• Aaron Ross takes you to Texas Toast

    07Nov 2013

    Aaron Ross gives you a little insight into what Texas Toast weekend was like in this video from Redbull. There’s tons of good riding and even more from Chris Childs and Gary Young. Plus you get to see Aaron’s backflip over the last set in dirt. And you thought he was just a street rider? Such a fun weekend.
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  • Texas Toast Photo Recap

    26Oct 2013

    Texas Toast 2013 is now a memory…a very good one, but still just a memory. So, we are doing a recap of all the photos of the team at Toast.  There’s photos of Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Erik Elstran, Jim Cielencki and Chris Childs.  The dudes all killed it.  All the above photos are from all the media outlets that covered the event including Ride BMX, Dig BMX, Vital BMX, BMX UnionRed Bull and Dan’s Comp.  See you next year!

  • Gary Young via Argentina

    23Jan 2013

    Gary Young also made it trip to Argentina to ride in the Red Bull Ramparanoia event in December.  The altitude for  the event was over 10,000 ft which makes this lookback even more badass. Photo Gustavo Cherro via Ride BMX.

  • Aaron Ross via Argentina

    22Jan 2013

    What a trip this must’ve been!  Aaron Ross tailwhip in Argentina during the Red Bull Ramparanoia event in December. Photo Gustavo Cherro via Ride BMX.

  • Vasya Lukyanenko
    Behind the Scenes

    27Dec 2012

    Here’s the behind the scenes of our Ukrainian rider, Vasya Lukyanenko’s satellite ride video we posted recently.  It’s subtitled into English and it’s great to hear the inside story of the dishes.  Enjoy this one!  Watch the original video after the break.

  • Vasya Lukyanenko riding satellite dishes

    14Dec 2012

    What an amazing set up to find!  I’m guessing our Ukrainian rider, Vasya Lukyanenko, did this legitimately because it’s a Red Bull video, but who knows. I do know that these satellite dishes are very high up in air and this would be extremely nerve wracking.

  • Alex Magallan/NYC

    07Nov 2011

    Here’s a funny photo of Alex Magallan enjoying the first snowfall in NYC during the Red Bull Trick or Treat contest a few weekends ago.  Looks like some decent size snowflakes falling.  Thanks to Chad Moore for the photo.

  • Aaron Ross takes Most Wanted

    31Oct 2011

    Big congrats goes out to Aaron Ross for taking the Red Bull Most Wanted title at the event in Austin this weekend.  This event is so much fun and such a good idea.  Good job Aaron!

  • Trick or Treat

    28Oct 2011

    Alex Magallan is riding in Red Bull’s Trick or Treat Jam in NYC which is happening TODAY.  It was originally scheduled for tomorrow, but the weather was looking very very frightening, so they bumped it to today.  If the course is anything like last year’s then this should be a blast.  Get down there NYC!

  • Gary Young invited to this….

    31Aug 2011

    Yup, Gary Young will be up in Minnesota in a few weeks riding these amazing dirt jumps in the Red Bull Dreamline contest.  He’s one of 16 guys to get the invite so this is pretty special.  Congrats Gary and good luck!

    Gary Young wins Simpel Summer Session right here!

  • Aaron Ross / Red Bull Ride and Seek

    04Aug 2011

    Aaron Ross recently went on the Red Bull Ride and Seek trip and this is the first video from it.  If it’s Red Bull then you know it’s going to be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see the other videos.  Enjoy!

  • Gary Young at the Dirt Pipe

    15Feb 2011

    Gary Young decided he’d take a break from the winter in the northern hemisphere by flying down to Australia to ride in the Red Bull Dirt Pipe contest.  This contest looks so crazy!  A totally mix of dirt, snowboard halfpipe and street.  Pretty wild!  Congrats to Gary for winning the Best Wall Ride award!

    Check out Gary’s complete bike line HERE.

  • Aaron Ross Mic’d up NYC!

    07Dec 2010

    Aaron Ross spent some time in NYC during October hanging out with his friend from back home and riding the Red Bull Trick or Treat contest with Eric Lichtenberger.  Here’s a video ESPN did with him one day during that trip. Fun stuff and Aaron’s the best.

  • Gary Young/Blackhawks fan!

    17Jun 2010

    Wind and rain during the Red Bull Stomping Grounds contest in Chicago, couldn’t stop Gary Young from opposite turndowning this set.  Even the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup parade couldn’t stop him either!  Photo by Greg Dickson.

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