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Garrett Soundwave Bike on Ride BMX

You know Garrett Reeves is tough on bikes, so we wanted him to test the upcoming Soundwave frame. As you can see by his bike check on Ride BMX, the frame has been put to the test.  Black Magic and Garrett’s signature Ice Green versions of the frame will be available in late August and the Soundwave Special complete bike available in early August.  Choose Wisely!

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Garrett Reeves’ Soundwave

Garrett Reeves and his Soundwave in his signature Ice Green color
Garrett Reeves' Ice Green Soundwave
View down the front of a Soundwave
Freeze Stem and Soundwave Wave top tube
Soundwave front end
Odyssey Thunderbolt cranks and MDS sprocket
Back end view of the Soundwave and MDS sprocket
Sunday's Cable Channel on the underside of Wave top tube
The Wave top tube has been tested by Garrett
Wave top tube stiffens and strengthens the front end
Crankslide marks on the Odyssey Thunderbolt cranks
Sunday Black Magic Tall T bars
Sunday Freeze Stem is strong enough for Garrett
GSport Ratchet hub and Birdcage rims
Another view of Garrett's rear wheel
GSport Marmoset and Birdcage front wheel

As you can see Garrett Reeves has been putting our upcoming Soundwave frame to the test.  Crankslides are not the friendliest to down tubes and top tubes which is why the new frame comes with Wave Tubing to protect from denting and cracking.  Throw in hollow dropouts with built in chain tensioners and 41 Thermal heat treating with a Lifetime Warranty and you have one of the strongest frame out there.  Look for the Soundwave to come in Garrett’s signature Ice Green color later this summer.

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Win Alex Magallan’s Sunday Kit!

That’s right you can win all the Sunday parts that Alex Magallan has on his bike by going over to Dan’s Comp!  You’ll have a chance to win a Black Magic Forecaster frame, chrome Tall T bars, chrome Morning 2.1 forks, Freeze stem, Sabretooth sprocket and Slim seat clamp. You’ll also win some shirts from the 2012 Spring Tshirt line, foam fingers and even some Ipath shoes.  Just follow this LINK and enter. Good luck!

Seth Peterson Bike Check

Seth and his Orange Soda Funday
Close up full Funday view
Triumph XL 8.5" rise, 28" wide, 12˚ backsweep, 4˚ upsweep 41 Thermal
Sunday Freeze stem
Post-weld machined HT for better bearing fit
Mr Toothy post, Sunday slim clamp meets the non-sandwiched TT.
Non-sandwiched TT with Cable Channel underneath
Wave DT with OTX sticker on seat tube
OG Sunday sprocket with Odyssey Thunderbolt cranks and Twisted PC's
Seth grinds down his Twisted PC pedals
Angled brake mounts provide a clean look when removed
Built in chain tensioners seen in the Hollow Dropouts
Odyssey V3 hub
G Sport Marmoset front hub on Morning 2.1 Forks
Sunday Yell Grips
Seth modeling his rolled ankle
Close up of Seth's rolled ankle

Seth Peterson just built up this beautiful Orange Soda Funday frame with matching Morning 2.1 forks and Triumph XL bars.  His bike couldn’t look much better, so good.  Check after the break for a parts list and an interview about his bike set up.

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Chris Burden over iced

Here’s a good photo of Atlanta flow guy Chris Burden making good use of giant block of sandstone.  It took a million years to make this rock and only a few moments for Chris to over ice the rock on his Third Wave.  Nice work Chris!