Up and Away video part, life and just his perspective on riding.  Go check it HERE!

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  • 08Sep2009

    Sunday Friends!

    Here’s a mini Sunday Friends!  From Post-It Note yellow Ian Schwartz frames to Black Magic Second Waves, there’s some good looking bikes here.  These guys know what’s up!  Check out the Sunday Friends section in full screen now!  Just click in the upper right hand corner.

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  • 10Jul2009

    The Triumph Bar!

    Here is a little web video staring Ian Schwartz, Eric Lichtenberger and Kurt Rasmusson promoting our Triumph bar.  The Triumph bar has been in our line up since we started back in 2005, it is a staple and the workhorse.  So many people have ridden them and I bet there are more that haven’t.  41 […]

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  • 08Jul2009

    Up, Up and Away available everywhere!

    Sunday‘s first ever video Up, Up and Away is now available just about everywhere Sunday stuff is sold!  If your shop doesn’t have it then have them call their Sunday distributor!  If you don’t have a good shop near you then check out one of the mail orders!  The team kills it in the video […]

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  • 30Jun2009

    Ian Schwartz testing his new color!

    Ian Schwartz went out and filmed this huge half cab drop in Boston while we were on the Up, Up and Away video premiere trip in the northeast. He basically did it first try and without any worry. Then did it a second time to make it look even better. Ian’s frame was the FIRST […]

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  • 26Jun2009

    Maroon Ian Frame

    A while ago we posted a sneak peek of Ian’s new colorway for his signature frame. At the time, it was only available at select locations but now you can get it everywhere Sunday products are sold!

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  • 24Jun2009

    Sunday Fr!ends

    Here’s our latest installment of Sunday Friends! If you own a Sunday, e-mail us pics of it or upload it to the Sunday Facebook Fan Photos or the Sunday Flickr Group. Thanks for all the support and keep the pics coming!

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  • 15Jun2009

    Guadalajara Photos

    Now that Up, Up and Away is available in most of North America, I wanted to show some photos from our Guadalajara Mexico filming trip last June. Aaron Ross, Jake Seeley, Ian Schwartz, Kurt Rasmusson and myself all went down there to film!  It was such a fun trip to Mexico, all the guys rode […]

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  • 27May2009

    Sunday Friends

    Check it out!  The latest edition of the Sunday Friends section.  There are some really great set ups in here!  From bright colors to clean color combinations, these are all looking good!  Can’t wait to see some more good colorways!

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  • 19May2009

    Up Up and Away review

    Kelly Reddington shot some pics of one of our premieres and wrote up a review of Up Up and Away! You can check it out over at RideBMX.com!

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