• 01Oct2013

    Happy Birthday Lee Dennis!

    Everyone wish our very own Lee Dennis a happy birthday! Awesome over-toothpick photo shot during the Sunday Goes to New England trip. Photo by Walter Pieringer.

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  • 23Aug2013

    Goes to New England

    Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley and Lee Dennis along with new team members Chris Childs and Mark Burnett set their sights on the streets of New England. High speed lines, big gaps, tech tricks and so much stuff it will make your head spin. You can say that New England isn't the same after these guys went on their trip.  Filmed and edited by Walter Pieringer.

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  • 25Jul2013

    Istanbul Not Constantinople

    Check out these riding moments from Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan and Lee Dennis' trip to Turkey.  Walter Pieringer did all the snapping and was able to capture some epic riding moments from the trip. Alex's wallride photo is pure BMX and reminiscent of the Metro Jam/Backyard Jam era.  To watch the video just click HERE.

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  • 23Jul2013

    Sunday in Istanbul video

    When the chance to go to a city that is over 2,600 years old comes along, you have to go.  Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan and Lee Dennis traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to be overwhelmed by the massive city that is Istanbul.  It's located at a point where the European and Asian continents meet.  It has a rich history that includes being the capital of 4 different empires.  There's something humbling about being in a place that has that much history.  The guys definitely had the trip of a lifetime.  Click HERE to see the first Pictorial from yesterday and check back tomorrow to see the riding photos. Filmed and edited by Walter Pieringer.

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  • 22Jul2013

    Sunday in Istanbul Pictorial

    Flip though this pictorial to see what 2 Americans and a Canadian encountered on their visit to a 2,673 year old city which straddles the European and Asian continental boundary and just so happens to be the 2nd most populated city in the world.  Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan and Lee Dennis traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to ride and film, but ended up being overwhelmed by the massive city.  They ended up doing a demo in a fancy mall, got attacked by children and started riding for a random company called Magic Bikes.  Look for the Sunday in Turkey trip video to drop tomorrow July 23rd at noon EST.  Photos Walter Pieringer.

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  • 13Jun2013

    The Garden Shop Stop

    If you live near The Garden in Pittsfield, MA then this Sunday June 16th you can hang out with Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley, Lee Dennis and Mark Burnett as they stop by the shop from 12-2pm.  Should be a good time.  Don't miss it!

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  • 14May2013

    Sunday in Turkey

    Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan, Lee Dennis and Walter Pieringer are in Istanbul, Turkey right now.  That photos right so far look amazing.  To keep up to date on their adventure follow the hashtag #sundayturkey on Instagram.  Make sure you follow the guys on Instagram as well. Aaron Ross Alex Magallan Lee Dennis Walter Pieringer Sunday Bikes 

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  • 10May2013

    Lee Dennis goes overboard!

    Lee Dennis jumps out of the new Port Colborne Skatepark by jumping from the manual pad up over the ledge.  You're probably wondering why the end of the park looks like the bow of a ship?  Do you see the raised bridge on the left?  Well that goes over the Welland Canal which connects Lake Ontario to Lake Erie.  The park is literally 60 feet from the canal.  It's really cool riding the park with giant freighter ships going by.

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  • 09May2013

    Lee Dennis Soundwave

    How do you like Lee Dennis' brand new Soundwave with rasta wheel kit?  He just built it over the weekend since we have Soundwaves back in stock.  His bike also has an Octave Fork, Tall T bars, Toothy Post and our brand new Knox Guard Sprocket.  This bike couldn't get much better.  Check out this photo of his wheel spinning.  Looks so crazy! Check after the break for a full parts list from Lee.

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  • 24Apr2013

    Lee Dennis Tattooing

    Lee Dennis has a good interview up on Northern Embassy about his tattoo work.  He just started working at a Downtown Saints in St. Catharines, ON, so if you're in the area stop by.  Follow this LINK to read the interview.

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  • 09Apr2013

    Inflow Jam April 13th!

    If you're in southern Ontario then be sure to head up to the Inflow BMX Jam in Hamilton this Saturday April 13th.  It's not doubt going to be a good time!  Lee Dennis and Jim C will be in attendance!  Follow this LINK for more info.

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  • 22Feb2013

    Lee Dennis has clips!

    Lee Dennis has some really good clips in the Brad Hill 2012 SD Reel video including some properly caught tailwhips and a super long rail to hard 180. Good stuff Lee!

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  • 07Jan2013

    Aaron Ross Whip In

    Check out Aaron Ross tailwhipping into this ledge.  This was shot during our Canadian Vacation trip last summer.  Aaron and Lee Dennis both did tailwhips into this ledge in a train in the same video. Go watch the Canadian Vacation video after the break.  Photo Trent Barker

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  • 14Dec2012

    New Lee Dennis video!

    Lee Dennis coming at you with smooth and fast tech street moves in his latest video entitled Lee Stuff.  Sometimes tech street stuff is done at a snail's pace, but Lee turns it way up in this one.  Too good!

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  • 16Nov2012

    2012 Holiday Collection Lookbook

    Ride BMX is showing our new 2012 Holiday Lookbook on their site right now. Follow this LINK to see our new backpack, wallets, hats, beanies, tees and hoodies. Hit up your local bike shop, favorite mail order or the Sunday Webstore to get your hands on this stuff.

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  • 15Nov2012

    Lee Dennis Primo edit

    Lee Dennis comes at you with a lot of speed and tech moves in his latest Primo edit.  Usually speed and tech are not associated together, but Lee makes the connection.  Fully enjoyed this one.

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