• Full Factory Sale this weekend!

    18Mar 2014

    Our annual March Madness Sale is happening this coming Saturday March 22nd! You’ll be able to stop by the warehouse to pick up some great deals and ride our ramps.  It’s happening from 10am-3pm, but come early to take advantage of all the savings. There will also be food and prizes as well.  Here’s the address and a map below.

    Odyssey/Full Factory Distribution
    13502 Pumice St
    Norwalk, CA 90650

    Gary Young / Odyssey Vision 2

    24Jan 2014

    Now this is what we like to see, a full throttle Gary Young throwing down very unique lines for his second Odyssey Vision video. On first inspection, some favorites are the pipe carve wallride where he makes the bank to wall look like a quarterpipe and the very stalled over-toothpick on the yellow rail. There’s way more than those 2 and you’ll probably have to watch it a few times to catch everything. So sick Gary! Watch his first Odyssey Vision video below.

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  • Texas Toast Documentary

    20Nov 2013

    Now this is really good! This year’s Texas Toast by Odyssey was such a fun event.  It was very relaxed, but the riding was still amazing. This is the behind the scenes from the creators, builders and participants. Check out how stoked people are on Chris Childs too. Sit back and enjoy this one!

  • Aaron and Gary Calicrewzin

    13Sep 2013

    Aaron Ross and Gary Young cruise with some of their Odyssey teammates around California. Don’t let the term “cruise” make you think it’s a chill video, it does not disappoint! Aaron riding a black Funday bike with a freecoaster has the wildest ender. Gary going mach 10 in every clip. Sit back and enjoy this one. Stick around until the very end.

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  • Gary Young Gold Medal Bike Check

    22May 2013

    Odyssey just posted a bike check of the bike Gary Young rode to Park gold at the X Games in Barcelona over the weekend. If you haven’t watched his gold medal runs then learn how to ride a bowl from the master right HERE. Take a look after the break to see a full parts list and to see the bike that is based off this bike.
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  • Aaron at the 316 House

    27Mar 2013

    While Aaron Ross doesn’t live in the 316 House, he is featured doing some wild Aaron type moves in this video from Odyssey.  Ever see a fakie whip on a fixed gear?  In other Aaron news, his new Vapor Flip Bonus Bike dropped at select shops last weekend.  Check it out after the break.

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  • Chrome Octaves now available!

    11Feb 2013

    Hopefully you follow us on Instagram (@sundaybikes), but if you don’t then you missed this photo of our chrome Octave Forks that are now available. Octave Forks are light, strong, 41 Thermal heat-treated and have a Lifetime Warranty.  They are made using the same proven techniques as Odyssey Forks, so you know these are tough.  Check after the break for more details and to see the unbelievable Stampy fork test video.

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  • Jim C’s Soundwave Bike Check

    20Dec 2012

    With Sunday and Odyssey being so close, I’m lucky to be able to build up one of the best bikes available today.  So, when it came time to build up a my new Soundwave, I realized that I didn’t actually have to custom build the bike with Odyssey parts.  Rather I could just get a Soundwave Special complete bike and ride that since it has all the parts that I would have picked anyway.  By buying this bike as a complete you save $400 over piecing it together part by part.  Check after the break to see a full parts list and some more photos of the Soundwave Special.

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  • Aaron Ross’ Latest Creation

    12Apr 2012

    Aaron Ross has a creative imagination which explains his newest Funday bike.  This is his latest addition to a long line of the most interesting bikes in BMX and should be available towards summertime.  Get ready, it’s going to be a fun summer.

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