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  • Alex Magallan Bonus Bike available now!

    22Apr 2011

    The first Sunday Bonus bike is now available from Full Factory Distribution. Alex Magallan’s Maximum Destruction EX bike is shipping to shops and mail orders as we speak.  If you are interested in this bike then you should talk to your shop or mail order now because there’s not many left.  Don’t sleep on this one!

  • Alex Magallan Bonus Bike

    08Apr 2011

    We’ve got some special for you!  Since Alex Magallan has been killing it online and in print, we decided to give him the very first Sunday Bonus bike. You’re probably wondering what is a Sunday Bonus bike?  Well, it is basically short runs of very unique bikes that are in addition to the current bike line.  The bonuses can be team rider models, artist collaborations, charity benefit bikes or whatever creative idea pops into our heads during the year.  Alex’s bike continues the monster truck theme we’ve had going with the 2011 EX models. The Alex Magallan/Maximum Destruction EX bike will be available first in the UK, Australia and Canada starting next week.  The USA will see them around April 18th.  Congrats Alex!  You deserve it!

    Alex Magallan in Emerald, Up, Up & Away and Props

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