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Amazing Garrett Reeves Sequence!

This amazing sideways alley way hop sequence comes straight from the filming of Garrett Reeves’ new video.  Shot in some random Long Beach alley way by Jeff Z at Ride BMX magazine.  If you haven’t seen Garrett’s video then follow this LINK right now.  When you’re done watching the video go check out Garrett’s new signature complete bike after the break.

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Behind the scenes:
Magallan’s Ride BMX TOC

Alex Magallan just scored the table of contents photo in the August 2011 Ride BMX.  Here’s a behind the scenes photo of Jeff Z setting up for the photo.  I would’ve had the actual shot that you see in the magazine, but I was talking to the security guards trying to buy enough time for Alex and Jeff to get the photo.  I never actually saw it happen, but I did see the security guard’s facial reaction after Alex did the move first try.  It was nice to sort of feel like we won in this case.

Jake Seeley riding sunglasses?

This photo is just too good not to show.  Here Jake Seeley becomes the third rider to finish the Gauntlet of Death at Texas Toast over the weekend. There were so many fun and weird obstacles including a giant pair of Oakley Frogskins and this huge Vans slip on.  Thanks again to Jeff Z and Ride BMX for this photo.

Garrett Reeves update!

Garrett Reeves is a busy man these days.  Besides hanging out on CVS rooftops, he’s enjoying California’s weather, shooting with Jeff Z for Ride BMX and working on a video part for Lotek.  Knowing Garrett, this video part will be something you won’t want to miss!  Can’t wait!  Photo Brad Hill

Check out Garrett’s first Sunday AD!

Jake Seeley Talks Videos!

Jake Seeley

Jake Seeley answers questions about his favorite videos in a mini interview on the Ride BMX site.  Jeff Z asks the questions and shoots the photos which are from the Swine Flu Tour.  He’s been on a tear lately, his Sunday/Duffs edit that dropped the other day was amazing.  See that again HERE.

Ian Schwartz Interview

Ian Schwartz interview on RideBMX.com

Ian Schwartz interview on RideBMX.com. Photo by Jeff Z.

Ian Schwartz telling it like it is.  Jeff Z does a very good and candid interview with Ian about his departure from the BMX spotlight.  Go over to the Ride site and read it!

Swine Flu Tour photos

Jake in the back drop, Toy Soldier in the front!
Skater down!
Tom playing around with the film board
Glide Cam!
Model D at the Trails
Cam's dog
Mike G.
JC at Tanner in SLC
Jake getting focused
Eric L. at Tanner
Eric after the long jump to wall splat
Eric L. and Jeff Z.
Alex M. on the Tall Bike
Alex's Sunday!

We almost forgot about these. Here’s a series of lifestyle and behind the scene photos from our Swine Flu Tour. In this gallery, you will find pics of Jeff Zielenski, Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberger, Jake Seeley, Tom Arkus, Mike Gonzalez and Cam’s dog!

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