• 26Oct2013

    Texas Toast Photo Recap

    Texas Toast 2013 is now a memory…a very good one, but still just a memory. So, we are doing a recap of all the photos of the team at Toast.  There’s photos of Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Erik Elstran, Jim Cielencki and Chris Childs.  The dudes all killed it.  All the above photos are from […]

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  • 23Oct2013

    Sunday at Texas Toast!

    We had a great weekend at Texas Toast in Austin.  Gary Young took second in street and was the first person to finish the Gauntlet of Death.  Jim Cielencki took Best Trick with a handplant in the Veteran Best Trick contest. Not to be left out, Chris Childs took the title for having the most fun […]

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  • 12Jul2013

    Jim in Ride’s Friday Interview

    Jim Cielencki is featured again in Ride BMX’s Friday Interview with the topic being “Have you ever had to choose being a PRO or getting a real job?”  Read that right HERE. Check out the Rail Progression Interview from a few weeks back HERE.

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  • 20Jun2013

    Gary’s Pretzel Rail

    Not sure if you realize, but Gary Young is an animal.  Here’s a throwback to the Baltic Triangle Tour to show you that has actually never seen the light of day.  We had just finished riding the indoor skatepark when we came across this pretzel rail.  A spot like this does not appear everyday, so […]

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  • 14Jun2013

    Way Out West – Cory Foust

    Cory Foust has been a BMX snowbird for the last 2 years.  This year he returned to Austin, TX to escape the cold of Pennsylvania.  This isn’t the only destination his wings took him to this winter.  Before he flew home, he drove west to California filming all along the way.  Look for this trip […]

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  • 12Jun2013

    Wallride Wednesday!

    Gary Young kicks into high gear to wallride almost to the ceiling for Wallride Wednesday.  This amazing photo was shot in Helsinki during our Baltic Triangle trip in 2011.  Watch the video after the break.  Photo Jim Cielencki

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  • 07Jun2013

    Friday Interview w/ Jim C

    Ride BMX did their Friday Interview with me about my feelings on current handrail riding, past tricks and my path to getting into handrail riding. This happens to be the full interview I did for their “25 Years of Handrails” article featured in the latest issue.  Make sure you get that issue. Read my Friday […]

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  • 22Apr2013

    First Time with Jim C

    Dig BMX just posted their First Time with Jim Cielencki article from a few years back.  To learn about the origins of some handrail tricks just follow this LINK.

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  • 09Apr2013

    Inflow Jam April 13th!

    If you’re in southern Ontario then be sure to head up to the Inflow BMX Jam in Hamilton this Saturday April 13th.  It’s not doubt going to be a good time!  Lee Dennis and Jim C will be in attendance!  Follow this LINK for more info.

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  • 09Apr2013

    Jim C Moves to Buffalo

    If you’ve been following me through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook then you might’ve noticed that I’ve moved back to my hometown of Buffalo, NY.  Seems sort of weird since Sunday Bikes headquarters are in Austin, TX, right?  Well, with modern technologies, I’m able to do all of my Sunday work away from Austin.  I spend […]

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  • 28Feb2013

    Jake Seeley tree balance

    Jake Seeley is always one for awkward spots including this tree balance beam set up.  If you’ve done tree rides like this then you know there is always a root, branch or knot to have to steer around making this tough to do.  Does Jake have a new Bonus Bike available for sneak peek this […]

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  • 31Jan2013

    Jake Seeley Ice to Suicide

    Jake Seeley firing out some quick moves aboard his Broadcaster. Icepick grind to suicide no hander during a session in Austin.  If you’re on Twitter or Instagram then follow him @thejakeseeley.  Also, follow his #atxeveryday hashtag to see what else he’s been up to!  Check out a close up of Jake’s signature Broadcaster complete after […]

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  • 02Jan2013

    Top 3 on Cruiser Revolution

    Once again we’ve made it into the top 3 posts viewed on a BMX site for 2012.  This time it was Jim C’s Model C photos, Jon Faure’s Mega Ramp jump and the Two Four Flat Crew’s flatland videos that put us at the top of Cruiser Revolution.  Check out the full post at this […]

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  • 20Dec2012

    Jim C’s Soundwave Bike Check

    With Sunday and Odyssey being so close, I’m lucky to be able to build up one of the best bikes available today.  So, when it came time to build up a my new Soundwave, I realized that I didn’t actually have to custom build the bike with Odyssey parts.  Rather I could just get a Soundwave […]

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  • 10Dec2012

    Not safe with Will Blount

    Will Blount wasn’t playing it safe in Austin’s Death Ditch yesterday afternoon.  This column is very narrow with a sketchy run up, but Will rode this thing with ease.  Photo Jim Cielencki.

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  • 07Dec2012

    24 inches high & rising

    Have you ridden this thing at House Park in Austin?  You have to take off early and pull out far enough to clear the bars on either side.  It also narrows and goes over-vert.  Our 24″ bikes aren’t just for cruising, you can actually take it to tough places like this.  Model C complete bikes […]

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  • 02Dec2012

    Cory Foust House Park

    Cory Foust knows how to blast a quarter pipe and this blast at House Park in Austin is proof.  He had this place wired on his first day ever riding the skatepark.  If you’re ever in Austin then keep an eye out for him shredding at the park.  Chances are that he won’t go unnoticed. […]

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