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World’s Most Creatively Edited BMX Edit Ever

I always look forward to watching an Erik Elstran video, and especially so whenever he’s the one in the editing bay. Aside from the irrefutable bike skills we’ve come to expect from him, it’s almost also guaranteed he’s going to throw in some fun b-roll and humor into the mix. Hit play to watch his latest creation and catch a glimpse of some dolphins jumping around in water.

Ride BMX:
Grow Up Premiere Video

Here’s a little behind the scenes look at the official premiere for Grow Up!

While Sunday didn’t hype up the video too much before hand, let me take the reins right now and just say that you absolutely have to see this video. Start to finish, Grow Up is on the pulse of all things current in BMX and will leave you feeling hyped and motivated to go ride.
Jeff Z. / Ride BMX

Chris Childs
What I Ride

What I Ride - Chris Childs

Ride BMX has a Q&A/Bike Check with the one and only Chris Childs up on the site. Click HERE to check it out.

Gary Young Cover!

RideBMX_Cover211-869x1000 (1)2222

Our very own Gary Young graces the cover of the current Ride BMX with a timeless tabe. Be sure to grab a copy.