• 01Apr2014

    Split Elstran / Seeley TCU video!

    Get ready to watch this one a few times because Erik Elstran and Jake Seeley have some serious moves in this video for The Come Up. Take a close look at the bike Jake is riding HERE. Erik Elstran’s first Sunday Print Ad right HERE.

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  • 28Mar2014

    Elstran/Seeley Video coming April 1st!

    No fooling here!  Erik Elstran and Jake Seeley are teaming up to bring you a new The Come Up exclusive video on April 1st.  Predators, barspins, fakie stuff and lots of unique tricks that you haven’t seen.  Video filmed and edited by Charlie Crumlish.  Get stoked!

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  • 19Mar2014

    Watch Now: Jake Seeley New Video!

    So much tech street riding in Jake Seeley’s new video for The Garden. You will have to hit rewind a bunch of times to catch all the moves in here. Sit back and enjoy this! Check out Jake’s signature Broadcaster Bike HERE.

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  • 03Mar2014

    New 2014 Softgoods

    Aaron Ross and Jake Seeley hit up the Burro Cheese food trailer in Austin to show the new softgoods that are available now.  Three new shirts include blue/gray Strength Raglan, a heather black Strength t-shirt and the ‘Broken Glass’ Cornerstone t-shirt.  A black Cornerstone Snapback and the blue Manurfacturing Camper make up our 2 new […]

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  • 28Feb2014

    Jake Seeley Broadcaster – Bike Check

    Jake Seeley rides one really good looking bike.  We made this Army Green Broadcaster available as a complete bike and an aftermarket frame.  The complete bike is out now, so check that out HERE. Look for the frame to be available in April Check below to see a full parts list from Jake. Jake Seeley […]

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  • 27Feb2014

    Army Green Broadcaster coming in April!

    You’ve been waiting for the new Matte Army Green Broadcaster frame to be available and we are happy to say it will be here in April!  Jake Seeley riding the new Broadcaster in this awesome toothpick grind photo by Frank Christianson.  USA dealers contact Full Factory to get on the list for this frame. International […]

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  • 08Feb2014

    Jake & Erik – Instagram Slam

    Jake Seeley and Erik Elstran along with some Austin locals braved Austin’s “cold” to film The Funniest Instagram Slam Ever for TCU.  There’s seriously a lot of good tricks in here.  Jake’s tooth to ice to tooth to ice 180 shows how much bike control he has…might be better described as “peg control”. Watch the […]

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  • 29Jan2014

    Elstran & Seeley – Tech Duo – VIDEO

    Erik Elstran & Jake Seeley: Creative Technicality at Round Rock – More BMX Videos Erik Elstran and Jake Seeley might be the techest dudes on the Sunday team. Here they are teaming up and teching out at the Round Rock Skatepark near Austin for Vital BMX.  Usually this park is full of people, but they […]

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  • 26Oct2013

    Texas Toast Photo Recap

    Texas Toast 2013 is now a memory…a very good one, but still just a memory. So, we are doing a recap of all the photos of the team at Toast.  There’s photos of Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Erik Elstran, Jim Cielencki and Chris Childs.  The dudes all killed it.  All the above photos are from […]

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  • 24Oct2013

    Jake Seeley Bike Giveaway!

    Want to win Jake Seeley’s personal bike?  Then download the @raskils_app and enter your best grinding pics.  Take a closer look at Jake’s current Broadcaster bike that you could win.  Good luck!      

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  • 23Aug2013

    Visual How-To: Chain Tensioners

    Sunday Bikes has offered chain tensioners built into our hollow dropouts on select frames since 2007. Currently, it’s offered on the Soundwave, Funday 2.1 and Wave C frame. The system is really simple and will hold your wheel in place. During the filming of our Up, Up and Away video, Jake Seeley was having hub […]

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  • 23Aug2013

    Goes to New England

    Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley and Lee Dennis along with new team members Chris Childs and Mark Burnett set their sights on the streets of New England. High speed lines, big gaps, tech tricks and so much stuff it will make your head spin. You can say that New England isn’t the same after these guys […]

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  • 13Jun2013

    The Garden Shop Stop

    If you live near The Garden in Pittsfield, MA then this Sunday June 16th you can hang out with Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley, Lee Dennis and Mark Burnett as they stop by the shop from 12-2pm.  Should be a good time.  Don’t miss it!

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  • 15May2013

    Downside double peg with Jake

    When Jake Seeley called out this downside double peg in the now famous Austin halfpipe ditch, it sounded pretty skeptical.  This ditch is really hard to ride and this trick is not easy, but he did it with relative ease.  The photo is featured in our new Dan’s Comp Bonus Bike ad which can be […]

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  • 01May2013

    Jake Seeley new edit

    Jake Seeley is doing it for Profile in this new edit featured on TCU. Jake always has wild tech moves up his sleeves and he released them on Austin, TX this winter. Check out Jake’s new Emergency Broadcaster Bonus Bike which he rides in this video after the break.

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  • 16Apr2013

    Albany Jam this weekend

    There’s so many jams going on this weekend.  If you’re in Niagara Falls, Richmond, VA or Albany, NY there’s a jam for you to go to. Here’s the flyer for the Albany Jam on Saturday April 20th.  You know Albany has tons of spots to offer and you’ll be able to get to ride with […]

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  • 26Mar2013

    Jake Seeley new ad!

    Jake Seeley does some wild double kink rail trickery in our newest ad featured in the April issue of Ride UK magazine. He is taking his Broadcaster frame through a crooked to snaggletooth down a gem of a rail in Austin.  Check out Jake’s signature Broadcaster complete bike after the break.  Frame available now! Check […]

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  • 01Mar2013

    Jake’ Emergency Broadcaster

    We had a fun contest earlier to debut Jake Seeley’s new Emergency Broadcaster Bonus Bike which will be available in select shops on Saturday March 23rd. We still have two more Bonus Bikes to reveal this weekend. One Saturday and one on Sunday. Any guesses of what they might be?

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