• 17May2013

    Alex Magallan Owned Section

    How many of you have seen Alex Magallan's Props Owned section? If not, then Props put it up on Hulu for all to watch.  Alex has the first section and you will probably use these adjectives to describe his section: fast, big, fun, stylish, classic, tech, exciting, creative and very rad.  Way to go Alex!

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  • 19Jan2012

    Alex Meets Corey Brannan

    Check out this photo of Alex hanging out with Cory Branan.  If you've seen Alex's video part in the Props Owned DVD then you've hear Cory Brannan sing because it was the song Alex used in his video part.  Cory's doing a show every Monday in Nashville in January, so if you're in town go check it out.  Info right HERE.

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  • 28Nov2011

    Alex Magallan interviewed

    Let's keep going with the Alex Magallan news today.  Not only is Owned available online right now, but he also has an interview up on BMX Union today.  Super good! Check it out right HERE.

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  • 11Nov2011

    Alex’s Owned BTS edit

    Alex Magallan has been working on a full length section for the first Props Owned video since the beginning of the year. This is his intro video where he talks about the process of filming, what he likes to ride and why. There's even a bonus section in here of tricks that weren't good enough for the video. Alex has some high standards because this clips are sick. Can't wait for Alex's full section.

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  • 08Nov2011

    Alex Magallan’s Forecaster

    Looks like autumn hit Nashville.  Recently, Alex Magallan put together a Black Magic Forecaster with chrome Tall T bars and Morning 2.1 forks.  This bike looks as good as this Andrew White photo.  Do you know Alex has a new video part coming in Props' Owned video?  If you're into very fast and super creative riding then you won't want to miss it.  Should be out in less than a month.

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  • 17Jun2011

    Alex Magallan owning

    Word on the street is that Alex Magallan has been slaying some tricks that have been haunting Nashvillians for years.  He's doing this for his upcoming Props Owned section that will be out later this year.  Get ready!  Photo Andrew White.

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  • 13Apr2011

    Alex Magallan Dead Man Moves!

    Here's a sneak shot of Alex Magallan filming for his upcoming Props Owned section which will be amazing if this picture is any indication.  Just click on the picture to see the whole thing. This must've been scary!  Alex has been on a tear lately, so much good stuff coming. Check out the Alex Magallan/Maximum Destruction EX Bonus bike that we showed last week.

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  • 07Apr2011

    Alex Magallan has left Texas!

    Yup, Alex Magallan is officially a snowbird.  He just flew back home to Nashville after spending the winter in the warm weather of Austin, Texas.  He made his nest on my couch for the last 3 months while working on some Sunday stuff as well as his Props Owned part.  Right before he left, he did one of the craziest things I've seen in awhile.  So, you'll definitely want to check out his video part.  It was fun while he was here and I'm already excited for his next winter's visit.  This photo was from an earlier trip session at the Round Rock Skatepark.  Style for miles! Check out Alex's Up, Up & Away section from 2009!

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