• 20Jan2014

    Erik Elstran is now on Sunday PRO!

    Erik Elstran has made the jump to Sunday Pro …check below for the official word. I am happy to announce that Sunday's favorite lunatic (well, one of our favorite lunatics), Erik Elstran, is now a member of the Sunday Pro Team.  Erik's unique and creative riding is matched only by his unique and creative personality – he is one crazy dude, there's no doubt about it, but in the best possible way.  Everyone at over here at Sunday is beyond excited to have more opportunities to work and travel with Erik now that he's gotten the bump to pro.  This is gonna be awesome. – Walter Pieringer, Sunday TM

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  • 17Jan2014

    One 2010 Funday PRO Left!

      We found one of these very rare 2010 Funday PRO complete bikes available at Winstanleys BMX in the UK.  Follow this LINK to get your hands on it.  If you live in the USA, they said the bike could be shipped for £30, but they weren't sure what the import duties would be.  Congratulations to whoever buys this.

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  • 03Aug2012

    2013 Complete Bikes in USA!

    The new 2013 Sunday Complete Bikes have arrived in the USA. Here is our warehouse manager, Brian, unloading the first container. The bikes are currently on their way to shops throughout the country. So, be sure to hit up your local Sunday dealer to find out when they will be arriving. Check out pictures of all the new bikes after the break.

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  • 28Mar2012

    Grape Soda Bonus Bike

    Here is the second Bonus Bike of 2012, the Aaron Ross Grape Soda bike which will be AVAILABLE Saturday March 31st at your local Sunday dealer.  It comes complete with the same unbeatable parts kit that is available on our PRO level bikes.  Remember these are in short supply, so if you see one then you'd better jump it right away.  Check after the break to see the full parts kit. More Aaron: Aaron at SXSW  |  Aaron in India  |   Aaron & Terry video

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  • 30Sep2011

    2012 Complete Bike Flipbook

    This is what you've all been waiting for!  It's our new 2012 Sunday Complete Bike Flipbook.  Trusted bikes like the PRO, EX, AM and Scout are in there as well as some new treats for you.  First, the Spark is our new starter bike designed with the most modern geometry that will get the newest rider excited about BMX.  Next, the Model C has been updated to a 22" top tube, a 14.625" rear end length and 7.75" bar height.  Lastly, we present our best bike ever!  The new Forecaster Special combines the best aftermarket parts package with aftermarket Sunday Forecaster frame, Morning 2.1 forks and Tall T bars.  Take a through the flipbook and put any questions you might have in the comments section below. Available towards the end of October.

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  • 10Aug2011

    Sunday Friends: Jordan Atkinson

    Jordan Atkinson's 2011 Aaron Ross PRO is the spotlight of today's Sunday Friends.  It doesn't get much better than this.  A great photo of a great bike. Thanks Jordan!

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  • 11Mar2011

    CLOSE UP: Aaron Ross PRO

    This is one bright episode of CLOSE UP!  The 2011 Aaron Ross PRO complete is definitely one of the brightest bikes we've ever done.  It's colorway is themed after one of Aaron's personal bikes from years back.  Odyssey, Sunday and KMC make up it’s amazing 14 piece aftermarket parts package.  Check out the specs below for the complete list.  This might be the best bike for the money out there today!  Still the most complete completes.

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  • 15Feb2011

    CLOSE UP: Gary Young PRO

    For this CLOSE UP, we present you with one of my personal favorites the Gary Young PRO.  The Black Magic finish with it's Space Invader inspired graphics and root beer colored wheels work so well together.  It even has a flat black Odyssey brake kit.  Odyssey, Sunday and KMC make up it's amazing 14 piece aftermarket parts package.  Check out the specs below for the complete list.  This might be the best bike for the money out there today!  Still the most complete completes.

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