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  • Two Four Flat 4.5

    16Dec 2012

    The Two Four Flat crew is at it again!  This one is a bike check with Danny Sirkin and then even more flatland with Prasheel Gopal and Mark Kuhlmann.  These guys do bar flips, cliffhangers and backpacker whips on the 24″ Model C bikes.  Check out more info on our 24″ stuff after the break.

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  • 24″ Wave C Radness!

    12Nov 2012

    The skatestopper at the bottom only made this tranny wall carve that much more interesting.  Wave C cruiser carve through the narrow spot and hop over the stopper by Jim Cielencki.  Learn more about our 24″ bikes after the break.

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  • Introducing the new 2012 Model C

    16Sep 2011

    Let’s introduce the new 2012 Model C Complete bike which steps up the previous year’s model. The video features Jim Cielencki cruising through one of Austin’s fun ditches. The parts package include 6 different Odyssey parts including Quadrant rims, Mike Aitken tires, Principal seat, Monolever, Quik-Slic cable and Twisted PC pedals. There are 3 different Sunday parts including Yell grips, Sabretooth sprocket and Freeze stem. We’ve upgraded the frame geometry by offering a 22″ toptube and 14.625″ rear end which is shorter than previous versions. Whether you’re looking to add a 24″ BMX to your collection or just want to try it out then the 2012 Model C is for you. Available in early October.

  • 24umph XL bars now availalbe!

    08Jul 2011

    Look what else just came in stock, brand new 24umph XL bars which are half inch taller 24″ BMX bars.  The direction of 24″ BMX bar height is going up.  The original 24umph bars dramatically changed 24″ BMX bar height back in 2008 and the new 24umph XL bars continue this phenomenon.  Running a taller set up on your Model C improves your bunnyhop, allows the front end to come up easier, gives more room and just makes things easier.

    Height:  7.75″
    Width:  28″
    Backsweep:  12 degrees
    Upsweep: 4 degrees
    Colors:  Black Magic and Vapor Blue
    Weight:  1.77 lbs

  • Wave-C review!

    09May 2011

    Check out a review of the Sunday Wave-C on www.oldguyswhoride.com!  The improvements like shortened rear end and longer toptube option, haven’t gone unnoticed.  Not only do you get these changes, but there are more features on the frame like Wave toptube and downtube, removable mounts and hollow dropouts with built in chaintensioners. It’s offered in two color choices: Black Magic and the new Vapor Blue color which is shown in the photo above. Available now for shops through Full Factory and at your local bike shop and mail order.

    Jim Cielencki’s Wave-C bike check HERE.

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  • Jim Cielencki from Up, Up & Away!

    25Apr 2011

    Check out my video part from our video Up, Up & Away.  There’s a mixture of 20″ and 24″ bike riding in here.  The Model C/Plus 4 geometry had just come out, so I was really excited to put the bike in new spots.  I was pretty amazed at how well the bike worked in all types of conditions.  Definitely a fun video to make.  Enjoy!

  • Sunday Friends: Colby Mockler

    21Feb 2011

    It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Sunday Friends, but this is Colby Mockler’s brand new Wave-C freshly purchased from Empire BMX.  This bike couldn’t look much more tough!  Colby might actually be one of the first people to own a Wave-C since it just arrived in shops last week.  Can’t wait to see more Wave-C photos!

  • Wave-C frames coming very soon!

    27Jan 2011

    That’s right, the frame that changed the 24″ BMX world has now improved even more and will be available around the second week of February!  The Plus 4 Model-C frame gets features found on our 20″ frames.  We’ve added the Wave tubing to the top and down tubes hence why we call this the Wave-C. Plus we’ve added the strongest dropouts in BMX to this frame.  Sunday hollow dropouts have been found on our frames since we started making them in 2006.  Look for a complete check out of the frame soon.  Here is myself tabling on my Wave-C at the Marble Falls, TX skatepark.  Photo Jake Seeley

    Have you never checked out the Model C explanation video?  Then follow this LINK to see it.  More sneak peek pics at Cruiser Revolution.

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